Ceres is a quiet little town located in the heart of agricultural Stanislaw county, and it is fittingly named after the Roman goddess of the harvest.

Well-situated for day trips to the surrounding wilderness, as well as to the many world-class nature parks in the area, it’s an excellent spot to recharge after a lengthy hike.

Alternatively, discover the heritage of Ceres town itself or head north to Modesto for some hidden cultural gems.

Here are 14 things to do in and around Ceres, California.

1. Catch a movie at Ceres Drive-in

There aren’t many classic drive-in movie theaters left in the US, but this is one of them.

Ceres Drive-in
Ceres Drive-in

Playing popular classics and modern flicks, this drive-in cinema has been left pretty much unchanged since the 1950s. Recently reopened to visitors, this parking lot has shown films since 1947.

Make sure you visit the top-quality snack bar stocked with cheap treats and drinks, so you don’t need to bring your own.

Check your car radio is up to scratch before coming, then kick back and relax at the movies old-school style.

2.Explore Ceres River Bluff Regional Park

Ceres’ local River Park is a unique nature preserve and sports center blend. Its repertoire is far larger than your average city park, featuring no less than 38 different sports fields and stretching across 76 acres. You’ll find fields for soccer, basketball, and volleyball here, as well as snack stands and equipment rooms.

The lower terrace section has recently received a wealth of funding, to the tune of half a million dollars, in an attempt to restore the area to its original state of nature. Following the nearby Tuolumne River, the region already attracts many species of birds and fish, and it is set to be a wildlife haven shortly.

The local pond is a popular fishing spot and place for quiet reflection. Rent a boat here for some tranquil relaxation time.

3. Get a beer at Blaker Brewing

Consistently ranked among the best bars in town and known for its excellent beers, come to experience a great variety of local brews, with drafts ranging from classic IPAs to eccentric coffee porters. The beer here is quite experimental, so you’ll want to get a flight to sample them all one by one.

Blaker Brewing
Blaker Brewing

A bastion of the community, the ingredients here are locally sourced, and so is the live music.

Come here on Tuesdays to gorge on tacos with your beer.

4. Take a day trip to the Moaning Caverns

When you feel like getting out of the suburbs, be sure to take a day trip to the local Moaning Caverns, one of the Gold Country’s most fantastic attractions.

Wander through this underground wonderland to find otherworldly rock formations and towering stalagmites. The caves here double up as an adventure playground for more daring visitors. Scale your way across the cavern or clamber through its cracks and crevices before ziplining through the surrounding foothills.

Moaning Caverns
Moaning Caverns

These caves are record breakers for several reasons. The main chamber is the biggest single cave in the US, large enough to fit the statue of liberty inside. It will leave you awestruck! It is also an important site for American History, featuring some of the earliest human remains found anywhere in the US. Come here for equal parts education and adventure.

5. Climb Stonehenge Rock Climbing Wall

This inexpensive gym in nearby Modesto is known for its fantastic bouldering facilities. Come here to try out a range of rock walls for complete beginners and professional climbers. You’re bound to bump into people training here to scale the peaks in nearby Yosemite, and it’s great for kids and adults alike.

Rock Climbing Wall
Rock Climbing Wall

A class at the center will make you fitter, make you more agile and improve your balance. Some taller walls are pretty intimidating but never fear; informative staff will boost your confidence, and you’ll be well tethered when you inevitably fall from a great height.

6. Find the famous Whitmore Mansion

Built by the first pioneers who came to Whitmore in 1867, this house is named after Daniel Whitmore, the pioneer who made it. It was restored in the 20th century by the local historical society, and you can take a tour here to discover some of the histories of Ceres.

This grand local mansion is undoubtedly the most scenic building in town. Most of the time, you’ll see people posing for wedding photos outside. Take a photo of your own and soak up the local history.

7. Discover some classic Americana at the Hot Rod Diner

Awash with chrome and 1950s-style decor, this top-rated burger and grill joint is a well-preserved retro diner and a much-loved local favorite. If you like old-school Americana, this place is for you.

