Grab Top 10 Items for Disney Cruise Packing List

Disney Cruise Packing List

A Disney cruise is an assured way to have a unique, stress-free, and enjoyable holiday. However, if this is your first cruise, it may take a lot of work to know what to bring for a holiday on a Disney ride. It is a tried-and-true Disney cruise packing list that will help you return from the beach to the ice. You will always be the last to pack for a trip, but things can become tough after a Disney Dream cruise. Thus, you can visit several websites, consult with peers, and determine the appropriate kit. Pack fresh stuff in addition to the used things you take with you.

Disney Cruise Packing List

Here is the ideal Disney cruise packing list for those embarking on their first trip. If you have a sufficient budget, ride the private charter cruises.

1- Travel Papers

Tickets and passports should always be the first items you pack for a vacation. Upon departure from the trip, every visitor aged 18 and above has to provide an authentic picture ID. Also, you must show proof of an active passport and travel visa. Minors can check in with a photo ID or birth certificate. A juvenile travelling without parents or legal guardians must also have a signed Permit.

Travel Papers

Further, you should have your cruise contract, flight proof, traveller registration forms, and check-in form stored or readily available online. To file a claim for your trip, provide evidence for your travel insurance coverage. Thus, photocopy each paper and put a set at home with friends or relatives.

2- Must Toiletries

Don’t let overlooked toiletries ruin a Disney cruise. Make sure you pack enough of prescription drugs in their original bottles. Sea-Bands and ginger candies are among the remedies for sickness. Also, pain medications are essential for headaches, cramps, or tight muscles. Sunscreen with a waterproof SPF of 50 or higher protects the skin in tropical settings. Aloe vera gel used after the sun helps relieve sunburns.

Moreover, certain personal hygiene products are essential. Sanitary supplies, makeup, contact solutions, and other items are included. Taking travel-sized toiletries is a great tip to save space in your bags. Over 3.4 oz items are not allowed to travel. Although stuff is available on the ship, getting it before your voyage is far less expensive.

3- Clothes & Accessories

It’s essential to pack for any situation because the weather might change. Remembering the Disney Cruise packing list’s dress requirements is also critical. Dresses, t-shirts, shorts, and jeans are essential daily clothing. Pack warm apparel like sweatshirts, jackets, and sweaters for chilly evenings. Similarly, ponchos or raincoats come in handy in case of rain during port tours.

Clothes & Accessories

Similarly, prepare suits in case of formal attire for the evening. Bring sandals, proper shoes, sneakers, flops, and pool shoes. Disney ears and sun hats are essentials. In addition, slippers are supplied for your comfort at night, although pack pyjamas to relax in your cabin. So, to minimize space, keep your selection of shoes to at most three or four adaptable pairs.

4- Swimsuits and a Coverup

Wearing a damp suit is unpleasant, and wet swimsuits dry slowly. So that you always have an extra dry outfit to put on, bring an additional one. A one-piece, fully lined swimsuit is usually appropriate. Striped bands below the waist create an extensive shape that slims.

Moreover, the entire covering is offered by the swim bottom. Cross-over design, tie at the neck, and elastic straps for shoulders raise support. You may stroll quietly around the ship with a coverup of your swimming suit. Bring rash guards since the kids will spend a lot of time in the sun on outings.

5- Travel-Size Laundry

Every ship offers a washing room where you may wash your clothing for a little price while on board. To make things easier, bring some dryer towels and travel-sized bleach pods. With onboard laundry, there are fewer clothes to get. These detergents give a vigorous cleaning in only one step.

Travel-Size Laundry

Furthermore, laundry pacs are 3-in-1 quality. It helps in more stain removers, extra odour fighters, and ultra-concentrated detergent. They completely dissolve in any water and are compatible with all washing machines.

6- Fun Specialty Items

Some notable things might enhance your Disney cruise trip and standard cruise gear. There are some entertaining items to think about packing. Some suggested costumes for kid-themed parties and activities are superheroes, thieves, or princesses; everyone may wear Mickey Mouse ears. Kids also like collecting Disney character names and drawings from autograph books.

However, bring lightweight props and Disney door magnets to personalize the trip. To save money on rentals, get your snorkelling equipment. Kids may have extra fun with tools and water toys on the pool deck. Recall that the items offered on board may be expensive. Also, remember that costumes shouldn’t be obstructive or objectionable. They should be family-friendly.

7- Travel Items for Memories

Technology aids in an effortless Disney cruise experience. Use an action camera, DSLR, or point-and-shoot. You may record memorable moments with your family. To keep the kids asleep at night, wear headphones or earphones. You’ll snap more pictures than you thought. Ensure your memory card has enough space to take advantage of every moment.

Travel Items for Memories

Further, onboard usage of portable chargers is permitted. Sort wires, rechargeable batteries, and memory cards using packing cubes, bags, or kits. Get high-capacity storage media before your vacation to prevent running out of room for pictures.

8- Various but Valuable Items

These are some other essential but small items to carry. To remain hydrated, bring a travel mug or refillable water bottle. Keep your DisneyBand+ or Key to the World card handy to open your room. You can maximize your cabin storage by using it to hang wet swimsuits, shelves, or shoe organizers.

Moreover, your room can have better air circulation with a portable fan. Carry a trip guidebook, Ziploc bags, and a first aid kit. Laundry bags are handy to prevent smelling your baggage or keeping dirty clothes. In addition, bring along a few magnetic hooks so you can easily hang towels, hats, and keys in your cabin.

9- Line Navigator App

Download the Disney Journey Line Navigator app on your smartphone before you plan to go on the trip. This app functions as a daily calendar during the journey. Also, it facilitates private talk amongst guests using the ship’s WiFi.

Line Navigator App

Apart from all this, switch your phone to aeroplane mode to prevent roaming fees. It is the most crucial item on your gadget. Consider installing a white noise app to block out hallway noise as you sleep.

10- Banned Items

Check items that are prohibited. The list of banned items aboard Disney cruise ships is minuscule. Rules apply to weapons, illegal drugs, medically approved marijuana, and CBD oils. Power strips, high-voltage electric irons with surge shields, baby bottle sterilizers, or warmers are included. Banned products include pool noodles, hookup wires, and Christmas lights, among many others.

Even if you think you’d need to bring something illicit, carefully review Disney’s long list of allowed and banned things before packing your bag. It could be seized if you get something that isn’t allowed. So, your checked bags are kept until late on your first day on the plane. Later, it could lead to serious criminal charges.


This all-inclusive Disney cruise packing list ensures your entire family is ready for a flawless, stunning week at sea. You can cover everything you need to know, like packing-themed outfits and cameras. With these supplies, you can even go camping at Disney World. You can make the most of your family’s time on the ship and at unique places. Enjoy the landscapes by avoiding the worry of forgetting anything. So, a Disney cruise will surely be a wonderful holiday.

FAQs on Disney Cruise Packing List

What should you wear on a Disney cruise for Pirates Night?

To fully immerse yourself in the pirate theme party, Disney invites guests of any age to dress in pirate attire or add items with a pirate theme. You may bring your masks or buy them on board. Even though it’s all enjoyable, you can wear anything you like.

To what extent is Disney Cruises’ unique nighttime dress code enforced?

Formal nights in the notable eateries call for, but do not demand, cocktail dresses or suits. The minimal attire is jeans and polo shirts. But many tourists like to appear more put together. You can eat casually elsewhere on the ship instead of the classic supper.

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