Cypress is a northwestern city present in Orange County within Southern California. The Cypress is surrounded by several amusement places where visitors can enjoy dine-in, wine, and other entertainment places. Cypress is a city that has one of the best bars in the US cities, so you can also consider its clubs and bars for enjoyment purposes. It is the third-largest dairy district and is known for an influx of people who settled in Cypress and surrounding communities during World War II. So, you can explore the amazing things to do in Cypress, California.

Things to do in Cypress, CA

Let’s explore the 14 amazing things to do in Cypress, CA!

1- Try Hookah at T-One Hookah lounge

If you are a hookah lover, you can visit one of the best bars in cities, the T-One Hookah Lounge. It is a place where you can enjoy a combination décor with a thematic Middle Eastern smoking den meets LA nightclub.

T-One Hookah Lounge
T-One Hookah Lounge

There are several things to enjoy in the bar, such as you can enjoy hookah on the cozy soft sofas or try a top-quality cocktail in the bar. Moreover, you can also enjoy their tasteful eateries in authentic Middle Eastern cuisine.

2- Take a Tour of Oak Knoll Park

Oak Knoll Park is a family place that covers approximately 22 acres of parkland area and offers a variety of sports facilities and relaxation areas. Visitors can enjoy outdoor sports on their sports fields. Their sports fields include a volleyball court, a basketball court, and three baseball courts with types of equipment. It is a family-friendly place to enjoy the picnic areas using the BBQ grill pits. Moreover, it also contains a kids’ playground with a fake pirate ship and other swings to enjoy.

3- Take Some Rides at Knots Berry Farm Theme Park

Cypress city is one o9f the best cities for amusement parks in California, but Knotts Barry Theme Park is an ancient one for discovering the best park.

Berry Farm Theme Park
Berry Farm Theme Park

It is the best alternative to the always-packed Disney California containing Snoopy Land, Fiesta Village, and a Wild West section. You don’t need to carry food with you because they have been serving delicious food at a reasonable cost since it opened in the 1920s.

4- Test Your Intelligence at Escape Room

It is a local escape room having a mixture of 1980s nostalgia and mystical puzzles on the border of Los Alamitos. The Strange Thing escape room requires a 40% success rate for its completion, so you can test your intelligence in this room if you love these hurdles. The escape room is known for its fun pop-culture-themed puzzles bringing equal fun opportunities for groups and couples. 

5- Enjoy Cycling at the San Gabriel River Bike Trail

The San Gabriel River Bike Trail is the best biking trail, running through Cypress, and ceases at the Pacific Ocean in Seal Beach. The overall trial spans over 38 miles and requires a lot of stamina for cycling, so only choose the entire pathway when you are prepared for it. Visitors can see wildlife and blindsiding views on the riverbank while cycling.

San Gabriel River Bike Trail
San Gabriel River Bike Trail

6- Try Outdoor Sports at the Campus Billiards Craft Sports Bar

It is a local billiards hall and craft beer inception for some sports fans and students. If you are getting bored with billiards, there are several other options to do, including giant Jenga, Drafts, and other board games. On the other hand, they also serve high-quality cocktails and tasteful eateries at the lowest cost. You can also watch basketball, football, and baseball on a cosmic screen at your leisure. 

7- Enjoy Karaoke at the Starting Gate

If karaoke night attracts you, then the Starting Gate is the place for you. It is a family-friendly place where you can enjoy the gathering of family and friends with some drinks, dance, and a lot of laughter. You can also enjoy their classic cocktails, Tex-Mex snacks, cheap drinks with delicious food. It is a place containing excellent 1970s nostalgia night hipster bars; that is why you will find a slightly older crowd.

Enjoy Karaoke
Enjoy Karaoke

8- Visit Disney California

Disney California is an adventurous theme park present within a short distance of Cypress in Anaheim. Disney California is extremely popular but worth visiting more than Disney Florida because it contains more theme parks. Visitors can enjoy several rides from various pop-culture franchises, while kids can wander in the park to discover Disney Characters. You can also visit the Stars Wars area by the maze of space-themed corridors to explore giant AT-AT walkers and laser-toting bad guys. 

9- Taste a Blend of Japanese and Italian Flavors at Café Hiro

If you love both Japanese and Italian flavors and are confused about picking up one of these flavors to try simultaneously, you can visit Café Hiro. The Café Hiro is known for serving mind-blowing mixed recipes and attractive décor. The string lights and painted walls provide a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere to enjoy your food. They are masters in wasabi root and Italian-style pasta dishes with seaweed.

Café Hiro
Café Hiro

10- Play Golf at the Navy Golf Course

Cypress is a hub of some great local golf courses. The navy-themed golf course is the best course featuring giant model battleships scattered around the park. This golf course welcomes all levels of players, and a Destroyer is a challenging place for professionals and beginners can start from the Cruiser to play a quick round.

11- Enjoy Water-based activities at Knott’s Soak City

It is a water park situated on the bank of Cypress in Buena Park and covers 15 acres of land. California is a hot place where Knott’s soak city is a site where visitors can enjoy their vacations in a chill environment. It contains several gentle streams, water slides, and beach houses for visitors.

Knott’s Soak City
Knott’s Soak City

12- Visit St Isidore Plaza

St Isidore Plaza is a historical place on the western side of Cypress near Los Alamitos. It is a historic piece of the Mission Revival Style with a lovely catholic chapel. The plaza is always open for caters and locals. Don’t miss the chance to see the Spanish-style courtyard that glows in the evening with fairy lights.

13- Visit Seal Beach

Seal Beach is one of the surfing hotspots within 15 minutes of drive from Cypress. It is a natural beach near a tiny old town with 19th-century architecture. Visitors can enjoy several water-based activities on site. Sunbathing is another best thing to do there if you cannot tackle rough water waves.

Seal Beach
Seal Beach

14- Enjoy Gaming at the Gardens Casino

Tar Gardens Casino is one of the best casinos in the Cypress, present in a regal building with all facilities. Visitors can play cards in a casino while it is also the best place for serious lovers of Texas Holdem and Omaha. On the other hand, there is the best restaurant to keep your tables warm.

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