Puerto Vallarta vs Cancun: Where to Go

Puerto Vallarta vs Cancun

There are countless places and things to do in Mexico. Cancun and Puerto Vallarta are among the greatest. Both provide distinct vacation possibilities. Puerto Vallarta lies on the western tip of Jalisco, whereas Cancun is on the northeast point of the Gulf of Mexico. Choosing one is worthwhile and challenging since they are so diverse. It’s tough to say which one is superior. Both are popular Mexican winter vacation spots for North Americans and sun-seekers from Europe. Settling between Puerto Vallarta vs Cancun is difficult, so explore and tour both.

Puerto Vallarta vs Cancun

Puerto Vallarta vs Cancun are prominent Mexican getaways. While reviewing them for a budget trip with your family or friends, here are some aspects to consider.

Best Time to Visit

Cancun is tropical, damp, and filled with hot, steamy nights. The peak storms run from June to November. The toughest times are from August to October. So, keep it in mind while you plan. The best time to visit Cancun runs from December to April.

Best Time to Visit Cancun

Meanwhile, Puerto Vallarta has no specific hurricane season. Although the bay’s shape protects against cyclones, tropical storms do occur. The ideal period to visit PV is from December to March. During the winter, average daytime temperatures hover in the mid-80°F. The sky is mostly clear, and the sun typically shines. Thus, PV is busier with visitors during this period of year.

Splendid Beaches

The coastlines in Cancun are perfect. However, it covers the beach, and its algae rots when the sun heats it, generating a rotten egg odor. It may be a better experience throughout your beach trip. Also, nets have lately been installed to trap algae before it gets to the shore. Still, there is no 100% solution to this natural phenomenon.

Likewise, the sandy shores of Puerto Vallarta are magnificent. They do not suffer from a similar seaweed problem. They are broad, with smooth golden sand that flows into a deep turquoise sea filled with marine life. One contrasting feature is that PV’s coasts don’t have the same blue waters as Cancun’s. The sand is not that flawless white sand.

Scenic Points

Cancun is a paradise where lush greenery collides with blue waters. The region is notable for its numerous deep mines, rivers, and sinkholes. Some caves include pure water and crystals, creating an underground moon cape. However, Cancun remains more tourist as everything here is large and lovely. It’s a party hotspot, but you can easily avoid the crowds.

Puerto Vallarta

Further, Puerto Vallarta is lucky to lie among mountain ranges and the turquoise seas of Bahia Bay. Almost anywhere you look, there’s stuff worth shooting. PV offers more bays and deeper waters. Although it is a popular tourist site, it retains its classic feel. When you see the sidewalks, you feel taken back to old Mexico.

Gateway to Activities

Cancun offers a lot of thrilling events. You can assume various water sports. It includes diving, sails, stand-up kayaking, and angling. Also, visit the underwater museum with multiple statues. It is also known as the entrance to Mayan. To top it out, it is a shopping heaven. Prepare your credit cards before shopping at La Isla, Luxury Avenue, or local markets.

Begin with a stroll along the shoreline. The Puerto Vallarta Malecon and its statues are among the top sights. You’ll wind up at the 335-foot Los Muertos Pier. It also provides a variety of water sports. Mountains offer a benefit over Cancun. Trekking, ziplining, and climbing down a waterfall are easily accessible. It features a vibrant art scene, spaces, and whale-watching cruises. Remember, the PV wins over the thrilling activities in Puerto Vallarta vs Cancun.

Daylight Travels

If you enjoy archaeology, the entire Cancun area has Mayan ruins. But. It is ideal for exploring in the daytime. You may also dive or snorkel in the Akumal or the Holbox Island with the tortoises. Plan a day’s journey by boat from the town of Playa del Carmen to the island of Tulum. It will take a 15-minute boat ride from Cancun. Likewise, hire a golf cart on Isla Mujeres to explore the spot.

