Florence is a city full of history and beauty. Still, for those looking for a touch of change from the rush of city life streets, you will want to take advantage of plenty of fantastic day trips from Florence. From breathtaking hikes to quaint seaside towns, these 10 day trips from Florence offer something for everyone.

Whether you are a nature lover, an art enthusiast, or an explorer looking for adventure, these day trips will give you an unforgettable experience. So pack your bags, grab your map, and get ready to explore.

Day Trips from Florence

Here is a list of 10 day trips from Florence that no one wants to miss!

1- Pisa

Pisa is one of the most iconic cities in Italy and a must-visit when exploring Tuscany. Located within a short train ride away from Florence, it’s the perfect day trip. It has been the home to some of the most renowned works of art and architecture. The city also boasts one of the oldest universities in Europe, founded in 1343.


The medieval architecture of Pisa is breathtaking and worth exploring. Visit the Piazza dei Miracoli, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, to marvel at the Tower of Pisa, the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, the Baptistery, and the Monumental Cemetery. Walking around Pisa, you’ll be surrounded by its history and culture. 

Besides its iconic monuments, this place also offers numerous shops, cafes, and restaurants to explore. For a great view of the city and river, climb up to the top of the Torre della Fame. To spend time outdoors and enjoy nature, stroll through Giardino Scotto and the nearby Parco di San Rossore. 

2- Lucca

Those looking for a day trip from Florence that offers the perfect balance between historical sites and natural beauty, then Lucca is for you. Just a short drive northwest of Florence, it is a beautiful walled city with lots of history. The city’s Roman origins are still evident in the architecture, especially in its stunning Piazza dell’Anfiteatro, a perfectly-preserved Roman amphitheater.

Wander through the cobblestone streets to admire the beautiful churches, such as the Gothic-style San Michele in Foro or the 11th-century Basilica di San Frediano. Take advantage of the many impressive towers, like the 13th-century Guinigi Tower with its unique rooftop garden. You can also stroll around the city walls, which offer stunning views over the rooftops.


When you are done exploring the city, head to one of Lucca’s surrounding villages or hike in the nearby Apuan Alps. The small village of Montecarlo is particularly popular with visitors. It offers an excellent wine-tasting experience at its local vineyards. The surrounding countryside also features lovely gardens and villas like Villa Torrigiani and Villa Reale.

3- Siena

The gorgeous and well-preserved hill town of Siena has located about 90km from Florence, making it the perfect day trip. It is best known for its stunning Piazza del Campo. This iconic brick-paved square serves as the city’s center and the site of its annual Palio di Siena horse race. It’s a beautiful place to spend the day wandering, exploring shops and cafes, and people-watching in one of Italy’s most picturesque towns. 

In addition to the Piazza del Campo, visitors should check out Siena’s Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta. This Gothic masterpiece is a stunning example of medieval Italian architecture, featuring sculptures and marble floors inlaid with intricate designs. The bell tower also offers a great view of the city below. 

Another must-see attraction at this spot is the museum complex of Santa Maria della Scala. The work of these complex houses is by famous Italian artists, including paintings by Duccio, Ambrogio Lorenzetti, and Simone Martini. Visitors can also explore the ancient hospital, library, and archaeological section. 


4- Chianti

Just a short drive from Florence, the rolling hills of Chianti offer a beautiful escape. This area is world-famous for its wineries, vineyards, and charming villages, so it is no wonder it’s a popular day trip destination. The area is full of small towns to explore and lush countryside to enjoy.

Stop at one of the wineries to sample some of the best Classico wines in the region. If you are feeling active, hop on a bike and explore the picturesque vineyards, or hike along the scenic trails and admire the stunning views. For a truly memorable experience, take a hot air balloon ride over the vineyards or take a cooking class and learn to make traditional Italian dishes.

Besides this, it is an ideal spot to indulge in some of the finest Italian cuisines, so stop for lunch or dinner at one of the local restaurants. You will be surrounded by unspoiled nature and a warm, welcoming atmosphere that will make your day trip from Florence perfect.

5- San Gimignano

Just a short drive from Florence is the charming hilltop town of San Gimignano. This ancient Tuscan village dates back to the Etruscan period. It is known for its medieval towers, winding streets, and breathtaking views.

San Gimignano
San Gimignano

The most iconic attraction in San Gimignano is its 14th-century towers. These structures once symbolized power and wealth and are still standing today. The tallest tower is the Torre Grossa, which stands 54 meters tall. While you can climb it for stunning views of the surrounding area, plenty of other viewpoints around the town offer equally impressive sights.

This place is also home to some historic churches, including the 13th-century Romanesque church of Sant’Agostino and the Collegiata di San Gimignano. And remember to visit the Museum and Pinacoteca Comunale, which features a collection of artwork from the 14th to 17th centuries.

