Things to Do in Dublin

Graphically Dublin is a triangle that expands on northern San Jose by 31 miles, while it spans over 35 miles of eastern San Francisco. It is the largest city that perches approximately 24 miles of southern Mt. Diablo in California State Park. Dublin is the city of Ireland named Dublin due to its increased population somewhere between 1800.

It is one of the seventh-best places to live, according to the Money Magazine list in 2018. It was also ranked as the most developed city in Ireland according to 2019’s demographics. Dublin comes with several fun options for people of all ages.

What to Do in Dublin
What to Do in Dublin

Best Things to Do in Dublin (CA)

There are lots of things to do in Dublin, CA. Dublin resides multiple historic buildings, city parks, Dublin castles, restaurants, museums, and a colossal Phoenix Park, in the city.

1- Try Something Delicious at BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse

Bj’s serves woozy options, ranging from proper dishes to dessert. They cover everything in their menu. People enjoy their Pizza, sandwiches, and portions of pasta that are always available in boxed combo options. It is a family-friendly place that brings something special for everyone.

Their family bundles of Chicken and Salmon, Pork Chops, Pork Chops, & Ribs or Steaks, Ribs combos, and Parmesan Crusted Chicken and Ribs are fantastic. On the other hand, only food is not something you can expect from the restaurant, but they are also master in serving house-craft beer. You can try beer according to your choice individually, or you can also enjoy their packages, including meals and beer.

BJ's Restaurant
BJ’s Restaurant

BJ’s award-winning handcrafted beer is always a favorite option for their clients. However, their world-famed ice cream Pizookies desserts and Chicago-style pizzas are also the reason for BJ’s reputation.

2- Enjoy Feast at Black Angus Steak House

Never miss a chance to enjoy a feast at Black Angus Steak House, present on Dublin Boulevard, if you are a beef lover. They are certified for their beef and master in serving delicious seafood, salads, steaks and burgers, and side desserts. You can find something perfect to beat your hunger with some delicious options if you are tired after exploring the entire Dublin.

They are also ideal for serving tasty handcrafted cocktails, craft beers, and wines that increase clients’ satisfaction around the table. Never miss its flame-grilled beef if you are visiting the place.

3- Visit Pacific Catch Seafood Restaurant

Pacific Catch Seafood Restaurant is a sustainable sea product to its customers. It is a modern-designed restaurant that comes with vegetarian and gluten-free food options. The restaurant offers both indoor and outdoor seating. However, their outdoor seating in a pleasant patio comes with pet-friendly options. Its indoor seating is clean, relaxing, and comfortable to enjoy real food.

Pacific Catch Seafood Restaurant
Pacific Catch Seafood Restaurant

Visitors can enjoy wine or beer with their meal all-time in this licensed bar place. The restaurant is commonly known for the variety of seafood, but you will also find Grilled Salmon and Mexican Grill Guajillo Shrimp there. The restaurant offers international flavors like Japanese Wasabi Ahi Poke, Hawaiian Teriyaki Grilled Chicken, Korean BBQ Bowl Steak or Ribs, and much more.

4- Iron Horse Trail for Nature Lovers

It is a track through California’s East Bay area apace with a historical horse tail like a railway track. It’s a trail of pedestrians whereas you can also enjoy cycling and horse riding there. The whole pathway provides stunning views of inland central Alameda and Contra Costa sectors if you are cycling, walking, or enjoying riding on horseback along the track. Visitors can enjoy natural scenic views while visiting the historic railroad bridge crossing Walnut Creek.

5- Visit Dublin Camp Parks Military History Centre

It is a small but well-executed place, where you can also explore the Parks RFTA Visitor Centre. The historic center is present at the gates of the US Army camp parks that exhibit periodic temporary exhibitions and permanent museum-quality exhibits. It is a place that holds historical activities several times a year.

Dublin Camp Parks
Dublin Camp Parks

The center speaks tales of the military settlement influencing Dublin’s transformation. The center displays how Dublin changed from a rural crossroads to today’s developed city.

6- Explore Dublin Heritage Park and Museums

Dublin Heritage Park and Museums cover a ten-acre area, in which it retains historic buildings, picnic areas, and a cemetery going back to the Gold Rush era 1859. Visitors can explore the permanent exhibition of Dublin’s history, St. Raymond’s Church built in 1859, and Kolb House in the structures of Murray Schoolhouse. You can also see the home of George Kolb belongs to the original owners of the Dublin General Store.

The house was reconstructed and transformed into a historic house museum in 1911. Visitors can explore a completely original period-style home with the family’s Mission and Arts and Crafts in this renovated home. It includes furniture, family photographs, and many personal items of the Kolb family. You can visit all other places in Heritage Park and Museums if you are fond of the history of Dublin.

7- Explore Emerald Glen Park

Emerald Glen Park is a city park that covers more than 40- acres of area and is responsible for trails & picnic areas. The park also holds several sports fields, a water park, and a skate park. It is an attractive point for athletes and sports lovers because it is known for playing basketball courts and soccer fields. It is a family-friendly place where you can find a kid’s playground, picnic areas, huge grassy fields, walking trails, and swimming pools.

Emerald Glen Park
Emerald Glen Park

There is a water park for kids that contains slides, swings, sandpits, and climbing constructions. Visitors can also enjoy a picnic in picnic areas while its rose garden offers endless walking trails in the park. The park covers a vast land where thousands of people can visit and enjoy back to back. You can also find food trucks, a parking area, and restrooms in the park.

