When you are in Elizabeth City, North Carolina, most feelings include being amazed, astonished, and stunned by the beauty. While you see good things and learn useful stuff from the culture, a hotel is what will take care of you. Where you stay in a city matters the most because it defines your whole experience. Elizabeth City, NC, is a well-developed town with good industrialization and commercialization. Now, planning your trip is better after considering this guide, offering the top hotels in Elizabeth City, NC!

Hotels in Elizabeth City, NC

There are many good hotels in Elizabeth City, NC, where you can stay comfortably; below are the top 6 for you!

Things to Do in Elizabeth NC
Things to Do in Elizabeth NC

1- Best Western Plus Inn and Suites

Your bedroom at home is where you can be your true self and enjoy the surrounding facilities however you want to. Best Western Plus Inn and Suites is here to give you your home bedroom in a stranger city. With all the facilities to never let you get bored or uncomfortable, you will love staying in this hotel.

The in-room features include racks to settle your stuff down, a TV so you can catch on your favorite show, and high-end furniture. The hotel has been designed so thoughtfully that you will praise the little details. For example, there are small cabins in the suites with desks where you can sit down and work.

Best Western Plus Inn and Suites
Best Western Plus Inn and Suites

Moreover, you will enjoy complimentary parking, Wi-Fi, breakfast every morning, and a well-equipped business center. Besides bars and restaurants serving guests on site, there is also a convenience store from where you can buy various things. 

2- Travelers Inn

Travelers Inn is one of the best hotels in Elizabeth, NC, for many reasons. As reflected in the name, this hotel is designed to consider travelers’ needs. Free parking will be the first thing to welcome you when you enter this hotel. Moving in will make you feel calmer, safer, and more relaxed. Yes, this is the kind of place where you will get to become your most peaceful self.

The most distinguished thing about this hotel is its short distance from most city attractions. The nearby attractions include the College of Albemarle, Sentara Albemarle Medical Center, and others.

3- Inner Banks Inn

Inner Banks Inn is one of the best luxury hotels in Elizabeth City, NC. Many things define the worth of a hotel. If we try to measure the value of Inner Banks Inn, not only will all the boxes get tick marked, but things will go beyond the metrics.

Inner Banks Inn
Inner Banks Inn

The most basic metrics are staff, environment, management, and the quality of services being offered. Inner Banks Inn has the most friendly, cooperative, and helpful staff where the air feels fresh and clean, and the environment is all safe. The amenities and facilities are well-managed, served on time, and of high quality. You will not have a single problem staying at this hotel.

4- Inn at Corolla Light

If your best places to travel include sitting in the window having coffee while taking in vast water views, then Inn at Corolla Light is where you should stay. This romantic hotel will allow you to view the perfect Sunsets and sunrises from your room window. It is where you can have the grandest getaway.

This hotel is a complete entertainment package in itself. What a great idea would it be to wake up to the views of a romantic lake surrounded by greenery and wooden pathways?

You can enjoy reading a newspaper while sitting next to the gas fireplace. The whirlpool tubs will calm your nerves and prepare you for the work-life you will continue after the vacation. Renting a bicycle to ride around the property will be a good idea too.

5- The Pond House Inn

The Pond House Inn is where antique meets modernism, and something advanced in functionality and old-fashioned appearance results. This is one of the best hotels in Elizabeth City, NC, regarding the perfect getaway it offers. An expansive lawn at the front where guests love sitting while sipping tea.

The Pond House Inn
The Pond House Inn

The beauty of this place is evident in the fact that people book the front garden for wedding events and parties. While staying in the hotel, you will feel as if you have traveled back to 90’s British grand villas.

6- Econo Lodge

Econo Lodge comes on the list of the best hotels in Elizabeth City, NC, for its wide range of amenities. The front desk staff is always available late at night and earliest in the morning. You can stop any hotel staff member from cleaning to laundry staff, ask for help, and they will always be of assistance.


It is normal to get confused between different hotels if all are equally good and the budget is not a problem. If you are in such a situation, decide based on location. You can take any location factor as a reference. Some people find proximity to the city attractions as the most critical factor, while some find nearness to the city airport as decision defining element. Whatever yours is, let that decide for you. No matter which one you choose from the list mentioned above, it will be your best decision. Besides that, you can also plan your cheapest vacation to Europe!

Elizabeth City NC
Elizabeth City NC

FAQs About Hotels in Elizabeth, NC

Should I visit Elizabeth City, NC, for my next vacation?

Elizabeth City has a rich history and heritage, which tourists fall in love with. Outsiders enjoy many events and outdoor group activities in the city. You can stay at Best Western Plus or Travelers Inn; both are the best hotels in Elizabeth City, NC.

What hotels in Elizabeth City, NC, offer the grandest getaway?

Inn at Corolla Light and The Pond House are two of the most romantic hotels in this city. The former has water in the front and many cozy features to entertain guests. In contrast, the latter will take you back to the 90s, thanks to the antique furniture and old-fashion interior design.

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