6- Volterra

Volterra is a stunning medieval town located in the hills of Tuscany. This breathtakingly beautiful town is an excellent choice for a day trip from Florence, and it’s easy to see why it’s been a popular destination for centuries. With its captivating Etruscan origins, striking architecture, and rich culture, there’s something for everyone to enjoy here. 

The city is best known for its Roman Amphitheater. Although it is now in ruins, it still serves as an impressive backdrop to the city and makes an excellent spot for photography. The remains of this ancient site are a reminder of Volterra’s long and fascinating history.


A stroll through the cobbled streets reveals some of the town’s most impressive attractions, such as its 12th-century Duomo, the Palace of the Priors, and the ancient Torre del Porcellino, which dates back to the 11th century. There are also many smaller churches, galleries, and other interesting sites that can be explored.

7- Monteriggioni

Monteriggioni is a stunning medieval village in the heart of Tuscany. Located just 30 miles south of Florence, this tiny walled village is well-known for its circle of perfectly preserved towers built initially as defense structures against enemy attacks. This is a great day trip from Florence, the most popular attraction in Tuscany.

One will feel like they have stepped back in time when you arrive. You can explore the cobbled streets, visit the churches and chapels, and admire the views from the top of the old castle walls. As you wander the village, you’ll find many restaurants serving traditional Tuscan cuisine and shops selling local souvenirs. Remember to buy authentic artisan products like olive oil, cheeses, and salami.

It is also well-known for its annual festival, which takes place every year on the last Sunday in May. During the festival, you can watch historical reenactments of battles fought at the castle, eat traditional Tuscan food, and participate in various cultural activities. 


8- Cortona

Cortona is a picturesque and historic town on a hilltop in southern Tuscany, making for the perfect day trip from Florence. Boasting a vibrant culture and rich history, this ancient walled city is a great place to explore and experience the best of Tuscany.

As one of the oldest continuously-inhabited cities in Italy, it has many historical sights to offer. Stroll through the city’s winding cobblestone streets and explore its museums, churches, and monuments. The impressive Piazza della Repubblica offers plenty of opportunities to soak up the Italian atmosphere, with its beautiful fountain and lively bars and restaurants. Take advantage of the opportunity to climb up to the city’s walls and take in stunning views of the Tuscan countryside.

It also provides plenty of natural beauty and activities to enjoy. Spend the day strolling around Lake Trasimeno and enjoying the stunning views of its pristine waters. For those who want to feel adventurous, try your hand at some watersports like canoeing or kayaking. Other outdoor activities include biking, hiking, horseback riding, and bird watching.

9- Arezzo

Arezzo is a stunningly beautiful city in Tuscany, Italy, just north of Florence. Its history dates back to the Etruscan civilization. It is home to some of the region’s best Renaissance art and architecture. Also, the town is known for its cobblestone streets, Renaissance palazzi, and medieval churches.


It is a great day trip from Florence and can be reached in about an hour by car or train. Once there, visitors can explore the Piazza Grande, where you will find the Gothic-style Cathedral of Arezzo with its richly frescoed interiors. 

Other attractions include the Roman Amphitheater, the Medici Fortress, and the Archaeological Museum. Numerous churches and convents exist, such as the Chiesa di San Francesco, Chiesa di Santa Maria della Pieve, and the Chiesa di San Domenico.

Regarding shopping, Arezzo has a beautiful selection of artisan stores selling handmade leather goods, jewelry, ceramics, and textiles. And for food lovers, Arezzo’s restaurants serve delicious Tuscan specialties like wild boar stew, truffle pasta dishes, and regional wines.

10- Livorno

Livorno is a coastal city in Tuscany, Italy, approximately 90 kilometers southwest of Florence. Today, it remains an important port city and a popular tourist destination. Visitors to Florence often take a day trip to this city to explore the city’s charming canals, historic landmarks, and delicious seafood cuisine. 

This city’s most popular attractions include the Fortezza Nuova, the Mercato Centrale, a bustling market where locals sell fresh produce and seafood, and the Venezia Nuova, a neighborhood built by Venetian merchants in the 17th century.


Overall, it is a fascinating city that offers visitors a glimpse into Tuscany’s rich history and culture. Whether you’re interested in exploring the city’s architecture, cuisine, or maritime heritage, Livorno is well worth a visit.


Day trips from Florence offer travelers a range of exciting experiences. The stunning countryside, charming medieval towns, and historical landmarks make a memorable excursion. Whether you explore the picturesque Tuscany vineyards, discover Pompeii’s ancient ruins, or marvel at the Leaning Tower of Pisa, there’s something for everyone. A day trip from Florence is an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself in Italy’s rich cultural heritage. 

FAQs about Days Trips from Florence

Is Tuscany a day trip from Florence?

While taking a day trip to Tuscany from Florence is possible, spending at least a few days in the region to fully explore and appreciate its many attractions is recommended.

Is Florence a good base for day trips?

Yes, Florence is an excellent base for day trips. It is located in the heart of Tuscany. It offers easy access to charming towns, vineyards, and historical landmarks such as Pisa, Siena, and Chianti.

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