Fiji is a unique, lively nation of islands. It is most renowned for being a paradise with clean, white sand beaches, glistening oceans, museums, and an array of exciting habitats. Apart from all this, Fiji awes tourists worldwide with its vibrant coral reefs, scenic waterfalls, and natural hiking trails. Everyone can find something to do while on vacation, regardless of travel preferences or style. Couples can plan for Fiji Honeymoon spots for a romantic, tropical escape. By visiting here, they can enjoy the well-known Fijian massages, exquisite dining options by the ocean, and a range of island-hopping activities at affordable prices.

Fiji Honeymoon

This article provides a complete guide to the top activities at Fiji honeymoon spots. Fiji Beach is among the top tropical holiday destinations for both locals and visitors.

1. Natadola Beach

Because of its pearly white sand beaches and sparkling, azure oceans, Natadola Beach is one of the best in the region. The ideal tropical coastal escape for couples, this locale boasts warm, clean water for surfing and fishing. They can picnic, stroll among the colorful corals and aquatic life, or soak up the sun.

Natadola Beach
Natadola Beach

Moreover, massages can be scheduled right on the beach to take a vacation from water activities. After a massage, visit a local restaurant for a snack or dinner and return to Nadi. So, spend a whole day enjoying the waves at the beach to benefit fully from everything it offers.

2. Viti Levu

If you consider visiting the beautiful Isles, Viti Levu is the most fascinating island. It has various opulent resorts, spa retreats, verdant scenery, and pristine beach settings. This location clearly defines the ideal honeymoon destination in Fiji. Couples can create endless memories here while enjoying various aquatic activities like surfing.

In addition, this island is noted as one of the world’s top marriage areas. Viti Levu offers an ideal start to your married life. You may kayak or snorkel in the Navua River or go sunken with tiger sharks at Beqa Lagoon. You can also visit the Nadina Genuine Fijian Restaurant for dinner. Thus, the viewing is most enjoyable between May and October.

3. Port Denarau Marina

In addition to being a hub of activity, Port Denarau Marina offers dining options, retail shops, and fun for all. This marina is a handy location for several eateries. The Shopping Center is perfect for those wishing to stock up on supplies and gifts for their next trip. Likewise, it provides access to boats for day trips to the Yasawa Islands and other nearby islands.

Port Denarau Marina
Port Denarau Marina

At the Port, fishermen can arrange fishing trips that allow visitors to fish without a license. The marina provides buses and taxis to facilitate rides. As a result, it’s the perfect place for a romantic day out for two, which includes dining, shopping, or even a yacht cruise.

4. Sabeto Hot Springs and Mud Pool

Sabeto Hot Springs and Mud Pool provide a natural healing experience for those interested in natural mud wraps. Guests can enjoy Fijian massages, hot springs, and mud pool baths. This tourist spot offers a variety of packages for those who want to see more. Guests can buy a single package to visit the hot springs.

Further, it is an excellent option to add relaxation to your tropical vacation. It’s ideal for singles, couples, and anyone wishing to unwind. Before leaving for your tour or a relaxing day at the Garden of the Sleeping Giant, allow yourself at least two hours to spend at this location.

5. Lavena Coastal Walk

Go to the 10-kilometer Lavena Coastal Walk in the Bouma National Heritage Park. It winds past scenic beaches, volcanic cliffs, and colorful rainforests as it follows Taveuni Island. Along the road, you’ll even come across a nearby town with friendly residents. The walk along the shoreline leads to the majestic Wainibu Falls.

Lavena Coastal Walk
Lavena Coastal Walk

Similarly, the hiking paths are well-marked, but be prepared for physical exertion. Bring a water bottle if they hike in the afternoon when it’s hotter. Particularly good for couples, the walk is relatively easy to follow even without a guide. So, take a day or more to complete this hike.

