An Immigration Attorney is essential when settling down in another country. You must be curious about how to establish yourself in foreign. It seems a challenging procedure to be in another country, and you have any questions in your head. This blog post will discuss the top 15 questions you need to ask an Immigration Attorney. So let’s start the article now.

15 Must-Ask Questions While Going to an Immigration Attorney

Here are the top 15 questions that you must ask your Immigration Attorney.

1- How Many Similar Cases Have you Handled Before?

The first and foremost question that everybody should ask is their experience in the relevant cases. It’s an important thing to ask, as if your lawyer has handled previous cases like yours, it will allow you to increase your Case to success ratio.

2- What Are My Chances of Success?

We should always take the facts into account before getting to any conclusion. A good Immigration Lawyer will always religiously tell you the success percentage of your Case. In this way, you will be closer to reality than to dreams.

Attorney Chance of Success
Attorney Chance of Success

3- How Long Will it Take to Complete My Case?

Don’t let your lawyer beat around the bush. Just ask him straight about how long it will take him to take your case in the final resolution stage. That way, your sentiments won’t get hurt.

4- Will You Be Handling My Case Personally?

Most lawyers will be pushing their tasks to their juniors. While this thing is prevalent, you need to make sure that the lawyer himself is handling your case. Don’t let some internee at the Immigration Attorney’s office ruin your Case. Get the results that you pay for.

5- Do You Specialize in Family Immigration Law and Visas?

An Immigration Lawyer doesn’t need to specialize in Visas and Family Immigration Law. But if you want your Case to be successful, hire a lawyer who has a significant subject as Family Immigration Law and Visas.

Family Immigration Attorney
Family Immigration Attorney

6- Are You a Member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association or Not?

It will be a plus point if your lawyer is a member of The American Immigration Lawyers Association. This body has all the top-notch and the most experienced Immigration Attorneys. So, it would be great if you are hiring can deliver you the best service. And handle your Case in the best manner possible. 

7- Have You Ever Been Disciplined for Dishonesty?

This should be the most crucial question that you must not miss ever. Don’t hire anyone who’s been reprimanded for dishonesty. 1 out of 10 lawyers has been in this situation. Thus, it’s essential to run a security check for your Immigration Attorney.

8- How Long Have You Practiced Immigration Law?

You know what they say; the more experienced, the more he can deliver. If you hire an Immigration attorney with good experience, he will provide you with quality work. So be sure if you hire someone with 5+ years of experience. It’s also better to ask about Green Card and Citizenship details.

Immigration Law
Immigration Law

9- What’s the Best Strategy for My Case?

A good Immigration Attorney will always provide a clear-cut and on-the-spot strategy sketch to you. They will signal that you can rely on this attorney and get your immigration in a few weeks. Also, you need to tell every detail of your case to the attorney, so he can help you and make your immigration process faster.

10- Are You Available for my Case Right Now?

Most lawyers would stack cases and give proper time to the circumstances. You should be hiring a person who has time to study and take your Case very seriously. That’s why always choose an attorney who will not be dealing with many customers simultaneously.

11- How Much Will it Cost You to Represent Me?

An Immigration Lawyer’s free consultation is a thing you will see as very rare. So it’s imperative to note how much your lawyer will charge you. However, the typical fees for an Immigration lawyer range between $200 and $400 per hour.

Attorney Free Consultation
Attorney Free Consultation

12- Will We Enter into a Written Contract?

It’s the best practice to ensure that you won’t get overcharged. You can fix the project pay and will have no issues. In this way, you can also get a refund if your attorney can’t make your application a successful one. Thus, entering into a contract is a perfect thing while fighting your case to immigrate to another country.

13- What Do You Need from Me?

You need to provide them with all the relevant information such as your passport, ID, banking details, etc. They may also need your family information, security clearance, and other things.

14- Do You Have Any References?

A good lawyer will always have reputed references in his field. So, he will have connections with other lawyers to verify his abilities.

Attorney References
Attorney References

15- Why Are You the Best Choice than other Immigration Attorneys I may be Considering?

It would help if you asked this question at any cost. An experienced and reputed attorney will always give you a proper compelling answer for this.

Final Verdict: 15 Questions to Ask An Immigration Attorney

An Attorney for Immigration is a person who will provide your assistance in immigrating to a foreign country. It’s not easy to hire the best lawyer. But, some questions that you ask will help you in judging his abilities. So, check out these questions, and don’t forget to ask your Immigration Attorney while you visit him.

Immigration Lawyer
Immigration Lawyer


1- What questions must you ask an Immigration Attorney?

It would help if you asked a lot of questions to your Immigration Lawyer. Ask him about his fees, experiences, and more things to ensure that he’s the best choice for you.

2- What questions should you ask about Immigration?

Ask a lot of questions to your Immigration Attorney, such as:

  • How many similar cases have you handled before?
  • How long are you practicing Immigration Law?
  • What will you charge to represent me?

3- How do you prepare yourself for Immigration free consultation?

Just be cool, get all the required documents, and tell everything about yourself to the Immigration Attorney. He will handle your case easily if you provide him with all the relevant information.

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