Would you like to see a view that is so beautiful to be described? The Malahat SkyWalk should be on your list of things to do when you return to stunning Vancouver Island. Your whole family can easily access the SkyWalk, so bring your elders. Victoria is about thirty-five minutes away from it. You will remember the tower’s views for your entire. Take a moment to relax and inhale deeply while in the heart of the natural world. The SkyWalk is a unique attraction that is open seven days a week. It is designed to honour the environment and complement the nearby beautiful forest and countryside.

Malahat SkyWalk

This article explores the Malahat SkyWalk. It includes the best time to do the activities, ways to get there, and things to do near it.

Best Time to Visit

The Malahat SkyWalk may get quite crowded when it’s popular with tourists in summer. There’s plenty of space to walk around for solo travelling without meeting other people. The slide is so popular that there may be delays, so be prepared for a line during peak hours.

Best Time to Visit
Best Time to Visit

Apart from all this, weekends are usually the busiest time to view. The summer generally offers better visibility over the Saanich Peninsula and into Washington. Thus, due to its moderate climate, you can visit it any time of year, and it is a fantastic time to explore the Island.

Ways to Get There

Take Highway 1 out of Victoria. After crossing Gold Stream Park, the SkyWalk Sign will be on your right, and downtown is 35 minutes away. Similarly, take route one southward towards Victoria from Nanaimo. Once you reach the Malahat Chalet turn-around point, continue beyond the SkyWalk sign and return to the SkyWalk. So, Nanaimo is 1 hour and 21 minutes away. Thus, two sizable parking lots are larger RVs, trucks, and cars. Right now, there isn’t a charging station.

Activities To Do

As spring comes, the ideal season to experience the great outdoors is upon us. One of the most incredible things to do close to Victoria is the Malahat SkyWalk. It provides a fantastic experience if you’re searching for an exhilarating adventure amid natural splendour. Take a trip to the summit of the SkyWalk Tower to take in the vast vistas of the city below.

Observe how the verdant coastal woods unfold, enhancing the exquisite vista with hints of Finlayson Arm and the Gulf Islands. Before you leave, check out the gift shop’s extensive selection of handmade, locally sourced goods. In addition, take in the excitement of walking on the skyWalk’s elevated walkway among the trees. Along the 600m tree walk, even the smallest travellers can safely explore the canopy of Douglas Fir and Arcus trees.

Finlayson Arm and the Gulf Islands
Finlayson Arm and the Gulf Islands

The exhilarating 20-meter spiral slide that descends from the tower can easily match the stunning view from the summit. You should go to Tower Plaza and indulge in some of the best dairy-free soft serve you’ve ever had. Enter the sturdy 84-square-meter Adventure Net for a unique experience, and the breathtaking countryside envelops you. Discover the array of unique driftwood woodland animals scattered throughout the area.

As you enter the Gathering Place, go through the TreeWalk and get closer to the Spiral Tower door. Thus,  stroll along our forest route; it’s fun and healthy. With stunning views, engaging activities, and family-friendly offerings, the SkyWalk is ideal for springtime exploration. The lovely coastal rainforest of Vancouver Island offers something for everyone to enjoy. Make plans to visit the SkyWalk as soon as possible to create priceless memories.

Sports for Children

After taking in the complete vistas, you have two choices for the Malahat Slide. You can return the way you came or take the quick route by riding the 20-meter spiral slide. Slide carpets are available, so feel free to ride the slide as often as you wish.

To ride the spiral slide, you must be at least five years old, 107 cm tall, and comfortable riding yourself one person at a time. Do you want a little more excitement with Nets of Adventure? Step out onto the spacious Adventure Net at the tower’s summit for clear views of the spiral tower.

Nets of Adventure
Nets of Adventure

The Tree Walk & The Spiral Tower

The Tree Walk is a 600-meter wooden path that descends 20 meters into the forest canopy. Look for Tanya Bub’s driftwood artwork. A bald eagle and driftwood cougar are waiting to be found. Guests will develop a stronger bond with nature by discovering the local trees, birds, animals, and sea life.

