Travel from Disneyland to Universal Studios

Disneyland to Universal Studios

Each year, millions of people visit Universal Studios and Disneyland. Based on famous characters and brands, both parks include various recreation, food options, and events. Still, you may like Universal Studios based on your choice and finances. Even though Disneyland focuses more on creating a fictitious and magical event, many tourists visit Universal Studios. Its realistic and lifelike experience is the reason behind it. It offers a wide range of Disney rides, ranging from calm, crazy, classic, and modern ones. Plan a trip from Disneyland to Universal Studios to get a package of excitement.

Disneyland to Universal Studios

Remember to consider a Disney cruise packing list in case of a sudden plan from Disneyland to Universal Studios.

Means of Transport

By cab:

It is the most convenient but pricey alternative. About 36.4 miles or 56 kilometres divide them. The trip might take anywhere from 40 to 90 minutes. It can cost from $160-$200.

By car:

A car is the quickest and simplest alternative if you own or hire a car. You may travel by car by taking the US-101 N and I-5 N routes. The travel time is about ninety minutes. The cost shifts between $6 and $10 based on gas and toll tax.

Mode of Transport from Disneyland to Universal Studios

By shuttle:

If you want to avoid parking and driving, it is an excellent option. You may schedule a shuttle or a return trip service that will come to your hotel and leave you off. Also, 75 minutes is the approximate trip time, depending on traffic. The price per person might vary based on how many passengers, from $50 to $70.

By a charter bus:

Up to 56 people can travel on a charter bus you can book. It costs $800 and takes around 75 minutes to complete. So, it is an excellent alternative if you are traveling to a big party.

By train:

You may go by bus and train, requiring many changes. It’s the least-priced option, but it takes the most time. The trip takes two to three hours, based on the route. The cost per passenger might range from $10 to $15, depending on the overall price of the bus and train.

Best Time to Visit

You may enjoy pleasant weather in the spring, which spans from the beginning of the year until April. There are enjoyable seasonal activities and mild crowds. Mardi Gras and the Food Festival are part of it. But spring break may mean more people in late March and more expensive pricing. Similarly, you may enjoy longer hours, nonstop entertainment, and brand-new attractions from May to July. These days, the most popular activity is Jurassic World.

Jurassic Park

Besides, starting in August, Universal Studios becomes a haunted attraction. Autumn weather, nevertheless, may often bring erratic conditions like heat waves and precipitation. If you want to celebrate the holidays and enjoy the milder weather, November is the most beautiful time to visit. Winter, however, might have the highest rates, particularly at Christmas.

Quick Stops from Disneyland to Universal Studios

Here are some quick stops from Disneyland to Universal Studios:

1- Knott’s Berry Farm

The 57-acre Knott’s Berry Farm gives you a thrill and pleasure. It has more than 40 shows, rides, and attractions. Ghost Town, Fiesta Villager, The Boardwalk, and Camp Peanuts are the four themed zones where you may learn about its culture and past. Also, enjoy seasonal activities, including the Boysenberry Festival.

Further, it is well-known for its cuisine and boysenberry goods as well. There is a broad range of food choices at the Pacific Marketplace nearby or in the park. It includes from casual to upscale cuisine. Thus, tickets are available online, and it is open year-round.

2- The Original Farmers Market

Various food booths, restaurants, stores, and sellers visit The Original Farmers Market. It is an excellent place to go for food and shopping. When it first opened as a wayside berry shop in 1934, this market became a popular attraction. More than 100 retailers currently sell food from all around the world.

The Original Farmers Market

Likewise, fresh fruit, gourmet goods, specific meals, and souvenirs are also available. Enjoy a plate of food, a snack, or a treat at the market. You can stroll the unique selection of stores and view the vibrant street entertainers. Hence, it is always open, and parking is free until 90 minutes of inquiry.

3- Hollywood Walk of Fame

You can go to the Hollywood Walk if you’re looking for some glitter and celebrity. More than 2,765 stars are set into the pavement, creating a historic landmark. Leads in the media business, including actors, producers, artists, and fictitious characters, get recognition for their work.

You may take a guided tour to discover more about the history and legends of the stars. Apart from all this, you can stroll down the well-known sidewalk and search for your favorite stars. There are further attractions close by. The Hollywood Wax Museum and the TCL Chinese Theatre are among them.

4- The Getty Center

You should consider going to The Getty Centre if you’re searching for some culture and art. It’s a research center and museum located in Brentwood, California. It features a broad collection of pictures with artwork, drawings, carvings, papers, and art. You can admire pieces by well-known painters or peruse the changing exhibitions.

The Getty Center

Moreover, it is renowned for its gardens, which include various flora and flowers. View its magnificent Richard Meier-designed buildings. You may take expansive views of the city below and the sea from the hilltop site. You can take a guided trek to discover more about the setting and legends of the painting. However, it’s open Tuesday through Sunday.

5- Griffith Observatory

A trip to Griffith Observatory may be worthwhile if you are interested in science and education. It is a theatre and laboratory located in Griffith Park. It provides a chance to discover the mysteries of the cosmos. You may use the public telescope to see the sky or watch concerts and demos. Also, you are welcome to visit the displays.

It includes sections on space flight, astronomy, and station history. In addition, this historic site has been included in several TV series and films. From the south-facing peak of the film industry, you can take in amazing views of the city and its famous Hollywood Sign. On the other hand, you may take a guided tour to discover more about the observatory’s history and layout.

6- Santa Monica Pier

Go to Santa Monica Pier, a sizable pier near Colorado Avenue’s end. Among the area’s most visited sights is this pier. It provides a range of activities that are suitable for children. At Pacific Park, the pier side fun park, you may ride a carousel, the roller coaster, and the Ferris wheel. The standard arcade on the pier, Playland Arcade, offers games, prizes, and street entertainers.

Santa Monica Pier

Additionally, the sandy beach, the coastal wind, and the picturesque views of the Pacific coast from the pier offer delicious foods, drinks, and souvenirs. Thus, the dock is home to many restaurants, retail stores, and pubs.

7- Downtown Disney District

The Disneyland Inn has a retail, eating, and amusement area named the Downtown Disney District. Big outlets like World of Disneyland and Pin Traders provide a variety of such items for purchase.

Further, you may eat at Black Tap Craft Burgers & Shakes. The local area also offers seasonal festivals, street actors, and live music. Other nearby sights include the Disneyland lodging and Disney California Adventure Park.


These transport options are adept at providing a pleasant and quick ride. They can carry you from Disneyland to Universal Studios in grace. There are so many fantastic family sites you might find time to fit them all in. Apart from all this, you can even plan a holiday by prioritizing camping at Disney. Your schedule and money will dictate how you travel the distance between these two best and most joyful locations.

FAQs on Disneyland to Universal Studios

What route should one take to go from Disneyland to Universal Studios?

The free transport route consists of several stops that have the following. Select the closest bus to you to board. You can get off at Figueroa and Seventh Stop. Then go to the Metro Red Line – exit at the Studio City Station. Join the accessible Universal Studios via shuttle.

Can you stay here for the night?

 You can stay the night if you can’t handle a lengthy day. The hotels nearest Universal Studios are easily accessible by walk. You can have extra time to explore the city at night. However, the majority of visitors stay at Disneyland Resort for one night.

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