A Complete Guide to How Far Is Naples from Miami

How Far is Naples from Miami

Naples & Miami are both famous Floridian locations. Currently, they provide vastly different thrills for visitors. While Miami is renowned for its nightlife, global society, and bustling beaches, Naples seems more at ease and lovely and covers natural landscapes. Apart from all this, many visitors choose Miami to Naples as a tourist destination because they want to experience the peace, the rich history and art, Italian food, and museums and monuments. It shares a comparable subtropical climate while somewhat colder and drier. When planning a family holiday, knowing how far Naples is from Miami is important.

How Far is Naples from Miami?

Besides learning how far Naples is from Miami, considering all means of transport and quick stops along the way is also important. There are several means of transport but what to take depends on your needs and budget.

By Car

Traveling to Naples from Miami is the most efficient and convenient method. It takes around 2 hours and 7 minutes and covers 119.8 km. The total price of petrol and tolls could differ. But it is expected to be between $21 and $35.

By Bus

You can take the bus to Naples from Miami. It is the lowest alternative, spending between $24 and $71. Nevertheless, it is the longest route. It takes 11 hours and 10 minutes, with many stops and crossings.

Traveling from Miami to Naples

By Train

It’s the quickest and most pleasant way to travel. You may take the rail from Miami Airport Station to Fort Lauderdale Station. Then, the bus from Ft Lauderdale will drive to the Fort Myers Bus Stop. Take a taxi from Fort Myers Bus Stop to Naples. The length is around 5 hours and 34 minutes, with $106 – $166.

By Airplane

The most costly option is to fly from Miami. It costs at least $221-989. That is also unfeasible, taking around 16 hours and requiring a lengthy layover in another major city, maybe NYC or London.

Best Time to Visit

The ideal season to go to Naples from Miami is the end of summer or early autumn. It is when the daytime temperature is bright and mild, visitors are fewer, and costs are cheaper. Further, the finest times are April, May, September, and October. These periods also provide unique goodies, festivals, and events to take advantage of in Naples.

Moreover, winter is less busy, yet wet and freezing. Summer is highly humid and crowded. Even specific sites could be closed in August. Miami weather in November is often humid and hot, with rare rain showers. In contrast, in November, the climate in Naples is somewhat more autumnal than in Miami, with more sunshine.

Best Time to Visit

Quick Stops from Miami to Naples

There are many quick and stunning stops to enjoy while traveling from Miami to Naples.

1- Coral Gables

Coral Gables is centered near Miami. It has various sites worth visiting throughout the day. One of these is the Venice Pool. It has distinctive features engraved from a stone mine. Also, you can see George Merrick’s, which brought back childhood.

Furthermore, Coral Gables Merrick House and the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden are worth visiting. This park has a tropical rainforest and butterflies display. Alongside, the Lowe Art Museum displays Cuban and Caribbean pieces. The neighborhood is set apart by Spanish mansions with lanes lined with banana trees. Here, peacocks can walk freely.

2- Delray Beach

Delray Beach is a tiny hamlet on Florida’s southern coast. It is home to public art and studios. You may also examine modern artwork at the Cornell Art Museum or participate in Japanese tea rituals. Also, script classes in the serene outdoor settings of the Morikami Gallery and Japanese Garden are of value.

Similarly, Wakodahatchee Wetlands include leading walks with views of birds, turtles, and frogs. It has several diving choices and is renowned for its golden sands, boats, and coral reefs. There are various undersea ruins to examine. It extends deep into the ocean, providing broad vistas of the region.

Delray Beach

3- Art Deco Welcome Center

The Art Deco Welcome Centre details the region and the building’s design. The center houses shows on the culture and an archive stocked with books and movies related to the era. Walking tours are offered if you want to learn about this unique period in Miami’s history.

Further, the staff will provide you with an outline of every regional structure. Clean facilities and cool air make it an enjoyable trip. The gift shop sells both charming old pieces and pricy modern items. As you go outside, the clock wall provides a fantastic photo spot. Thus, it is an updated and insightful point.

4- Miami Seaquarium

The Miami Seaquarium is a vast and well-known facility. It has seals, dolphins, and various other sea animals. You can go to the play areas for kids and a dolphin drive. The animals are pleasant to behold, and it is a classic experience. The staff will offer you a free reprint of a photo that works for the payment method. Some travelers have had a mixed experience.

Moreover, some have a lot of fun with the many animals and aquatic life. The playful dolphin displays are fantastic and are the best part of the site. You can pet stingrays, see manatees in person, and meet penguins. The workers are very focused and educated about aquatic life. As a result, relative to other aquariums, it is rather enjoyable.

Miami Seaquarium

5- Hollywood Beach Broadwalk

The Hollywood Beach Boardwalk is a picturesque and attractive coastal walkway. It runs around 2.5 miles in Hollywood. The coastline has over fifty eateries, thirty stores, and three gardens, providing guests with a unique beach scene. This beach is relatively calm and gorgeous at sunrise.

Moreover, it’s a terrific area to spend family seaside days. You may bring a tent and seats. It offers bike and scooter rides. The cafe’s music creates a fantastic mood for walking. Also, there are plenty of spaces to park within the boardwalk for $2 hourly. Hence, the path prohibits dogs and vehicles.

6- E Las Olas Blvd

Las Olas Boulevard is a significant shopping route in Fort Lauderdale. It is noted for its high-end retailing and eating. The street links the city center with the seaside. It is lined with gallery spaces and chic eateries. Also, it has various events and nightclub spaces and is a pretty tranquil street. South Beach Side Avenue has fantastic cultural shows.

In addition, it actively provides travelers with a wide range of food, retail, and bakery options. If you desire a lone journey, spend hours here. You may even spend the entire day strolling down it with your loved one. Enjoy stunning scenery, incredible food, and intricate art.

E Las Olas Blvd

7- Wynwood Walls

The Wynwood Walls is a vast, colorful urban museum. It showcases the artwork of a few of the world’s most well-known street artists. Also, it is a must-see site, especially if you appreciate street art. It is an absolute joy to spend time here since everything is terrific. If you are a pupil, it costs $5. Ensure to take the student’s ID.

Aside from all this, go on a distillery tour and use a golf cart for transport. If you are happy during the walk, you can enjoy it. Take lots of water and suitable shoes. This trip might be better in the autumn, as the tropical heat is blistering in the summer.


This article has provided all the information on how far Naples is from Miami and what Naples offers. Both are two distinct places. Each has its own set of perks and negative aspects. Naples caters more to those looking for more relaxed, organic, and artistic getaways or beaches. It boasts Gulf Coast beauty, museums and legacy, and delicious Italian food. If you are staying at the Miami Princess Hotel during your trip, consider going to Naples. Don’t worry; it’s cheaper, quicker, and simpler to get there.

FAQs on How Far Is Naples from Miami

What are a couple of popular eateries in Naples?

There are some popular eateries in Naples. Sorbillo is the most renowned pizzeria, delivering classic slices with thin, light dough and fresh toppings. Gran Caffe Gambrinus is a traditional café that serves snacks in a lovely and artistic atmosphere. Antica Capri is an enticing stop that serves seafood.

How can you get through Naples towards Key West?

You may take a bus from Fort Myers, roughly 40 miles from Naples, to the Miami Airport, then a different one to Key West. The average bus journey spans around 15 hours and 18 minutes, involving several stops and changes. The ticket prices range between $38-$131.

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