Vermont is where you can encounter the beauty and magic of New England at its fairest. It has a humid continental atmosphere, with humid summers and snowy winters. The state is noted for its fall foliage when the leaves of different trees turn deep red, orange, and yellow. There are multiple attractions and shifts for tourists. Here you can see the museums, antiques, live shows, local marts, farms, and outdoors. One of the soundest ways to uncover its pristine beauty is by viewing multiple waterfalls like Buttermilk Falls, VT.

Buttermilk Falls VT

Buttermilk Falls, VT, is a lovely destination for nature fans, specifically in the summer and fall seasons. It is a sequence of three falls and gliding holes along Branch Brook near Ludlow. These falls are folded away with popular splashing, swimming, and chilling sports. They are called Buttermilk because of the bubbly impression of the water as it cascades over the stones.

It ranges from giant falls to secret gems. Each element’s upper, middle, and lower slides pool deep enough for a reviving swim. Yet, the upper falls are the most convenient and have a big flat rock for sun viewing. The middle falls are the most panoramic, with a natural slide. The lower falls are the most hidden and have a string swing. You can park at the back of Buttermilk Falls Road to visit it.

Buttermilk Falls
Buttermilk Falls

Then, heed a short 0.5-mile path that directs to the fall. The pathway is easy and suited for kids and pets, but it can be greasy and narrow in some places. You can also explore the nearby Okemo State Forest. If you want a site to cool off, chill, or venture, Buttermilk Falls VT is an ideal option.

Moss Glenn Waterfall

Moss Glenn Waterfall is a breathtaking waterfall. It is located along Stowe. It is considered one of the state’s tallest falls, with a full slide of 125 feet over multiple falls. A lush forest covers the fall. It can be accessed by a brief and leisurely hike along a beautiful trail.

Moreover, this waterfall is delightful in the fall when the leaves turn into pale yellow shades and contrast with the crystal-clear water. It is a famous destination for nature lovers and clicking photogs. Enjoy adventurers like gliding, sliding, and bouncing in the pool at the bottom of the falls.

Lye Brook Falls

Lye Brook Falls is a dazzling waterfall in the Lye Brook Wilderness in the city. It is one of the most elevated falls in the state, with a single slide of roughly 125 feet. Likewise, it is a clear and freezing stream from multiple ponds and marshes.

Lye Brook Falls
Lye Brook Falls

Green Mountain National Forest feeds this waterfall. This path can be attained by a relatively demanding hike of 4.5 miles round-trip. It leads to a along a well-marked track that follows the stream upstream. Thus, the trek presents views of the forest, the streamlet, and minor falls.

Green River Falls

Green River Falls is a hidden treasure on the Green River in Hyde Park. It is a string of tiny but dazzling cascades that travel about 6,000 feet across the river. The drops are low but very broad and make a roaring sound that can be heard from afar.

This fall is best viewed from the route or a park on the side of the sea, with a picnic spot. Further, it flows down the mighty cliffs. As you travel the way, it will lead you to a leafy green canopy. 

Middlebury Falls

Middlebury Falls is an exceptional urban fall on Otter Creek. It is located precisely in downtown Middlebury. This 18-foot-high block-style fall extends 170 feet across the streamlet. Yet, it is created by a ruined shelf of graded bedrock. It forms a curtain of water that drops into a deep valley.

Middlebury Falls
Middlebury Falls

Moreover, it builds a lot of mist and drizzle that grows above the gorge, making a surprising effect. The water’s soft sound and the air’s stability make it an ideal place. Hence, you can see it from countless vantage ends around the town and some historic structures that overlook it.

Big Falls

Big Falls is a splendid waterfall on the Missisquoi River in Troy. It is the largest formless waterfall on a major river in the state. It has been known as a site of high prestige for its natural beauty and ecological worth.

Apart from all this, it consists of many drops and rapids that total roughly 40 feet in altitude and 200 feet in width. A thick forest encircles the waterfall, which you can view by a short trek from a parking area. Here, you can chill and reconnect with nature. Before scheduling a plan, a visitor center is available for any updates or trail closures.

Texas Falls

Texas Falls is a roadside cascade that flows via a narrow rocky canyon in the Green Mountain National Forest. The waterfall is roughly 15 feet elevated and has a bubbly formation that gives it its title. Visitors can follow the hiking trails. The tracks are also well with various levels of difficulty.

Texas Falls
Texas Falls

This place is fantastic if you’re a hiker, a photographer, or just here to seek joy. A lush forest envelops the falls, which you can access by a quick and easy hike along the trail. You can enjoy swimming, gliding, and hopping in the pool on the floor of the falls. Thus, this waterfall will let you experience or depart you in amazement.

Bingham Falls

Bingham Falls is a beautiful cascade in the canyon of the New Haven River. It descends towards the Stowe. This waterfall is one of the state’s most favored swimming holes, with a 14-foot drop. It drops into an in-depth pool with overflowing ridges for diving from. There is also a surface end for younger kids.

Swimming is not allowed near the falls for security grounds. Still, there are places for wading around the picnic area, which is found upstream. The water flow relies on the season and current rainfall. But it is imposing after periods of heavy rain. Hence, here, you will get to see the pleasant water tune. 

Bartlett Falls

Let’s aim for a place full of adventure and landscapes. Bartlett Falls is an enchanting waterfall on the New Haven River in Bristol. Its other name is Bristol Falls or New Haven River Gorge. The cascade is a block-style slide that lowers over a broad, overhanging ridge. It also creates a large cavity after the falling water.

Bartlett Falls
Bartlett Falls

The pool is perfect for bluff jumping, and there are also superficial areas for rippling. Turn east on Lincoln Gap Road to reach here. Further, it is all encircled by rich vegetation and tall trees. The wild beauty makes it a heaven for nature buffs.

Falls of Lana

Falls of Lana is a string of horsetails and falls on Sucker Brook in Salisbury. The waterfall flows through an undercut canyon into two pleasing pools. It creeps down through the valley into a gorgeous and deep swimming pool. Further, this pool typically has a gentle breeze and is exposed to the sun’s rays.

Similarly, the lower area of the waterfall includes horsetails and waterfalls curling down through the valley. The cascade can be reached by trekking along the trails. The Falls of Lana Trail begins around Lake Dunmore. It’s important to note that the conditions may vary depending on the weather.


See the gorgeous flows of Buttermilk Falls. A point of nature looks to flow freely. This cascade advances an exciting collection of waterfalls in the core of Vermont. It will enchant all who visit. These majestic rapids create a suite of sights and sounds, leaving a lasting image. There is magic as you explore the trails. The wind through the woods reveals these natural wonders. Apart from all this, plan your trip to this beautiful waterfall.

FAQs on Buttermilk Falls, VT

Are the falls public throughout the year?

Yes, the cascades are accessible year-round. Yet, inspecting with the park management for any closures or weather updates is advisable before prepping for your visit.

Can travelers swim in the rapids?

Swimming is not permitted in the falls for security causes. You can relish the views, take snaps, and engage yourself in the natural aura of the cascades.

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