Playa del Carmen

Moreover, move on to Puerto Vallarta day adventures. Take a 35-minute cruise to Playa Mismaloya. Yelapa is a small village and beach south of PV. It may be accessed by bus, then by boat, lasting 20 to 25 minutes. Also, it is a fun day tour that includes snorkeling at Majahuitas Cove

Resorts and Hotels

The Cancun Strip hosts numerous hotels and resorts. Plenty of these are large all-inclusive that cater to your preference. The Riviera Maya region has nearly 6,000 hotels, from luxurious resorts to tiny properties. Some rentals also have private spas and free yoga courses. If you want to spend less money and avoid staying near the seaside, there are various lodgings to select from.

Similarly, PV offers opulent hotels like the Four Seasons Hotel & Resort Punta Mita. It features 165 spaces, three lagoons, and a diving area. However, PV has smaller, cheaper hotels and fewer lavish resorts. Hotel Mousai is PV’s first and only 5 Diamond-rated hotel exclusive. It is ideal if you prefer small hotels or have a limited budget.

Pedestrian-Friendly Areas

Another noticeable difference is that Puerto Vallarta is a more comfortable area to go about as a pedestrian. Much of this is due to the 1.5-kilometer Malecón boardwalk. The Malecón takes you into the heart of PV’s travel area. You can then travel from the ocean to see the districts behind.

Malecón boardwalk

Similarly, Cancun separated pedestrian zones. Some of the finest locations are near Gaviota Beach and La Isla Shopping Village. You can take a walk around downtown. However, you will need a car to go to those, and many more attractions require transport to reach them.

Safety for Tourists

Reports indicate that PV has a reduced crime rate and is safer than Cancun. But for clever visitors, both are safe. Despite what the press tells us, Cancun and PV have fewer crimes than most major cities. You’ll always feel comfortable in any town.

Moreover, if you stay in the tourist resort areas, it’s okay. Regardless of where you travel, use your common sense. Do not roam around town at night. However, minor crime occurs in any tourist location.

History and Culture

Cancun is designed for tourism. Naturally, this implies that there are few historical landmarks in the city. However, there remain some fantastic sites to visit. Explore Mayan ruins, and El Rey Archaeological Zone is worth seeing.

El Rey Archaeological Zone

On the other side, PV has a rich history and culture. It transports you back in time with its streets and buildings. Go to Plaza de Armas or Zona Romantica. It features several art galleries, like Galeria Corsica. So, there are plenty of historical places in PV.

Puerto Vallarta vs Cancun Eateries

Cancun offers a diverse range of foods. This city has everything, from native specialties to foreign cuisine and fine dining establishments. Cancun’s cuisine continues to suffer compared to that of Puerto Vallarta. Puerto Vallarta is well-known as among the top gourmet places.

Further, it remains a Mexican cuisine sanctuary where residents and tourists may experience the local culture, notably the food. Barcelona Tapas, Café des Artistes, and Tintoque are the top eateries. The city hosts an annual eating festival. So, go with Puerto Vallarta when picking a city for a gourmet holiday.

Final Thoughts

Puerto Vallarta vs Cancun trips will create great memories for various reasons. Cancun is vibrant, crowded, noisy, and urbanized. The beaches, ocean, retail, and entertainment culture are well-known. Cancun weather in November is quite pleasant and apparent. So, it combines a vibrant trip with loads of touristic activities. In contrast, Puerto Vallarta is less congested and has an authentic atmosphere. So, enjoy the variety of one-stop eateries and exciting tours. In such a scenario, both are a better option.

FAQs on Puerto Vallarta vs Cancun

How can I get to Cancun from other cities?

Direct flights to Cancun leave from the regional cities, with prices starting as little as $100. It’s the perfect escape from eastern landscapes. The flight time from NYC is more than four hours. The trip from Chicago takes 4 hours. In Mexico, the airport is 30 minutes away.

What are the ways to get to Puerto Vallarta?

There are plenty of flights to PV from around the US and Canada. If you reside on the Pacific Coast, it is closer than Cancun. The flight time from Los Angeles is three hours. The PV airport is roughly 20 minutes from the city. Take a bus or cab to go to town.

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