Take an exhilarating Cancun snorkeling trip. Its beautiful coral gardens and active marine life make it a great place. So why not take a chance to plan snorkeling outings with your family? This trip isn’t complete if you don’t put on your mask and explore the seafloor setting. You can snorkel at night for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure or while exploring an island paradise. Here, you can experience the wonders of the underwater world. Since the Cancun weather in November is warmer, with most days being sunny, it provides ideal snorkeling conditions.

Cancun Snorkeling

This article includes Cancun snorkeling spots, an unforgettable and thrilling experience you can’t miss for your friends, family, or a solo trip.

1. Ship to Isla Mujeres Cruise

You can enjoy a trip from Cancun to the tropical heaven of Isla Mujeres. This tour is ideal for tourists fleeing from a busy day. To begin your day, take a sunbathing along the gorgeous shore. The views of the blue lake are another thing to savor. As you travel toward Isla Mujeres, enjoy refreshments on board.

Isla Mujeres Cruise
Isla Mujeres Cruise

Likewise, prepare for a quick Cancun snorkeling excursion before arriving in Isla Mujeres. Outfit yourself with the offered gear and dive into the glistening waters to enjoy the scenery. Hence, savor a buffet lunch and take in some views of the Cancun wedding happening on the island.

2. Isla Contoy & Mujeres Day Trip

Tour Isla Contoy and Isla Mujeres on a day trip. You can view the rich cultural legacy and history, have lunch, unwind on beaches, and go snorkeling. Start with a pickup from your Cancun hotel, travel across Playa del Carmen, and end up at the private marina.

Before boarding the cruise to Contoy Island, go snorkeling with your guide. In the event of a storm, you will snorkel in the island’s shallow waters, which provide safety. So, plan your trip to include visiting the dunes to discover more about the island’s vegetation and animals.

3. Cancun Jungle Tour Adventure

Discover the Cancun rainforest’s vibrant marine life and crystal-clear blue waters on this guided aquatic trip. Take a fast boat trip around Nichupte Lagoon to get your heart racing. Swim over the coral statues at the Punta Nizuc coral reef to slow the pace. You can get outfitted here with a life jacket and Cancun snorkeling gear at the marina.

Jungle Tour Adventure
Jungle Tour Adventure

In addition, take a speedboat tour of the Nichupte Lagoon. As you go through the mangrove swamp, you will see unique plants and animals. Explore a selection of the Musa statues that comprise an underwater museum. Thus, the lagoon offers snorkeling prospects. So, take your speedboat back to the marina later.

4. Relax on Playa Norte Beach

On this tour from Cancun, swim with the giant whale sharks north of Isla Contoy. Take pleasure in up to three shark swim or snorkel experiences. Even dolphins and manta rays are visible. Visit Playa Norte Beach on Isla Mujeres to round out your trip. Savor coffee and pastries before boarding and attend the safety briefing and directions.

Once on the boat, equip yourself with dive gear and life jackets. Savor two to three underwater experiences per person. These boats will stay at this beach for almost an hour, so you can lounge on the sand or continue snorkeling.

5. Explore the Underwater at Akumal Bay

Discover a vast and lush world under the waves during this guided snorkeling day tour in Akumal Bay. Savor the ease of hotel pickup and drop-off at chosen locations. The supplied bottle of water will keep you hydrated throughout your tour. Initiate the pickup process at your door, then ride in a climate-controlled van to Akumal Bay.

Underwater at Akumal Bay
Underwater at Akumal Bay

Similarly, equipped with top-notch snorkeling tools, tourists set out to swim along the beach, searching for three distinct species of turtles. Spend an hour swimming with these amazing creatures in their native setting. Admire the vivid hues of many coral species while feeling the bay’s tropical climate. When your cenote exploration is over, take a van back to your lodging.

