Are you thinking of moving to Canada from the US? If so, there are a few things you need to know before you take the plunge. This blog post will offer ten steps to make your transition smooth and easy. Whether you are moving for work or family reasons, read these tips on how to make the most of your move!

Moving to Canada From the US

The ten steps for moving to Canada from the US are:

1- Be at least 18 years old

The first and foremost thing crucial in moving to Canada from the US is that you are eligible and 18 years old. If you’re 18, you can quickly get a work permit or a study visa that will open the gates of Canada for you. If you want to know your full eligibility, you can check here at the Canadian Government Site.

2- Have a permanent residence in Canada

After being a legally 18 years old person, you need to have a permanent residence to secure your citizenship. Note that it’s pretty easy for Americans to settle down in Canada, as the Canadian government has relaxed laws for Americans.

How to Move to Canada from US
How to Move to Canada from the US

You can buy any property there, which will make you a legal owner within the Canadian borders. That way, your case will be stronger, and you will be getting one step closer to your nationality.

3- Declare your intent to reside

The Canadian government will ask your purpose of visiting or residing inside their country. You can tell them that you want to pursue your studies or start a business there. Otherwise, you can also say that you have some business-related work and visit there. Frequently visiting Canada will make a trust in the eyes of the Canadian government. So, you will have relatively easy ways to apply for citizenship.

4- Spend six years at that residence

Every country has some laws that one must abide by. The neighboring government of America has declared that you need to reside at least six years inside their country if you want to apply for any citizenship. Once you have completed the 6-year tenure, you can easily apply for citizenship and get your green card there.

Apply for Canadian Citizenship
Apply for Canadian Citizenship

If you don’t want to wait for six years, there are some other ways such as you can marry someone there, and this way you will be getting your nationality and a green card.

5- Provide your income tax filing

This tax thing is one of the best ways to build your trust in the eyes of a foreign government. Filing the tax returns while you reside inside Canada and doing business is one thing. You have to file for tax returns each year and have a good taxpayer background. This increases your brand worth, and you will be getting citizenship more quickly.

6- Speak English or French

One of the main shortcomings foreigners have in Canada is the language barrier. But if you come from America, you will not have the problem of speaking English. Canadians love to host foreign people, and according to the statistics, more than 30% of the worldwide population currently resides inside Canada. But you can learn some other languages such as French to explore the country’s diversity.

Speaking English
Speaking English

7- Know a thing or two about Canada

It’s essential to do your homework while moving to Canada from the US. You have to take notes of everything that you’re going to face. Research about everything you will need there, and calculate the total cost of residing there. You will need a healthy amount of Dollars while you stay there, and it’s best if you start a job during your stay. Also, make sure you know where to apply and manage all the things out there. Plus, make sure you are getting most of the Candian culture.

8- Know why your application might get denied

You need to know certain things that might get your application rejected. For example, you won’t get citizenship quickly if you have a criminal or police record. You need to have a clean background and be a good citizen obeying all the laws. Plus, you have to pay your taxes on time and never be late on any rent.

These are the things that are usually verified and checked by the immigration officers. After that, you have to upgrade yourself to the next step.

Canadian Citizenship
Canadian Citizenship

9- Apply for the Citizenship and Verify Your Documents

How to apply for Canadian citizenship? After you have checked all these things, you have to file for your citizenship. There are some requirements for becoming a citizen in Canada. You have to fulfill the following criteria:

  • Be a Permanent Resident
  • Lived at least three years in the last five years of history
  • Done the Taxes Well
  • Pass the Canadian Knowledge Test
  • Be Fluent in English (IELTS, TOEFL)

If you confirm these things, you are warmly welcome to apply for citizenship in Canada. You can either apply by physically filling out the paperwork or online by clicking here.

10- Discover the Amazing Culture

After that, you have to wait for at least 90 days, and after that, you will become a permanent resident of Canada. If you want to be a Canadian immigrant in an emergency, the Canadian government will understand your urgency, and you can also send a request here.

How to Become a Canadian Citizen
How to Become a Canadian Citizen

Check the complete guide about filing for urgent immigration for Canada there. After that, you can be a good, law-abiding, and happy citizen of Canada and enjoy the exotic culture there.

Final Verdict: Moving to Canada from the US in 10 Steps

If you are thinking of making a move to Canada, hopefully, this post has given you a good overview of what to expect. Remember that every individual’s experience will be different, so do your research and reach out to other ex-pats for advice. And finally, don’t forget to enjoy the process – after all, moving is an adventure! Are you planning on making a move to Canada? Let us know about your experiences in the comments below.

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