Hot Rod Diner
Hot Rod Diner

Known for their superb breakfasts, served up with generous portions of crispy bacon and excellent mimosas, it’s the best place in town to set yourself up for the day. Alternatively, crash in their lounge section to watch some baseball with a burger in the afternoon.

Don’t expect anything fancy, but expect authentically American and extremely tasty.

8. Take a day trip to the San Joaquin National Wildlife Refuge

Head 30 minutes west of Ceres to immerse yourself in nature at the San Joaquin National Wildlife Refuge. Over 95% of the natural riparian environment of the San Joaquin Valley has been destroyed by farming and building. Moreover, this little preserve will give you an idea of what it used to be like here. Many rare animals live in and around the woodland area, which is crucial to survival.

Pick up a map and follow the trails, which weave in and out of ancient woodland and crystalline wetland. Watch out for the Riparian Brush Rabbit, one of California’s most endangered species and one of the park’s key highlights.

9. Watch a show a the Gallo Center for the Arts in Modesto

Head north into Modesto for a thriving culture scene based around the Gallo Center for the Arts. Lofty and elegant, this beautiful modern build has top-notch facilities, including a famous wine and beer bar.

Gallo Center for the Arts
Gallo Center for the Arts

Opened in 2007, this relatively young center has done wonders for the performing arts scene in the region, and the Modesto Symphony Orchestra, in particular, has gained a strong reputation for its classical shows.

Local ballet, theater, and opera groups all put on shows here, but it’s also a great place to see international rock bands and popular comedy acts. Check the listings to see what’s on if you’re in the region.

10. Find a bargain at the Ceres Flea Market

If you want to go shopping in Ceres, this local market is the place to find bargains and local produce from the region’s great farms.

Also, many vendors are set up here, selling everything from old vinyl and antiques to Tupperware and homemade jewelry.

Probably the best thing to do here is eating while you browse. Many trendy and surprisingly upmarket food stalls sell lunches and beers to the crowds of bargain hunters who come from across the region every weekend.

11. Visit the McHenry Museum in Modesto

One of neighboring Modesto’s great museums, the McHenry Museum, is a spectacular piece of architecture and once housed the town’s library.

Nowadays, the top floors of the building are filled with historical exhibits, and the basement is reserved for the local Art League and their creations. The living history displays are particularly charming and include a mock blacksmith shop, an old-fashioned convenience store, and an old schoolhouse.

McHenry Museum
McHenry Museum

Above all, do not miss the exhibits on the Yokut Indians who lived in the area before the catastrophic Californian Genocide.

12. Traverse the Tuolumne River Regional Park

Wedged between Ceres and Modesto, this expansive 500-acre wildlife park has many bike trails and baseball pitches, in addition to miles of protected forest.

The park is divided into many sections, so take your pick. If you are here in the spring, head to Legion Park, which contains a wildflower meadow that explodes into color during the warmer months. Many visitors rent a Kayak to drift through the park on the open river.

The community comes out in force in the summer to set up their BBQs; you may wish to join them.

13. Find the Ceres Museum

This tiny gallery is relatively unknown and isn’t the easiest to find. Run by a small group of history enthusiasts, it features exhibits that highlight the lives of various pioneers who came through Ceres in the 19th century.

Like many small towns, Ceres was a vital watering hole during the gold rush. It is also famous as a great train robbery committed by the outlaws Chris Evans and John Sontag. You can learn more by talking to the friendly volunteers who work at the museum, which is free to visit.

Ceres Museum
Ceres Museum

14. Visit the Great Valley Museum

Just a ten-minute drive from Ceres, you can learn more about the natural forces that shaped the environment at the Great Valley Museum in Modesto.

This museum is located on the first floor of the Community Science Center and is dedicated to scientific outreach. This fantastic museum is hands-on, which means you get to handle some of their exhibits while you learn. The museum also has a history display, which will help you understand how indigenous peoples in the area once lived in harmony with nature.

When you have had your fill of hurricanes and earthquakes, head over to the nearby planetarium, which displays the night sky in all its glory.

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