6. Robinson Crusoe Island

An island resort with unspoiled natural beauty for visitors is Robinson Crusoe Island. Couples will love this holistic cultural vacation, which includes volleyball fishing, mud crab catching, and beach sports. The casual setting is ideal for those wishing to immerse themselves in Fijian culture fully. 

Further, the island offers unique trips from which travelers can select. Enjoy a meal buffet style and see demos of fire walking. It includes dinner, a sing-along at twilight, and stunning entertainers. Hence, you can seek a fantastic and lasting cultural meeting.

7. Garden of the Sleeping Giant

The Garden of the Sleeping Giant is a peaceful natural park. This place includes thirty to forty kinds of orchids and other native tropical flora. The collection of orchids began in 1977. The focal point of this attraction is the orchid collection. You can drive to Nadi Airport’s botanical garden in a few minutes. After seeing the gorgeous tropical plants, it’s ideal for a picnic.

Garden of the Sleeping Giant
Garden of the Sleeping Giant

Moreover, following the jungle route, you can stroll through the natural Fijian forests and around a sizable lily pond with your mate. Remember that Fijian law protects the planet, so when you visit, follow the guidelines. This attraction is great for children, couples, and lone travelers alike. Hence, exploring in the afternoon takes a few hours because the park spans 25 hectares.

8. Tokoriki Island Resort

The most renowned resort in the area is Tokoriki Island Resort. It has 36 separate coastal villas. It is designed in the boutique luxury Fijian style. On this journey, embrace the isolation, privacy, and calmness you and your spouse deserve.

In addition, there are many famous Oishii eateries. Have a guided nature walk, a classic kava ritual, or a mix of modern and Fijian-style beaches. However, you can even eat at coastal dining with tasty seafood. It will be the ideal venue for a Fiji island trip.

9. Vanua Levu

Nestled north of Viti Levu, Vanua Levu makes an ideal Fiji honeymoon getaway. This island is well-known for producing sugar cane, but it is also a hidden and lovely getaway. This unspoiled island is perfect for couples seeking peace. It includes lush forests, gushing streams, and isolated beaches. Enjoy the stunning resorts’ revitalizing facials and warm welcome.

Vanua Levu
Vanua Levu

Likewise, the two main draws are snorkeling at Namena Marine Reserve and 4×4 Jeep Safaris. There are various means to get there. You can use the Labasa airport from Suva or Nadi. Then, take a scenic bus or cab to Savusavu. The best dining options are also available to couples. It includes Grace Road Kitchen and Banana Leaf Restaurant.

10. Kula WILD Adventure Park

Kula WILD Adventure Park is necessary for couples looking for thrills, outdoor discovery, and a place to cool off. It is a public forest that stretches over acres in three valleys. This park is the family amusement park in Fiji. It includes roller coaster zip lines, splash pools, and water slides. 

As a nature lover, you can adore the chance to explore the rainforest on the long boardwalk. You can see marine exhibits with coral and a variety of wildlife. A self-guided tour of the park is a reserved behind-the-scenes tour. So, take the chance to have your kids play for the day.


Fiji consists of breathtaking isles bathed in golden sunlight. It is said to be the happiest location on Earth. There’s a great selection of lodging, friendly residents, stunning scenery, and incredible things to do while you’re there. Many decide to spend their Fiji honeymoon in one of the finest spots. It offers many sights and activities for those seeking thrills and excitement. Hence, a great range of outdoor activities is available in Fiji for those who enjoy them.  

FAQs About Fiji Honeymoon

When is the ideal time to go on a honeymoon to Fiji?

It’s a beautiful location all year round, so you may choose the most suitable time to visit based on the constant weather. The weather is usually comfortable, with typical highs of 26 to 30°C. So, June through September is the ideal season. However, the costs are lower in October.

How can you reach the Fiji Islands?

Traveling to Fiji by plane is a fantastic experience because it allows you to fly over Oceania’s lagoons. The season, savings for booking in advance, and landing at the airport will all affect your ticket price. Direct flights are available to many locations, including Los Angeles, Hong Kong, and Sydney. 

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