6. Cenote Azul and Bacalar Lagoon Tours

The full-day excursion will allow you to enjoy Bacalar’s thrill and beauty. You can admire hassle-free return flights from Cancún and nearby districts. Take a plunge in the beautiful Cenote Azul to start your day. You’re on a peaceful planet filled with vivid blue tones here. Besides, feel refreshed by the calm waters as you explore its depths for an exciting hour.

Further, you can set out on a delicious brunch trip in Bacalar, a quaint village. Later, sail on the lagoon and see the bizarre beauty of Balenario Marmol. You can discover the area’s history while viewing the legends of the past within Fuerte San Felipe’s ancient walls. Make lifelong memories at the famous Bacalar letters by capturing the city’s spirit.

7. Snorkel at Cancun Underwater Museum

Go to Isla Mujeres on a sailing trip, stopping along the way to dive at the Cancun Underwater Museum. Here, you can have a delectable lunch and unwind at the beach club. Reach out and touch dolphins. Likewise, play, hug them, and give them a handshake. You can even snorkel or dive to explore the artistic sculptures on the seafloor.

Cancun Underwater Museum
Cancun Underwater Museum

Further, admire how nature has taken over and infused these works of art with its unique style. See fish and other aquatic life. Reboard the catamaran and sail to one of the three Magical Towns. You can take a tour of the island’s center. Thus, explore its rich natural resources, Mayan ruins, and culture.

8. View Tulum Ruins to Sea Turtle Swim

Upon being collected from your accommodation in Cancun or Riviera Maya, embark on a historical journey with the Tulum Ruins Tour. Discover the hidden coastal Mayan archaeological site. Admire the historic ruin sites situated atop a natural outcrop. Many sea turtles can be found in this underwater paradise.

Likewise, this snorkeling trip offers fantastic sights. As you end your day, dive into the pristine waters of these historic limestone caverns. The cenotes provide a tranquil haven to rest and take in the beauty of nature. Hence, you can lounge by the water’s edge or explore the cavern’s depths.

9. Luxury Cruise from Puerto Aventuras

You can start with a ride in a cooled car from your hotel to the Puerto Aventuras port. This catamaran tour and snorkel adventure get underway. Later, the highly qualified crew will greet you and give you a rundown of the facilities on board the opulent 65-foot catamaran. Under the guidance of the dive masters, you can relish your snorkeling experience.

Luxury Cruise from Puerto Aventuras
Luxury Cruise from Puerto Aventuras

However, the chef works hard to prepare a delectable supper for you. Once you’re back on board, you may savor a hearty BBQ lunch. It is a real fine dining experience at sea. After lunch, take a leisurely sail back along the stunning Riviera Maya.

10. Day Trip at Contoy Island

Take a full-day journey to discover Isla Contoy’s pristine beauty. Your trip officially begins as you step onto a cozy boat packed with everything you need for a full day of exploring. Admire the gorgeous coastline view and feel the soft sea air as you sail closer to Isla Contoy.

Apart from all this, when you arrive at the island, take a guided snorkeling tour to witness the colorful underwater life of the Ixlache Coral. It is renowned for both its diversity and beauty. Enjoy your spare time souvenir shopping while you’re here.


One of the most famous and easy activities for tourists to do is Cancun snorkeling. Beyond merely the fabulous beach, most travelers to Cancun like to see other things. The snorkel shuttles offer the ideal chance to accomplish this. Likewise, the south-facing snorkel shops are where the boats for snorkeling depart. But register and take the transfer van out of the hotel reception at the allotted hour. After a fantastic visit, you will return in a few minutes.

FAQs on Cancun Snorkeling

What can you bring for the snorkeling day trip?

The purpose of this snorkeling trip is to have fun. Naturally, having a positive and daring outlook is always helpful. Apart from all this, you should pack a few items to ensure everything goes smoothly. These include cash, swimsuits, dry clothing, and towels.

What are some critical guidelines to follow?

You must follow some rules. The tour pickup time may change depending on your hotel location. For safety reasons, it is advised that kids over six years old participate in water sports. You must inform the service team if you have just had surgery.

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