Florida has endless blue skies, soft sand shores, and pristine inlets. Likewise, visitors are motivated to enjoy a Florida Keys Family Resorts vacation. It is known as a tourist spot, but it also has among the best family resorts in the world. If you are planning a road trip around Florida, you can finish it by relaxing at the shoreline or pool. These resorts serve tourists of various levels and preferences. Relish the finest amenities and other frills around serene settings. So, Florida has everything from ordinary to contemporary, peaceful to busy.

Florida Keys Family Resorts

Along the best beaches in Florida, you can plan to stay at one of the finest Florida Keys Family resorts according to your choice.

1- Tranquility Bay Beach House Resort

Near the renowned Isla Bella Beach Resort is another lovely choice. The Tranquility Bay Beach House has incredible sunsets. See the views of the ocean from every room. The spacious terraces for relaxation are all features of this charming resort. With a secluded beach at Tranquility Bay, you can unwind here.

Tranquility Bay Beach House Resort
Tranquility Bay Beach House Resort

Moreover, the kids play in the sea and swim in a secure aura. There are also several pools where you can unwind away from the kids. Most suites have stunning sunset views and are known for their spectacular sunsets. Regarding lodging, there are units with two or three bedrooms with a kitchen, ample living space, and two toilets.

2- The Islander Resort

The Islander Resort is an original and classic sun-loving resort. It provides 3-star lodging and an array of family-friendly activities. This resort is situated in Islamorada. It is conveniently close to many of the best attractions within the Keys. However, you may discover thrills and delights right here without leaving the resort.

Further, this resort has a heated outdoor swimming pool, fishing, kayaking, and a private beach. It also has onsite eating options that are ideal for weddings or reunions with the family. Sailors will adore it as it offers dock spots for landing the boat. Hence, you can pay rent after an exciting day on the water.

3- Glunz Ocean Beach Hotel & Resort

Another lovely hotel choice is the Glunz Ocean Beach Hotel & Resort. It is also an excellent place for families to benefit from everything the Keys offer. This resort is modest, but its lavish amenities make up for its large size. It features a large pier for angling or admiring famed sunsets.

Glunz Ocean Beach Hotel & Resort
Glunz Ocean Beach Hotel & Resort

Likewise, rest along the beachfront with stunning views of the glistening lake. Three-bedroom villas and single rooms are ideal for more prominent families. Every resort has an efficient kitchen and separate bathrooms for each bedroom. Hence, there are roomy living areas that all of the family may enjoy.

4- Coral Lagoon Resort Villas & Marina

On a trip to the Keys, Coral Lagoon Resort Villas & Marina can be the ideal place for your family. Here, you can spend time in the open sea. The Coral Lagoon is situated on six acres of lovely land off the coast and offers stunning canal views. To enjoy the ocean, charter a boat among the top local captains.

Similarly, they will guarantee that you catch the fish of a lifetime, or you can rent one. The conch-style cottages provide enough living space for the entire family. View the spacious modern eateries and original artwork. They are perfectly equipped. Thus, the Dolphin Research Center and Curry Hammock State Park are close to the resorts.

5- Parrot Key Hotel & Villas

The Parrot Key Hotel & Villas is a great option to take advantage of all the busy Key offers without sacrificing peace of mind. It is slightly to the north of the town square. Parrot Key boasts lush, scenic grounds that are brimming with facilities.

Parrot Key Hotel & Villas
Parrot Key Hotel & Villas

Furthermore, there is a beach area and three splash pads for the youngsters to enjoy. The whole family may enjoy renting kayaks and surfing boards, among other sports. The resort provides enormous villas that can house up to eight people. So, rest and one and two-bedroom rentals.

6- Hyatt Keys West Resort and Spa

As a leading provider of luxury stays, the Centric Key West Resort and Spa lives up to Hyatt’s reputation by offering everything. This furnished resort provides events for all ages. This four-star resort has an expansive pool, kayak, jet ski apartments, and diving. Also, two delectable eateries are open all day.

Also, it has kid-friendly menus with classic deals. The whole family will love the dinner at a cheap price. The rooms at this resort are the most fantastic feature. Every room is spacious and equipped with elegant amenities like personal porches. A lot of the houses have great views of the ocean. They even let you bring your pets.

7- Key Largo Bay Marriott Beach Resort

This opulent Key Largo Bay Marriott Beach resort welcomes families seeking a beachside escape. It offers an array of upscale facilities that are uncommon in the area. There is a dive shop on the resort. Here, you may book diving and scuba diving trips.

Key Largo Bay Marriott Beach Resort
Key Largo Bay Marriott Beach Resort

Moreover, the kids can have fun in the gaming area anytime they’re not outside. There is a restaurant with many kid-friendly options on the spot. All different sorts of rooms are available at this resort. It includes suites with spacious living spaces and fully working kitchens. So, remember to bring your camera to click snaps of your family at this resort.

8- Isla Bella Beach Resort

There’s nowhere better for family enjoyment than this lavish resort. Explore the 24 acres of stunning gardens and take in ocean views for a mile at the Isla Bella resort. The resort has several options, ranging from solitary rooms to spacious suites. They are perfect for entertaining the entire family.

Likewise, visitors can have a private shoreline, five pools, and food and amusement choices. You may hire a bike to explore the grounds or use the free boats. A top-notch spa, fitness center, and meeting space for significant enterprises are all available. Thus, it’s a great place to start if you want to see everything the area offers.

9- Southernmost Beach Resort

Nestled in lovely Key West is Southernmost Keys Resorts. You can savour a serene and beautiful coastal hideaway. It is only a short stroll from bustling Mallory Place and Duval Avenue. Its views of the ocean are well-known. One of the rare private beaches is located behind this resort. It is enjoyable for the whole family.

Southernmost Beach Resort
Southernmost Beach Resort

In addition, families may also enjoy a day of jet skiing, surfing in the warm waves, and making castles on the beach. There are three pools, a private casting pier, and many food options on the land. Everything you want to do here is a five-minute stroll away when it’s time to go out.

10- Sunset Key Cottages

The Sunset Key Cottages might be ideal for a more intimate family vacation. This abundant collection of forty villas is on an island far from Key West. You may have a private retreat only a short distance from the bustling central plaza. It has up to four bedrooms, several bathrooms, and a complete kitchen.

Plus, each villa offers luxurious living. The resort’s gorgeous grounds provide fishing, surfing, and kayaking for the whole family. There’s also a game area and library for the youngsters’ joy. While visiting these cottages, you may arrange for yourself or the entire family to take tennis lessons or play a friendly game.


The Florida Keys is a perfect place for resorts. It presents something to every traveller. These lodges are necessary to sunbathe or walk on the soft sand. The Florida Keys are ideal for water sports. You can enjoy the city’s history, civilization, restaurants, and water sports. Here, you will locate an alternative that fits your liking. Some of the city’s best and most affordable beach resorts exist. Here you can stay for your next trip. Stay calm, and prepare your ideal vacation today.

FAQs on Florida Keys Family Resorts

When visiting the Florida Keys Family Resorts, which airport can you fly into?

Choose the perfect airport depending on where you’re flying from. Miami International could be the best choice for visitors to the Upper Keys. More flights are available than at the airport. An excellent option is Marathon International Airport.

What are a few reasons families love the Florida Keys?

Fishing is one of the most excellent things to do with your family here. You may rent a boat. If your family enjoys being in the sea, multiple shops provide scuba diving and snorkelling. This beachside retreat boasts a long-standing culinary tradition with a relaxed vibe.

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