Almost as enjoyable as the road trip itself is the multi-month process of planning it. Initially, there’s the decision to travel alone or with a partner. You should spend weeks preparing your planned routes, as many options are available. Start by searching for the fastest route to your destination from your origin. Limit the number of places on your list until you drive the guided hours daily. The timing of a cross country road trip is also crucial. Why? Bad weather and traffic are the two things that might ruin even the best-laid plans. So, take caution as it may result in a car accident on a road trip.

Cross Country Road Trip

This article covers various routes for cross country road trips. Among other strategies, hydration, frequent pauses, and staying alert on a long road trip are also critical.

Pacific Coast Highway

Driving the Pacific Coast Highway places you in the line closest to the ocean, even though many travelers start in LA. US Highway 101 is the road along the Pacific Coast. Likewise, the traveled section of this route and the iconic Coast California road trip are close to the little town of Leggett. Visitors view it as a place full of strangers, a crowded suburban desert, malls, and motorways.

Pacific Coast Highway
Pacific Coast Highway

Further, this coast, however, is truly exceptional. It spans from the amazing shores of California to the verdant woods of Washington. You can drive for miles and miles here and enjoy the landscape. Thus, Olympic National Park, Three Capes Loop, and Redwood National Park are some highlights along the route.

Historic Route 66

Experience the road’s deeply rooted track of modern America. It is possibly the most thrilling reason to travel Route 66. The National Old Trails Highway passed this route long before it was set for cross country road trips. Even though it is no longer a primary route across the nation, its charm has endured in part. However, the thriving markets drove it during its prosperous fifty years.

Moreover, Chicago, Meramec Caverns, Tucumcari, Painted Desert, and Santa Monica are some of the wonders of this route. It offers an excellent adventure that will captivate you, whether a historical curiosity or recollections drive you. Hence, you can witness the diverse range of people and scenery that line its path.

The Loneliest Road

You may pass through Utah and Nevada, which feature some of the most beautiful scenery. See the farms in the Sierra Nevada and the Great Plains. The route provides a reverse history of the country’s growth by following the paths of the pioneers. You can travel through time from the modern Silicon Valley to the East.

Utah and Nevada
Utah and Nevada

Likewise, the terrains from the colonial era are among the oldest and finest maintained in the country. There are hundreds of little towns along US-50 as it travels across the nation. Time magazine originally dubbed the route as the Backbone of America. So, look at the train tracks, windmills, water towers, and little towns one after the other.

The Oregon Trail

This route provides the longest and most complex road trip in the USA. It takes you from the vast open landscapes of the West to the bustling, densely populated East. Connecting nearly 3,300 kilometers, it spans incredibly varied locations.  You can view Niagara Falls and Yellowstone National Park, two of the world’s wonders along the route.

Along this road are also interesting museums, retro eateries, and little towns. The route begins in the west and runs parallel to and directly across the wide trail that became the Oregon Trail. Mt. Rushmore and Carhenge are accessible midway across the nation.

The Great Northern

While many come close, The Great Northern is the only cross-country road that truly appreciates the diversity and majesty of the natural setting. US-2 begins in the west, close to Seattle’s stunning Pacific port city, and climbs rapidly over the volcanic Cascade Range. It takes about an hour to reach the majestic alpine grandeur. The road descends from the top onto the surreal Columbia Plateau.

Volcanic Cascade Range
Volcanic Cascade Range

Besides, the massive Grand Coulee Dam turned this normally desert area into productive farming. The curves northward from Washington, cutting through the upper portion of Idaho and mounting into Montana. Hence, this region is home to forests, rivers, and wildlife, ending in the striking granite display of Glacier National Park.

The Appalachian Trail

This trail is the most popular hiking track in the country, running from Maine’s Woods to Georgia. The nearly constant natural splendor of the scenic roads can be experienced without getting wet. The best part is that this road route passes through many interesting towns and historic places as it travels to Dixie.

Further, these disparate worlds are frequently located close to one another. Every resort and community appears to have been reborn as a former mill town. Hence, it is now just as reliant on tourism as it was on the land and its resources.

The Great River Road

The Great River Road is sometimes referred to as the River Road. It emerged in 1938 from municipal, state, and federal highways. In addition to farms, the route is flanked by thick forests, cypress swamps, limestone cliffs, upland meadows, several parks, and wildlife refuges.

The Great River Road
The Great River Road

Moreover, the number and quality of route markers differ greatly between states. Louisiana and Mississippi are well marked, with warnings of junctions and confirmation after turns. Signs identifying the GRR have a green pilot’s wheel with an image of a riverboat in the center.

Atlantic Coast

Those whose only experience of the East Coast is driving through almost constant urban and industrial spread will discover a whole new world. Take an alternate between vast beach resort areas and long stretches of coastal wilderness by taking our Atlantic Coast route. This route bypasses the lifeless, dirty highway with countless quirky seaside towns and timeless old fishing villages.

Further, it goes through extensive regions of wetlands, shores, and woods that have remained mostly unchanged since explorers first noticed them centuries ago. This journey has something for every person, starting in the north with the Statue of Liberty, a famous emblem of America. Thus, it ends in the south in the fast-paced Key West.

Border to Border

This route maintains distinct federal authorities, beginning north and continuing south across the Canadian border at Jasper National Park. This route ends in the twin villages of the Sonora Desert south of the border. It passes through some of the wildest terrain that can be imagined, including two very different deserts, roaring rivers, glaciated valleys, and massive mountains.

Jasper National Park
Jasper National Park

In addition, it provides close-up views of miles and miles of breathtaking, nearly unspoiled nature. But things take a sharp turn south of Sun Valley. As US-93 speeds across the hostile Snake River Plain, roaring rivers and pine forests give way to lava flows and barren deserts.

The Road to Nowhere

The route passes through some of the nation’s most expansive and visually challenging landscapes. It includes the Texas-Oklahoma Panhandle’s captivating heat and western Nebraska and Kansas expanses. View the yawn-inducing grassy plains of the Great Plains. Finally, the route follows the lower Rio Grande.

However, US-83 also passes through some magnificent landscapes. It covers lush farms mixed with quaint little towns, constantly shifting prairie grasslands, Missouri River roads, and barren farms. To ease your travels, get an exact map of the entire road.

The Bottom Line

A cross country road trip by car is a thrilling experience. It is filled with unspoken tales and jewels just waiting to be found. The beauty of nature and every culture you encounter will arouse your senses. Even the flavor of local dishes can be enjoyed when traveling. Beyond all of this, it provides services beyond travel. It offers chances for growth and self-discovery.  Prepare a guide with travel advice to help you feel motivated to embark on the trip.

FAQs About Cross Country Road Trip

What are the perks of taking a cross country road trip alone?

You can spend as much time as you like at each location but only stop at those that interest you. Likewise, you can spend your leisure time as you choose, listen to whatever you want in the car, and better manage your expenses.

How can you reduce the risk of bad weather on your road trip?

Although you cannot control the weather, you can arrange your trip when bad weather is less likely. To see the average weather for any city, scroll down to the Weather section. With their pleasant temperatures, April and October are considered ideal travel months.

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