Further, the tower’s unique feature is its unimpeded views of Saanich Inlet. Take your time and enjoy The Spiral Tower to the fullest. Beautiful native arbutus trees can be seen scattered among the densely forested areas. Hence, prepare your camera and get the family together for the ideal group shot against the natural backdrop.

What Makes Malahat SkyWalk Special?

The Malahat Nation, a group of Coast Salish Peoples, formerly lived in this forest. Its historic and ancestral area is where the SkyWalk is situated. Likewise, the habitat and its inhabitants are infused with their native stories. Take a look at the SkyWalk’s inner spiral. One of the two strolling along the path took a picture of the lake.

Further, the project began as a dream to enable villagers and visitors to engage in local history, cultural festivities, engaging schooling, landscapes, and valley views. Elevated woodland walks inspired it. Currently regarded as one of the top tourist destinations, the SkyWalk is a worthwhile visit.

What Makes Malahat SkyWalk Special
What Makes Malahat SkyWalk Special

Food, Amenities, and Events

There are two cafe options at the SkyWalk. One cafe is located in the gift shop and serves quick-to-go local goods. On the other hand, there is a food truck-style caterer at the base of the spiral. Both sites offer complete beverage services, including coffee from a nearby island roaster called Stick in the Mud Coffee. Thus, you can relish every traditional meal at the snack bar.

Moreover, there is also space for sit-down or takeout with picnic snacks and baked goodies. During the summer, leave some time to take advantage of free musical events on Saturdays in July and August. All summer, take advantage of unique activities like Tower Top Yoga, The Raptors Birds of Prey, Summer SkyWalk Music Series, and more.

Tips and Suggestions

The SkyWalk is accessible to wheelchairs and walkers. It covers the Spiral Tower, the TreeWalk, and every amenity in the Welcome Center. Restrooms and parking spaces are also accessible to wheelchair users. So, the more challenging terrain on the nature route and alternate return track are the exceptions. Moreover, electric wheelchairs are offered for guests upon request, which is quite helpful for people with mobility problems.

Tips and Suggestions
Tips and Suggestions

Things To Do Near Malahat SkyWalk

Experience the majestic 55-acre Butchart Gardens all year long. Myriad flowers in the spring will present you with a rainbow of colours and scents. You can savour the warmth of summer by visiting the Rose Garden and taking in the Saturday fireworks display. Discover the magic of Christmas with its lavish decor, ample light, and ice skating.

In addition, finish the day with a delicious supper and a carousel ride. Greater Victoria is also bustling with family-friendly events. The Shaw Centre provides an engaging venture for guests of all ages. The famous attraction is home to the largest aquarium on Vancouver Island, with 3,500 marine animals. So visitors can get up close and personal with vibrant aquatic life.


There is plenty of parking at the Malahat, just a short 35-minute drive from Victoria. Stroll past the Spiral Tower and the Tree Walk; allow 90 minutes to arrive. Apart from all this, strollers quickly move throughout the space. It is roughly 2.2 km from the welcome centre’s steps to the top of the tower and back. The Malahat SkyWalk is easily accessible and winds through a lovely arbutus forest with breathtaking views thanks to a dazzling, gentle spiral staircase.

FAQs on Malahat SkyWalk

Do you need to book a flight to this SkyWalk in advance?

Bookings are not accepted. Annual passes and general-entry tickets can be bought online at the ticking office. The tickets are valid for a specific time from the date of purchase. Team tickets are available for ten or more but must be ordered in advance to receive the discounts.

Is there any elevator that goes to the summit?

Because of its five percent elevation, the SkyWalk is accessible to wheelchair users, walkers, and strollers. Upon request, free wheelchairs are offered for guests, which is quite helpful for people with mobility problems. Dogs and drones are prohibited at the SkyWalk.

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