The city of Colton is situated in San Bernardino, California, United States. It was a transportation hub in San Bernardino. So, the city is also known as Hub City, which is the nickname Colton. 

What to Do in the City of Colton

Let’s look at the details of what to do in the city of Colton!

1- Enjoy Picnic in Prado Park

It is a small family park extending over 1 acre of land, situated in Prado Lane Colton, CA. The park is featured a picnic area, playground area, shelters, a BBQ area, and a parking area. It is also the best family park where visitors can enjoy hiking trails, biking, camping, and running trails.

Prado Park
Prado Park

2- Book A Family Show and Dinner

When it comes to a recreational point in Colton, it’s only Tibbies Center Stage Theater in Fontana through 15 minutes drive. It is an implausible site where you can find a top-class family dinner theater.

It is the best place where you can enjoy superb gourmet food and a live show at the same time. Their appetizers, desserts, and main courts are delicious in taste and generous. On the other hand, tourists can also enjoy top-class live entertainment shows on stage.

3- Fulfill Your Quest for Fun

The water slides concept in California came from the Fiesta Village Family Fun Park for the very first time. It is a place where visitors can fulfill their quest to have fun. Tourists can lose their minds by immersing themselves in the park to enjoy laser tag adventures, tilting on amusement rides, and peeping on Kart Track. So, enjoy anything you want there.

Fiesta Village Family Fun Park
Fiesta Village Family Fun Park

4- Recall The Civil War

The museum contains one of the magnificent collections of the Civil War and President Lincoln. The museum exhibits a permanent historic collection. It also displays archived collections occasionally, which is also impressive. Building’s interior is designed beautifully, and the ground is also good.

The environment and atmosphere inside the building are very sophisticated with artwork decoration. In short, you can learn the entire history of the civil war, and you will come to know how Lincoln was killed.

5- Have an Unforgettable Adventure

It is one of the best amusement places at an affordable price where you can enjoy and test your skills. You can visit this place with your friends and family, but remember children below 16 are not allowed to enter. You will find challenging rooms without traditional locks. The visitors are also free to choose their endings. The place comes with a Halloween theme effect making your adventure more splendid. 

Unforgettable Adventure
Unforgettable Adventure

6- Visit Fox Performing Arts Center

It is a small but beautiful place to see a Broadway show. You can see live stage shows in this building. “Beatles Vs. Stones had a ball” is the best show to see there. It is a well-preserved movie theater with intimate seating. 

7- Enjoy Local Natural History

It is a regional park situated in Martin Tudor Jurupa Hills that offers 2.7 kilometers of trails. Tourists can enjoy hiking in a peaceful and less crowded environment. It provides the best challenging hiking trails for beginners that can start there. Overall it brings a relaxing place with beautiful scenic views in the surrounding area.

8- Build Unity at Unity Escape Rooms

It is a place for your life adventure where you can play in an immersive environment by playing vigorously. This place provides a chance to forget your miseries and get back to your family and friends. The staff is friendly while the themes and decorations are also well. Visitors will also get mind-blowing puzzles in the temple room.

Unity Escape Rooms
Unity Escape Rooms

9- Watch Live Performances

You can watch some live music and dance performance in Redlands Bowl. This place contains the best snack bar, food, and living rooms. You can grab your favorite seats on an early basis. So, it holds world-class free music and dance performances. The venue is probably known for its summer concert series. Visitors can also bring their food for dual enjoyment. However, benches are not convenient to sit on, so bring your cushions with you.

10- Learn National Historic Landmarks

It is a tourist venue that preserves Historic Landmarks. You can approach this place through the riverside. You can spend 1 hour as there are many informative materials to see. Visitors can read viewpoints of a grand hotel and scene stories as well. Moreover, it is a local, informative treasure to read about historical landmarks with a walking tour.

11- Visit Mount Rubidoux Park

It is a natural landscape spanning over 161 acres of land with 3 miles of hiking trails. This park also features 3.5 miles of asphalting roads, two bridges, and a tower. There are the best scenic views with steep paths to reach the summit. This park is a popular southern visiting destination in California. It is a mountainous landmark that transformed into a Park.

Mount Rubidoux Park
Mount Rubidoux Park

12- Explore the University of California

It is a botanical garden surrounding 40 acres of land with 3500 plant species from the overall world. The garden is present in the eastern foothills of Box Spring Mountain. This park is known for the beauty of its rose garden, butterfly garden, and herbs garden. The garden also provides several trails that are easily accessible.

13- Learn City History at Colton Area Museum

The museum is full of informative photos, books, and other items. It is present in a Carnegie Grant-funded historical property. The museum is devoted to the preserved historical background of the city with Colton utilities. Moreover, visitors can explore utilities like older industries, women’s clothes, horseshoes, and the Memorabilia of Pioneer Colton Families.

Colton Area Museum
Colton Area Museum

Final Verdict – City of Colton

The Colton was also known for its crossing site, which was known for the engaging at-grade railroad crossing in the United States. Colton is not an exact tourist place, but most visitors come to the city for business or to meet the family. Still, there are several things to do in the city of Colton. 


1- What type of things are there in Fiesta Village Family Fun Park?

This park also contains a water park, miniature golf, amusement rides, and roller skating. This place specializes in celebrating special events like gatherings, sports team parties, and birthday celebrations.

2- Why the City of Colton is also known as Hub City?

 Colton was a transportation hub in San Bernardino and known as Hub City.

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