Missoula takes a prominent place in the list of having several historical attractions. It is 2nd largest city in Montana and enlisted as one of the best cities to visit in the United States. Besides its arresting wilderness and rookies, there are various things to do in Missoula, Montana.

11 Amazing Things to Do in Missoula Montana

Let’s look at the details of various things!

1- Take photographs at Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation

Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation is a family-friendly place. There are several imposing things to watch at this place. There are no hills to climb, so you don’t need to be a hiker to visit this place. It is a smaller place to stroll easily. Visitors come here to spend some memorable moments with their kids.

Downtown Missoula
Downtown Missoula

Tourists can also take photographs of mountain lions and other rocky animals. Never miss a chance to stop by the site with your kids if you are there around the place.

2- Go back to the past by Garnet Ghost Town

It is a mining town protected from 19809’s to visit, where lodging is free. Several hotels and family homes are making this place more worth visiting. Visitors can walk across the town to explore the area. It will get you back in the past days to remember the history of this place when people asked it home. This site is easily approachable through an easy drive by highway. If you want to know how people lived their lives in the past without things, go back to the past by Garnet Ghost Town.

3- Buy Something Fresh from Missoula Farmer’s Market

This market has something for everyone. Various vendors have fresh vegetables, fruits, jam, and bread. If you are in Missoula and want to buy something natural at a reasonable cost, Missoula Farmer’s Market is the best option to visit. Besides shopping for unprocessed things, you will also have a good time at this place.

Missoula Farmer Market
Missoula Farmer Market

4- Have Family Fun at Splash Montana

It is a city park in downtown Missoula to have a family fun day. There are several water slides, a lazy river for swimming, soaking, and much more to do in the park. It is a small family place as parents can watch their kids while doing fun. It is a family-oriented place with a reasonable admission fee and good amenities. There are splash pools, zero entry pools for small children, and a separate lap pool.

5- Have a Bless Day in St. Francis Xavier Church

It is a catholic church in Missoula with beautiful frescos and a striking ceiling. It is a staggering place, and the paintings hung inside the church are imposing. The church has a steeple with a catholic sign on the top of this church. It is a place where you can experience a reverent feel. Tourists are also welcome to attend their events. However, you can have a blessed day in St. Francis Xavier Church.

St. Francis Xavier Church
St. Francis Xavier Church

6- Enjoy outdoor activities at Blue Mountain Recreational Area

Blue Mountain Area is just 15 minutes away from downtown and known for outdoor activities. Visiting this recreational site is one of the must things to do in Missoula, Montana. Here, you can enjoy hiking, camping, horse riding, golfing, and hunting. This area is easily accessible through the walk, and you can stroll over the place. It is the best hiking trail, where you can also come with your dogs. There are many parks where visitors can find a suitable spot themselves.

7- Visit Aerial Fire Depot and Smokejumper Center

Missoula Smokejumper is present at Aerial Fire Depot that discloses the history of firefighters. The museum area is full of educational highlights that increase visitors’ knowledge. Visitors can explore riveting information and the antiquity of Missoula. The majority of its visit about indoors. You will love this place if you are a fight lover. Here you can see fighting equipment and wildland fires.

8- Enjoy at Caras Park Missoula

This park is present at the edge of the Clark Fork River in the heart of Missoula. It is a grassy park and attracts several tourists around the year. It is the best tourist attraction, but it also entertains Missoula events. Visitors can enjoy sports activities and boating and fishing on the river bank. 

Missoula Park
Missoula Park

9- Enjoy Beer at Big Sky Brewing

This place is known for a good beer in Missoula. This site is very comfortable, and the atmosphere is clean. You can visit this place after having a feast. It offers both indoor and outdoor seating, and both are comfortable. It is a perfect stop for tasting beer while traveling through the area.

10- Skiing at Montana Snowbowl

It is a popular spot for skiing in Montana, expanding over three-mile crowded with scenic views. Tourists leisurely visit this place for skiing. You can also learn skiing and snowboarding at this Snowbowl resort. It is preferable to stay in this place in winter, but there is the same charm in the summer season. You can also expect tasteful food and beverage at the site.

11- Visit McCormick Park

The park is easily accessible through an easy drive. It is the best visiting point in Missoula that offers several outdoor activities. This park has always been something for families and groups. There is a fishing pond with shallow edges perfect for kids. There is also a playground where kids can play freely. The floor of this playground is made up of rubber to reduce the chances of injury. There is a lake in the park where you can see Silver Lagoons.

McCormick Park
McCormick Park


It is always fun to visit Missoula because there are numerous things to do in Missoula Montana. The city has many visiting places that offer several indoor and outdoor activities. There are multiple places where you can enjoy a family tour. You can spend seven days exploring the city. Tourists can enjoy hiking, fishing, boating, and delicious eatables throughout the city.

Frequently Asked Questions

1- What are the main attractions in Missoula Montana?

It is a western city full of local artifacts, museums, resorted buildings, and other attractions. Missoula is also known for its striking natural beauty.

2- How is McCormick Park, and what are the things to do there?

It is a perfect visiting place for a family tour and groups. Tourists can enjoy fishing, boating, swimming, and other sports fields. Overall it is a family-friendly spot known for several outdoor activities.

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