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Hotel Indigo | Top Hotel in Los Angeles

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Los Angeles is a star city in sprawling Southern California, famous worldwide for its film & television industry. It includes entertainment districts, casinos, luxurious hotels, and nightlife. You can visit your favorite studios or go to thrilling theme parks. Here, the iconic Hollywood sign is the center of attraction. You can experience the heights of joy and pleasure in LA. These historic neighborhoods and cultural attractions are the perfect places to visit and spend quality time. For planning a trip with luxurious hotels like Hotel Indigo that offers you magnificent services, LA is the right place for you!

Hotels in Los Angeles

Here are the grand hotels in Los Angeles that will make your experience unforgettable!

Hotels in Los Angeles
Hotels in Los Angeles

1- Hotel Indigo

Hotel Indigo is a grand 5-star hotel with multiculturalism and unique features that portray the urban and creative side of the city. The whole hotel is adorned with beautiful flowers in a great way to recall La Fiesta del Las Flores. The fragrance and vibrancy of the decor attract visitors and add to the hotel’s ambiance.

Moreover, the rooms are well furnished with luxurious amenities and splendid walls. The bathrooms are spa-style, made with inspiration from Hollywood. The hotel makes the safety of its guests its utmost priority and provides you with clean and hygienic rooms for an unforgettable stay.

Attractions to Los Angeles

Los Angeles is full of entertainment sites and cultural attractions. The hotel can provide proper guidance on the city’s layout, so you can pick the entertainment spots that best suit your mood. Hotel Indigo is a leading LA hotel near all the dining and shopping options. You can visit the Staples Center or The Arts and Jewelry District. Or you can go to the iconic LA Live complex to spend quality time.

Attractions to Los Angeles
Attractions to Los Angeles

Hotel Facilities

The hotel offers luxurious facilities and premium comfort to make your stay significant. Also, the hotel has a highly professional staff, Metropole bars, and a kitchen with exquisite food. The hotel provides you with transportation facilities and parking though charges may apply.

Even you can chill in the lounge and connect better with people over a few drinks. The mattresses on the bed are of satisfactory quality, and the room has surplus amenities that will make your experience luxurious. The bathrooms are made spa-style to provide you with relief and consolation.

Flavorsome Cuisine

The hotel has delicious and toothsome cuisine. You can chill in the metropole bar, where you can sip on different cocktails while enjoying the exotic views of the skyscrapers and thriving city. The Hotel offers delicious mouth-watering food that will give you an exquisite long-lasting taste. The restaurant D’Vuelta gives you the finest dining with succulent appetizers that will give you heights of pleasure.

Flavorsome Cuisine
Flavorsome Cuisine

2- The Dixie Hollywood

The hotel is in the heart of Hollywood, California, and within walking distance from the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The staff is committed to giving you the best experience with attentive service, sophistication, and courtesy.

Plus, the hotels offer celebrity restaurants with delicious food that will make your day. The rooms are clean and hygienic. Every room has a flat-screen TV, air conditioner, and coffee maker. Iron with the iron board is available. ATM and a vending machine are also present inside the hotel.

3- Sheraton Universal Hotel

Right beneath the Hollywood Hills, the Sheraton hotel is located only steps away from the Universal studios and Citywalk. It is near the Metro reline that will take you to famous attractive spots of LA. The hotel entertains its guest with splendid bar cocktails and comfortable sofas in the lounge.

Sheraton Universal Hotel
Sheraton Universal Hotel

Furthermore, the hotel has a patio and provides free parking to its guests. You can avail of high-speed internet and electric vehicle charging services. All rooms are well-furnished & hygienic, where different rooms provide you with different enchanting views, and the bathrooms have walk-in showers and complimentary toiletries. You choose between a mountain view, lake view, poolside view, or city view through windows.

4- Dream Hollywood

Dream hotel is located in the palm-lined streets of Los Angeles, Right around the corner of Selma Avenue. It portrays a mesh of mid-century and modernism with beautiful aesthetics and sophisticated guest rooms. Dream hotel provides you with rooms with enchanting views and luxurious amenities.

Plus, you will get a complimentary car service, valet parking, and much more. It is a pet-friendly hotel with a Dj and nightclub. You can sip on a fine-quality cocktail at the bar and relax in the lounge. Take a dip in heated indoor pools or work out in the gym to stay healthy and active. Bedrooms are safe and secure, with a private balcony and luxurious amenities. Iron and laundry service is available.

Dream Hollywood
Dream Hollywood

5- Hilton Los Angeles

Hilton Los Angeles is located only a block away from Universal studios and is a perfect place if you want to explore the city. Los Angeles is full of Hollywood attractions and exciting spots. Here, you can enjoy cultural attractions.

Also, the hotel provides electric vehicle charging stations and free shuttle or taxi transportation. You can also avail of the fast internet and parking for free. The hotel has clean pools and bars that will refresh your mood. The business center keeps you on track and connected with your work. The hotels have fully furnished rooms with luxury amenities and many other facilities.


Los Angeles is the heart of Hollywood. It has many great attractions that will make your experience memorable. The nightlife in the thriving city with dazzling light offers a mesmerizing view that will be etched in your memory. So if you want entertainment, fun, and adventure, Los Angeles is the perfect place. Multiple luxury hotels like Hotel Indigo will make your trip great.

FAQs about Hotel Indigo

Are there any hotels close to the Hollywood Walk of Fame?

Many hotels are steps away from the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Hotel Indigo is a luxury hotel within walking distance from the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It has luxurious amenities and many alluring ambiances that will make your stay memorable.

Does Hotel Indigo has any good restaurants nearby?

Hotel Indigo has two restaurants of its own that will provide you with mouth-watering and flavorsome food. Also, you can explore the city and find many other famous restaurants nearby.

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