Oklahoma City is considered the most expansive city in the US. It is a deep city with a rich cultural legacy, a prosperous economy, and various activities. Some of the motives why people love it are because of its fifty legendary attractions. Even the residents of Tulsa prefer it. Travelers explore the world’s biggest livestock markets as it is a central hub for different industries. They undergo more landscapes and amusement options. Thus, people plan a family holiday to this city and find out how far Tulsa is from Oklahoma City.

How Far is Tulsa from Oklahoma

The distance from Tulsa by bus is about 106.5 miles. This trip time is 1 hour and 50 minutes. The bus drives from Tulsa Bus Station to Oklahoma City Bus Station twice daily. However, the ticket cost ranges from $11 to $45.

There is no immediate train service to Oklahoma City. The nearest train station to Tulsa is roughly 107 miles out by car. The train travel is nearly 3 hours and 4 minutes. The train runs from Tulsa Union Station to Oklahoma City Santa Fe Depot with a fare of around $11.

How Far is Tulsa from Oklahoma City
How Far is Tulsa from Oklahoma City

There is no immediate flight service between the two cities. Tulsa International Airport is roughly 8 miles from the city center. It leads to Will Rogers World Airport, roughly 10 miles away. The flight is about 45 minutes, but it can be as low as $97 or as high as $500.

The distance if you opt to go by car is almost 107 miles. The driving period is nearly 1 hour and 39 minutes. The route pursues the I-44 W highway, a toll road costing about $9.50 for a passenger car. The fuel price averages about $19-$28.

Quick Stops on a Road Trip from Tulsa to Oklahoma City

Here are some best places to visit on your road trip from Tulsa to Oklahoma City:

1- Oklahoma Aquarium

The Oklahoma Aquarium is a modern facility showing the city’s sea life. It is located in Jenks, a suburb of Tulsa. There are many features and attractions in this facility. It includes the world’s largest display of bull sharks from a walk-through tunnel covering the tank. A strange sea turtle called Seamore was saved from a fishing net. It was rehabilitated at the site.

You can touch and feed tanks, allowing tourists to get close to some fish types. Academic programs and affairs aim to uplift the care and attention of the sea world. It includes the STEM Night, Sea Turtle Awareness Day, and Halloween Bash. Thus, it is a must-see appeal for anyone who values marine life and wants to learn about it.

Oklahoma Aquarium
Oklahoma Aquarium

2- Stableridge Winery

Stableridge Winery is a precious winery in Stroud. It is lodged in a former Catholic church. Later, it was made in 1898 and reformed in 1997. You can find many wines from grapes grown in Oklahoma and different states. A wine-themed present store sells wine, glassware, scent candles, jewelry, and kits. There is a tasting bar that presents models of six wines.

A cozy patio area sees a vineyard and a small waterhole. You can learn about the past of the winery by its knowledgeable staff. Yet, it is a retro and restful place to relish quality wine. Therefore, the winery organizes wine carnivals, live melodies, marriages, and personal parties.

3- Seaba Station Motorcycle Museum

Seaba Station Motorcycle Museum is a notable gallery that portrays over 65 old motorcycles from 1908. It is located in a gas station constructed in 1921 in Chandler. An array of motorcycles from distinct eras, labels, styles, and nations are also seen. Various antiques are related to motorcycle past and culture. It includes helmets, hoodies, signs, medals, serials, and toys.

Further, it organizes a workshop showing the motorcycles’ repair process. With the help of guided tours, you can get to know the tales and facts about the bikes and the gallery. Hence, it is a perfect appeal for anyone with a motorbike craze and its related spare parts.

Seaba Station Motorcycle Museum
Seaba Station Motorcycle Museum

4- Route 66 Interpretive Center

The Route 66 Interpretive Center is a gallery in Chandler. It presents the past of the iconic roadway extending from Chicago to Los Angeles. The showroom is boarded in a restored Oklahoma National Guard armory. It was constructed in 1898 and features various shows, videos, and artifacts.

You can see a display of vintage vehicles depicting different trip eras. Video stations allow tourists to watch short films, discussions, and films about it and its people. Further, a model of a drive-in hall plays classic movies from 1950-1960.

5- Oklahoma City Zoo

The Oklahoma City Zoo has 1,900 animal types and vast botanical gardens. The zoo coats 130 acres and is split into many themed sites that show a variety of wildlife and plants. One of the features is the Inasmuch Foundation Crystal Bridge Conservatory. This unique facility has tropical and succulent plants in two climates.

The Sanctuary Asia houses the zoo’s flock of Asian elephants and other animal types. The Cat Forest/Lion Overlook site has species of kinds of cats. You can even see a Great Escape, which offers various scholarly programs and events. Thus, this zoo is ideal for those who want to cherish the different animal types and the natural wonders.

Oklahoma City Zoo
Oklahoma City Zoo

6- Bricktown

Bricktown is an amusement district just east of Oklahoma City. It was once a primary storage district. This vibrant spot has legendary sites, including Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark, Bricktown Canal, Harkins Bricktown Cinema, American Banjo Museum, and Bricktown Beach. It has a vibrant nightlife set with many cafes, bars, lodges, pubs, wineries, comedy crews, venues, and casinos.

Moreover, it has a complex architecture recalls the city’s growth from an old town to a modern city. You can even see a Bricktown Armory, Water Tower, Land Run Monument, and Bricktown Art Walk. Thus, it is a flawless site for those who enjoy experiencing its culture, amusement, and delight. Therefore, this district organizes yearly carnivals, shows, parades, and multicolored fireworks.

7- Myriad Botanical Gardens

The Myriad Botanical Gardens is a small, collective urban grassland downtown. It is an enchanting park that presents tourists with a natural pullout from the city’s heart. This garden has several plants, animals, locations, and activities. The Inasmuch Foundation Crystal Bridge Conservatory is a striking design that has gained societal attention and honor. Sections of fine, double-layered acrylic boards surround it. Kids play at its Children’s Garden while bonding with nature and creatures.

You can even see The Water Features. It has a group of fountains, pools, cascades, and streamlets, adding beauty and peace to the gardens. They include a Thunder Fountain, Lake Bridge, Meinders Terrace Waterfall, and the Seasonal Plaza. You can even see a Butterfly Garden. It is a lush outdoor garden with a range of butterflies. Thus, the Mo’s Carousel has a colorful carousel with complex carved wooden animals.

Myriad Botanical Gardens
Myriad Botanical Gardens

Final Verdict

Tulsa and Oklahoma City are two lively sites located in Oklahoma state. Tourists plan a family holiday to Oklahoma City due to multiple reasons. It includes different interests or landscapes, cultures, and economies. The span between them is roughly 107 miles. You can cover it by various modes of transport. It includes buses, trains, planes, and motorcars. Each approach has benefits and flaws. Pick the best choice for their trip.

FAQs on How Far Is Tulsa, Oklahoma

What are the finest things to do in Oklahoma City?

Some of the finest things to do in Oklahoma City are seeing the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum. You can pay honor at the Oklahoma City National Memorial. Likewise, watch a basketball match at the Chesapeake Energy Arena and cruise along the Bricktown Canal.

How to find the cheapest flight tickets to Oklahoma City?

A flight website is one method to find the cheapest flights to Oklahoma City. It lets users reach prices, dates, duration, and airlines for various flights. Another form is to reserve in advance, avoid extreme seasons and leaves, and look for deals.

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