Brentwood is a city present in Contra Costa County, California, and has approximately 60,000 of population. The site is only 55 miles from San Francisco, having beautiful landscapes and phenomenal mountainous views of Mount Diablo. Once Brentwood was known for its agricultural and farming progress, but now it is also known for well-known tourist fascinations. So, try the 14 astonishing things to do in Brentwood, California.

Astonishing Things to Do in Brentwood, CA

Let’s explore all the things to do in Brentwood, CA!

1- Learn the History of Surrounding Areas at the Antioch Historical Museum

The Antioch Historical Museum has a long and exciting history of Antioch and surrounding places. Also, the museum reserved its place in the National Register of Historic Places and is present in the former county high school. Visitors can watch a variety of artworks displayed by the native people.

Antioch Historical Museum
Antioch Historical Museum

2- Visit the Black Diamond Mines Regional Preserve

The Black Diamond Mines Regional Preserve stashes a pristine wilderness area with local history. It is a historic site and a hub of sand mines, the ruins of three former mining towns, and several old coals. Visitors can explore these historical sites by themselves. However, you can also hire a guide if you want to know about the detailed history of people who lived in mines when mines were in action.

3- Enjoy Dine-in at Vic Stewart’s

Vic Stewart’s is a cuisine that provides a sophisticated and relaxing atmosphere where you can enjoy your food. The restaurant’s overall interior is designed in a stylish western manner with wood tables and fireplaces. It comes with almost everything with different tastes with top-quality materials. It is also known as a steakhouse because the restaurant is known for its steak and other grilled favorites. However, you can also find salads, soups, appetizers, seafood, and pasta dishes.

Vic Stewart
Vic Stewart

4- Plan an Adventurous Journey with Delta Kayak Adventures

Visitors can take some special tours, including an adventurous trip to Tinsley Island, the Mokelumne River tour, and kayak fishing or paddling to specific locations. Moreover, you can decide on a solo trip or group tour; you will be provided with all the necessary types of equipment. Also, visitors can join the Delta Kayak Adventures in Antioch, where they can jump on several adventures according to their choice.

5- Enjoy Nature at the Dow Wetlands Wildlife Habitat Preserve

Dow Wetlands Wildlife Habitat Preserve is nature’s preserved habitat that extends over 470 acres along the San Joaquin River. It is a magical natural space where you can find an upland marsh providing habitat to almost 100 species of birds and animals. Visitors can spot several animals and birds by following the walking trials.

Wildlife Habitat Preserve
Wildlife Habitat Preserve

6- Amuse Yourself at Rockin’ Jump

Rockin’ Jump provides a safe and clean environment to do fun. It comes with a jumping house where you can enjoy a stunt bag, basketball, and joist pit on trampoline floors. It is a place where kids can do a lot of fun while it is the best site of exercising for adults. You have to jump on the trampoline floor to join the game.

7- Enjoy Live Shows at the El Campanil Theater

El Campanil Theatre opened in 1928 and is present near Antioch. The theater is known for live entertainment performances throughout the year. Visitors can watch some international movies in the theater. However, the theater showcases ballet, comedy acts, orchestra performances, and live concerts throughout the year.

El Campanil Theatre
El Campanil Theatre

8- Sample wines at the Hannah Nicole Vineyards and Winery

Visitors can sample an authentic local wine experience at the celebrated Hannah Nicole Vineyards and Winery. This winery works on traditional methods to produce wine for keeping historical track. You can begin your tour from the vineyards present in the beautiful foothills of Mount Diablo. Moreover, visitors can get a guided tour to understand the making process of wine from start to end.

9- Get More Details About Local Conservation Efforts

The John Muir Interpretive Center is devoted to John Muir, a man deeply necessitated in the conservation of nature. His heritage is also dedicated to this center that he left behind. Visitors can explore the exhibits disclosing the natural history and wildlife of the area in the center. Visitors can also experience the realistic topographic features by using the digital effects of Augmented reality.

John Muir Interpretive Center
John Muir Interpretive Center

10- Enjoy Dine-in at Scotties Shutters Brasserie

It is a restaurant that comes with an urban, chic atmosphere with fine French cuisine. Moreover, they use fresh organic ingredients to prepare all recipes, including lunch and dinner. 

The restaurant contains several mouthwatering dishes on its menu, including portions of pasta, seafood, classic entrees, Scrumptious desserts, and appetizers. Also, they have an extensive wine menu for their customers.

11- Buy Something at the Brentwood Farmers Market

Farmer’s markets are crucial points in Brentwood, California. The Brentwood Farmers Market takes place once a week throughout the year. Local vendors come into the farmer’s market to sell a wide variety of their products. No doubt, the essential subjects of the market are fruits and vegetables. However, you can also find mushrooms, seafood, hummus, eggs, cheeses, hot food offerings, crafts, and several homemade bakery items.

Brentwood Farmers Market
Brentwood Farmers Market

12- Enjoy One Day Tour at Round Valley Regional Preserve

Round Valley Regional Preserve is counted among the green spaces in Brentwood to enjoy several outdoor activities. Visitors can enjoy biking, horseback riding, and hiking on the pathways. This green space covers the 2,000 acres of Greenland that contains worth visiting places and things such as a variety of flora and fauna and old farm equipment.

On the other hand, the parkland consists of two natural landscapes, including Grassland and woodlands. You can see a vast wilderness in the park-like toads, foxes, turtles, the San Joaquin pocket mouse, Rabbits, and frogs. You can also watch some unique birds in the park-like the burrowing owl and the golden eagle. Visitors are also welcome to enjoy camping if they want a stay.

13- Enjoy Greenery at Brentwood Golf Course

It is a 27-hole championship course ranked the best in the area where you can enjoy golf, whether you are a beginner or a pro. On the other hand, if you don’t want to play golf, you can also enjoy the greenery and the beautiful mountainous views in the foothills of beautiful Mount Diablo. Moreover, you can also learn golfing lessons, enjoy eateries and enjoy drinks on the bar side.  

Golf Course
Golf Course

14- Explore the Local Histories at the East Contra Costa Historical Society

The East Contra Costa Historical Society is responsible for obtaining, preserving, and displaying the regional historical items to the public. Once, the museum was the home of John and Letitia Byer. It was constructed in 1878 and is known as the Byer-Nail House. Visitors can see some old photographs, artifacts, and documents.

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