8- Arlen Ness Museum and dealership Dublin

The great Arlen Ness’ is a custom motorcycle workshop and showroom in Dublin, California. It is a museum that displays patronage bikes like The Too Bad having two engines, The Untouchable and The Top Banana. The Top Banana has established during the revelation Channel’s Biker Build-Off competition episodes.

This place is also known as Harley Davidson and Indian motorcycles trade. It is a legendary place to visit the museum with clean showrooms and friendly staff.

9- Dublin Ranch Golf Course

Dublin Range Golf Course is the first and only single golf course in Dublin, CA. There are five solid par 4s, 11 unique par 3s, and two commanding par 5s on the golf course. The company exaggerates on these parts that can assist in playing through within less than four hours. Visitors can enjoy several scenic views of Livermore Valley and Mount Diablo spanning over hills.

Dublin Range Golf Course
Dublin Range Golf Course

You can enjoy these views by large picture windows of the estate’s ballroom or from the patio. The patio is the whole bar service part of their dining competence. There is a public holiday on Monday for the Dublin Ranch golf course; however, it operates from 8 am to 2 pm for handling breakfast and lunch options. Visitors should check the availability and look at their available fasciitis because it is also responsible for catering to private events.

10- Enjoy Some Art at Earl Anthony’s Dublin Bowl

Earl Anthony’s Dublin Bowl is worth visiting in Dublin, California. The audience gets engaged here, as it hosts 40 championship lanes a Brunswick Vector Plus automatic scoring system. This system can dictate the state of the art for its visitors. You can come to the place if you want constantly renew ‘specials’ throughout the year.

It can assist if you are willing to get more involved in the community. It is also helpful for convincing to repeat visits for game lovers. Their extensive snack bar menu with abundant goodies helps beat hunger and satisfy your appetite. Visitors can also relax in their spacious lounge. 

The Lotto spacious lounge area facilitates visitors with a relaxing beverage from the full-service bar. You can also watch sports on a large screen TV while.

Anthony's Dublin Bowl
Anthony’s Dublin Bowl

11- Take a Tour at Dublin Aquatic Centre – ‘The Wave’

It is a water park having six exciting outdoor water slides. There is a splash zone area of these water slides conjunct with water jets, sprayers, and nozzles. These slides are designed especially for younger patrons not prepared or experienced on extensive slides.

People can learn swimming and other water-based activities in an outdoor sports pool. You can get individual or team athletic training in the park. The aquatic center also provides competitions lanes with a 25 height yard which is seven feet deeper. You can find three 25-yard warm-up lanes at four feet down.

Visitors can relax in their hot pools, where they are heated to a comfortable 82-84 degrees all the months of a year. The center dashes substantial water-based programs taking place in Natatorium. The Natatorium is a combo of six swimming lanes with 25 yards each. Groups can also pay for the rental, shaded area to reserve the place. The aquatic center also protects your personal belongings in a locker while visitors enjoy their time in the water.

12- Watch Movie at Regal Hacienda Crossings Stadium 21 And IMAX Cinemas

Big screens are widely popular, and you cannot find any mammoth than IMAX. However, visitors can explore Hacienda Crossings outdoor mall in Dublin Complex. Regal Hacienda Crossings Stadium comes with a series of projectors producing a 270-degree panoramic viewing experience.

Regal Hacienda Crossings Stadium
Regal Hacienda Crossings Stadium

They utilize the Screen X in cinemas and a series of projectors, including up to twelve additional digital laser projectors. These projectors and Screen X improvise the images even on the side screen. Their 4DX cinemas are more relaxing due to due to the motion-enabled chairs. The chairs in 4DX cinema create powerful vibrations and other sensations.

Other factors may include the environmental controls for simulated weather or other conditions that you’ll have to experience to believe. Besides all its facilitation, it would be an incredible experience to watch the movie in Regale’s cinemas that can meet your expectations for your choice of show.

13- Visit Dublin Iceland

It is one of the best places in Dublin to have fun with your friends and family with their open skate’ facilities. It is home to the Tri-Valley Blue Devils ice hockey team, and all ages of beginners can learn the lesson there. There is also a rink available in broomball events where starters can play hockey without skating. It is the best opportunity for those who have yet to acquire any ‘Ice Skills.’.

Skating in Iceland can also help to strengthen your back muscles as it brings the back workout to the next level. Overall it is the best way to spend your spare time in Dublin. It also works as ultimate physiotherapy for office workers worrying about back pain. It helps in aligning your spinal cord that disturbs acquiring the wrong posture.

Dublin Iceland
Dublin Iceland

14- Enjoy Indoor Racing at K1 Speed Dublin

It is a succession of indoor racing centers characterized by electric go-karting for beginners and professional racers. The place is notable due to the best indoor kart racing tracks that span the globe. There is only one succession ok K1 speed in Dublin, California, while the rest of 42 are in different states of the United States.

Visitors don’t require any reservation before their arrival; however, they offer a discount on pre-booking celebrations. You can enjoy driving if you want indoor racing without any license.

15- Visit Rockin’ Jump Trampoline Park

The park brings equal opportunities for amusement for people of all ages. Kids can enjoy Rockin’ Jump for being active for a few hours while there are also several ways and trampolines for adults to have fun.

You can upgrade your average skills for being a superhuman by using gravity-defying elements in a game of dodgeball. Inner glide is also something you would like to become the inner gladiator you always knew you were on the X-beam. It is fun to enjoy other activities, like zip-gliding and zip-line roller coasters.

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