Utah is the 13th-largest state in the US and is globally recognized for its tourist attractions. There are many highlights of this beautiful area, the most important of which are the red-rock landscapes and the national parks.

Utah also features many cultural attractions, including Temple Square, Red Rock Film Festival, the Shakespearean Festival, and Sundance Film Festival. According to Forbes magazine, Temple Square attracts more than five million visitors annually, making it one of the top 16 tourist attractions in the country.

Additionally, many lookouts, hiking trails, restaurants, and hotels around make this state a haven for residents and tourists alike.

Plan a Trip to Utah

Now that we have discussed the best things to do in Utah, let’s dive deep into why a visit to this magnificent state is worth it.

1- Winter is the best time to visit

Not many states know how to do winter as Utah does. There are plenty of activities to do during the colder months, such as hiking canyons, crossing narrows, and gliding in the blue skies. After skiing, you’ll be able to make up all those calories by visiting the trendy restaurants, pubs, and bars surrounding the resorts.

2- Affordable price tags

Having an eye for adventure and expensive tastes can make travel challenging. Often, you have to choose between saving money for great accommodations or going on an adventure.

However, you won’t have to worry about this when exploring Utah. The accommodations here are affordable and extremely pleasant since the activities here are exhausting. If you need a place to stay after a long day of touring, check the St George Utah rentals to set yourself a perfect spot. Whether you are planning a trip for a long stay or a short one, a large family, or just two, you will find many luxury rentals here, ranging from 2 to 14 bedrooms. Moreover, you’ll find tons of amenities, including game rooms, outdoor areas, indoor swimming pools, golf courses, and amazing scenery right from the window!

If you have a vision of a perfect trip, Utah has the tools for getting you the ideally situated accommodation that will let you enjoy your adventures to the fullest.

3- The famous national parks

State parks in Utah are incredible and must-see on any Utah road trip. All five parks, known as the “Mighty Five,” have unique vistas and geology that give them their distinct character. In Bryce Canyon, you’ll see bright red rock formations and arches, While in Zion, you’ll find rich biodiversity and a winding river system.

4- An ex-Olympic park serves as a giant playground

During the 2002 Winter Olympics, Salt Lake City briefly became the focus of the world’s sports press. The park remains very much in use, unlike many Olympic venues. One of the highlights of the trip is bobsledding down the original Olympic run. You can speed up to 70mph (113kph) on ice in the winter or 80mph (129kph) on wheels in the warmer months.

5- Go mountain-high or go river-deep

The best way to experience Zion National Park is to stay in Springdale, where you can take a helicopter ride – it’s the best way to get an overview of the park. Next morning, you can get up early and o hiking along the breathtaking Narrows. 

If you’re planning a trip to Utah in summer, you can dress however you like, but during the winter, a dry suit is mandatory – swimming in icy waters is not recommended in flip-flops and flannel clothes.

6- Take a look at the next indie hit at Sundance

Park City’s Sundance Film Festival is worth a look even though it hasn’t been based in Sundance for a while. Sundance is not only the largest independent film festival in the country, but it also shows the early screenings of award-winning films. Explore the area to watch a screening, attend a Q&A session behind the scenes, or even sneak away to one of the many parties. 

In Park City, there are many trendy restaurants, boutiques, retail outlets, over-the-top coffee shops, and bars to choose from, so if you want a break from the crowds, stay half an hour away from the main area.

7- Discover what it’s like to live as a Mormon

The Mormon Church makes some of the best musicals on the planet – we can’t ignore them. Salt Lake City isn’t just about Mormons; it also has amazing cafes, street food vendors, museums, galleries, fine dining, nightlife, live music, and the Great Salt Lake – the largest saltwater lake in the Western Hemisphere. There is nothing like a beautiful sunset over the ocean, and this is a popular spot for swimmers and sun lovers in the summer. It is a temperate climate here during the summer, and the air is not humid. It’s perfect.

8- It’s heaven for hikers

Considering all the national parks here, you can expect plenty of hiking trails in the state. However, Utah’s many cities also offer extensive trails, including Park City, Ogden, and Salt Lake City, which are among the most extensive trail networks in the world. In the winter, you can enjoy the trails in all their snowy splendor by putting on some yak tracks or renting some snowshoes.

9- One road trip can take you from winter to summer

The winter is the best time to visit Utah, when you can land in frozen Salt Lake City, visit Park City and Midway for snow sports, or head to freezing but pleasant Zion. You can also work your way down to Snow Canyon, where the pleasant weather and the bright blue skies will make you want to remove a layer. You have already experienced three seasons by reaching Nevada to catch your flight home.

10- Discover the rich history of Native Americans

Utah took its name from the Ute people, who joined hands with the Navajo tribe and occupied the land thousands of years ago, long before the white man settled it. There is plenty of Native American history here, as the place is dotted with ancient ruins, artifacts, and remarkable petroglyphs and rock art. Additionally, Canyonlands National Park has Late-Archaic artwork that dates back to 9000 BC in the Maze District.


You can enjoy world-class hiking among soaring snow-capped vistas during the summer and snowshoeing among luminous red rock formations and ice-cold canyons during the winter. If you add some Olympic-standard bobsledding to that, sprinkle some salt lakes into the mix, and have the finest snow around, you have several reasons to include the Utah trip on your list of the best places to visit.

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