Front Royal is one of the most vibrant cities in Virginia. It is a place where a wide range of activities is conducted throughout the year. Whether outdoor hiking groups or events on an international scale, everything in this city is worth experiencing. If you have decided to spend your next vacation having the time of your life in this city, welcome to this guide to the best hotels in Front Royal, VA.

Hotels in Front Royal, VA

Below are the top 7 clean, safe, comfortable hotels that offer all the required amenities. Let us know and find them out, with DoubleTree being the first!

Front Royal VA
Front Royal VA

1- Double Tree by Hilton Front Royal Blue Ridge Shadows

Double Tree by Hilton Front Royal Blue Ridge Shadows is one of the best hotels in Front Royal, VA. It has such a royal vibe that, when combined with royal treatment, it lets you have the best time of your life. You will not be able to stop admiring the exteriors and the interiors. Everything is top-notch. No facility, machine, and technology is a part of this hotel that is not extraordinary in its industry.

You can start your mornings here by sitting in your room window, taking in uninterrupted views of the natural wonders of Shenandoah Valley. Being so near to this valley, this hotel is quite close to city attractions, including Blue Ridge Shadows Golf Club, Skyline Drive, and Shenandoah National Park. If you have any interest in parks, there are some best National Parks in the USA to visit.

Double Tree by Hilton

2- Mountain Home B&B

Mountain Home B&B is like that place in old movies where the lead couple lives. Surrounded by lush green gardens, standing tall, a building with long pillars and giant windows. The feels this hotel has to offer vintage and romantic. You will especially love the recreational areas.

The hotel has multiple game rooms with high-quality equipment and a comfortable environment. The furniture in the bedrooms is antique, adding to the vintage feels and tranquility of the older times when fastness was not a thing. You can have a significant downtime hanging out and relaxing in this hotel.

3- TownePlace Suites by Marriot

TownePlace Suites by Marriot is one of the brand hotels in Front Royal, VA. All TownePlace fans traveling to Virginia will admire yet another great experience with the same hotel. The main reasons it is considered one of the best in the lodging and accommodation industry is its excellent service and friendly staff.

TownePlace Suites
TownePlace Suites

The staff always ensures that you are comfortable and well-settled in the place. They will be ready to help you in all ways possible. The number of services is vast, and the quality of each one is excellent. You can enjoy complimentary breakfast every morning and spend your day swimming in the premium pool, sweating in the well-appointed fitness room, and socializing with other guests in the shared lounges.

4- Twi-Lite Motel

Twi-Lite Motel is precisely the place you are looking for if staying within budget yet enjoying a comfortable and safe stay is what you want. This motel is not only budget-friendly but also has all the required facilities. The bedrooms have air conditioning, refrigerators, and other needed amenities.

The front desk service is always available for check-in/check-out and guiding purposes. Moreover, there are many recreational activities available as well. There is a swimming pool, an outdoor aesthetic seating area, and much more. The parking is free, and so is the high-speed internet connection.

Twi-Lite Motel
Twi-Lite Motel

5- Blue Ridge Motel

Blue Ridge Motel is one of the most commonly chosen hotels in Front Royal, VA. Travelers love the vibe of this hotel and the long list of amenities. The environment is comfortable and friendly. The non-smoking policy keeps the air fresh and clean. Moreover, the cleanliness standards are also exceptionally high. Knowing that the staff follows regular sanitization, you can trust the linens, curtains, and everything in your room and hotel.

If you are unsure what places you should visit in the city, ask the Blue Ridge Motel staff, who will be happy to be of any help. The complimentary toiletries will help you not miss your home’s bathroom since everything is available here too.

6- Hampton Inn

Hampton Inn is excellent in all aspects and dimensions. There is no way that a guest can check out feeling disappointed in the hotel amenities. Everything is served and offered is top-notch and of high quality. Especially in Front Royal, its location is ideal, near Shenandoah Valley.

Hampton Inn
Hampton Inn

7- Glen Gordon Manor

Glen Gordon Manor is not situated in the city but is considered one of the best hotels in Front Royal, VA. Travelers do not mind covering around 8 miles from the city to stay here at a dreamy and luxurious place full of great amenities.


Front Royal is said to be a town of all seasons because there is always something to do in all months of the year. Be it winters, summers, or springs; you will find this city active and in full bloom. The must-visit places include Skyline Drive, Shenandoah Valley, and the Blue Ridge Mountains.

For the night stays/hotel life, there is Hampton Inn, Double Tree by Hilton, Twi-Lite Motel, and a few others, as mentioned above. Glen Gordon Manor also makes a great choice but is far from the city. Being a traveler, you must also consider the best travel insurance company for your safety!

Front Royal Virginia
Front Royal Virginia

FAQs About Hotels in Front Royal, VA

What options of the best hotels in Front Royal, VA, do I have while visiting the city?

You have several options to choose from. Double Tree by Hilton, Hampton Inn, and Mountain Home B&B is luxurious and expensive choices. However, if you want to save money, you can stay at Twi-Lite Motel or Blue Ridge Motel.

What makes Front Royal worth visiting?

Front Royal has a lot of natural beauty to serve. There are scenic sites as well as places of historical importance. Moreover, you have many great options of hotels in Front Royal, VA, like Mountain Home B&B. Thus, everything about this city is well-sorted for your vacation.

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