Do you know that there are over 190 countries globally, and getting citizenship is different in each one? It can be a complicated process to become a citizen of a new country, but there are some easiest countries to get citizenship. So Let’s start our article without wasting any time now.

Easiest Countries to Get Citizenship

Here, we will look at the 12 easiest countries to get citizenship. 

1- New Zealand

Obtaining permanent residence is the first step towards becoming a citizen of New Zealand. After residing there for a minimum of five years, you can become a naturalized citizen.

  1. The Citizenship by birth: Persons born in New Zealand on or after 1 January 1949 do not gain citizenship through the place of birth but will receive it automatically at age 25.
  2. Citizenship by descent: Persons born outside of New Zealand before 1 January 1949 do not gain citizenship through their parents but will receive it automatically at age 25.
Citizenship of New Zealand
Citizenship of New Zealand

2- Spain

Spain is one of the easiest countries to get citizenship, and that is because the country has an aging population and a lack of young people in general. To become a legal resident and citizen of Spain, you need to be married or in a committed relationship with a Spanish citizen for at least two years.

Once residency is granted, you must live there for two years before applying for citizenship. You can also use if you were born to parents born in Spain as long as neither parent was a foreign national at the time.

3- Germany

Germany offers easy citizenship for those looking to work and live outside their home country. You must speak German, but you will not need any documentation that proves your identity or where you were born. You also must prove you can support yourself financially without relying on the social safety net. Once in Germany, you have to live there for eight years before applying for citizenship. This holds for both residency and citizenship.

Be a Citizen of Germany
Be a Citizen of Germany

4- Brazil

Brazil is another excellent option for those looking to work away from home. You do not need a visa when you travel to Brazil, so the only thing you need to do is visit with a valid passport.

You do not even have to be looking for work in the country. Once you are there, your time will be your own, and you can stay as long as you want. However, to become a naturalized citizen, you must live in Brazil for four uninterrupted years after your residency is granted.

5- Canada

It can be the easiest country to get citizenship in Canada with several options. Firstly, you must become a permanent resident of the country, which you do by applying for an open work permit or through family sponsorship. Once you have done that, you must live in Canada for three years before applying for citizenship status. Moreover, you must prove your financial support yourself without government assistance and be of good character.

Canadian Citizenship
Canadian Citizenship

6- Hungary

Attaining citizenship in Hungary is not easy, but it is doable. You should first apply for temporary residency, which lasts for five years, possibly renewing it. After living there for at least three uninterrupted years, you can apply for citizenship. Moreover, a clean criminal record and good moral character are crucial.

7- Greece

To become a citizen of Greece, you must first get permanent residence granted immediately if you are from a European Union country. Once your residency is approved, you have five years to apply for citizenship. You must speak Greek and can never have renounced any other citizenship you may have had in the past.

8- Ireland

Citizenship in Ireland is typically reserved for those whose parents were born there or were themselves born there. If you meet either of those conditions, getting your citizenship is easy. You must be more than 18 years old and live there for four out of the five previous years before applying and prove you intend to make Ireland your permanent home.

Ireland Country of Citizenship
Ireland Country of Citizenship

9- The United Kingdom

If you or at least one of your parents were born in the United Kingdom, you already qualify for citizenship through descent. For those who are not related to a U.K. native, you can apply for citizenship through naturalization, which is typically more accessible than it would be otherwise.

Before considering, you must have decent English skills and no criminal convictions. And lastly, be able to prove that your presence in the country is beneficial to society as a whole.

10- Russia

If you have Russian heritage, getting citizenship in Russia is as simple as applying for a temporary residency visa. After that, you have three years to apply the endless variety, and the process will be easier than it would otherwise. You must also speak and read at least one of the country’s official languages and be of good moral character.

Simple Citizen of Russia
Simple Citizen of Russia

11- Nicaragua

Citizenship in Nicaragua is generally reserved for those who were born there. Still, if you can prove that your parents were also born somewhere inside the country’s borders, then you are entitled to gain citizenship under that same criteria. You must also speak Spanish and have no criminal record or history of violence against the government.

12- Uruguay

The country of Uruguay makes it reasonably easy for those who are not fully native to become naturalized citizens.

You must live in the country long enough to establish a permanent residency, attend an interview and pass a test on the basic history of the nation as well as your chosen citizenship region. All that ensures you are somewhat familiar with the country and its history before becoming a citizen. And that’s it.

Final Verdict For Easiest Countries to Get Citizenship

If you’re looking to get a second passport and want to avoid a lot of the red tape associated with citizenship applications, one of these countries might be right for you. Consider that some of these countries have residency requirements, so make sure you research those before making any decisions.

How to Get Citizenship
How to Get Citizenship


What are the easiest countries to get citizenship in? 

The easiest countries to get citizenship are those with minor requirements and the fewest bureaucratic hoops to jump through. And while the process may vary from country to country, in general, you can expect to be required to meet specific eligibility criteria, such as being of good character, having no criminal record, and demonstrating a basic level of competency in the local language. You may also be required to reside in the country for a certain period before being granted citizenship.

Some of the easiest countries to get citizenship in include: Dominica, Grenada, St. Kitts, Nevis, Antigua and Barbuda, and Malta.

What are the benefits of getting citizenship in a particular country?

There are several benefits to becoming a citizen of a particular country. Some of the most apparent benefits include easy access to healthcare and education and the ability to work and live in that country. Additionally, citizens often receive travel benefits, such as expedited processing when crossing borders.

In some cases, citizens may also be eligible for government subsidies or other forms of financial assistance. And finally, citizenship conveys a sense of belonging and connection to a particular place and community.

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