Introduction to Things to Do in Kihei

Hawaii is a western state in the U.S set on the edge of the Pacific Ocean. The state is famous for its beautiful beaches attracting tourists from all over the world. Kihei is an attraction of beech type place, which is present in Maui’s vast Haleakalā on west leeward foot.

It has beautiful white sand beaches, hot and arid weather, and exciting scenes of surrounding islands. There are several beautiful islands around this place, and you cannot even leave Maui’s vast Haleakalā without visiting anyone. It means if you spend your whole vacation on Kihei, you can blunder your tour.

Visitors can also see the humpback whales from land or coastline in the winter season, where they spot in the winter season. This point is also popular with visitors due to its unique habituating animals like sage green turtles, dolphins, and several types of fish kayaking there.

Kihei Hawaii
Kihei Hawaii

Some Fantastic Things to Do in Kihei (Hawaii)

Let’s look at some fantastic things to do in Kihei!

1- Shop or Sell at Farmers’ Market Kihei

The Farmer’s Market occupies a sizeable space across from Kihei Canoe Club, one of the best spots to shop and sell. The market remains open Monday to Friday, five days a week for business purposes. It is a market point for natives and visitors with reasonable prices, particularly matching the standards of Maui.

Visitors can buy anything natural from the market because the Farmer’s Market sells fresh fruits and vegetables. You can buy mango, avocado, pineapple, garden-fresh salad material, green vegetables, and tomatoes around the year. You will also find vendors presenting arts and crafts to the visitors.

2- Enjoy Driving and Hiking On Lava Fields 

It is a beautiful small trail that leads to the mainstay forest under the blazing sun. Sandy beach starts after the forest that completes the trip and Lava Field Trails. You can see the trails after La Perouse and ten miles down to the Bay. This place is known for the eruption of Haleakalā’s, which ought to have happened somewhere in 1790.

Lava Field Trails
Lava Field Trails

This place is arresting and entertaining its visitors. You can enjoy driving and hiking along the trails. You can see dozens of goats and mongooses wandering freely along trails sharing their path with visitors. The forest is incredible right after the blowhole, where the trees look like a Wizard of Oz or Grimm’s fairy tale.

3- Chill with Shave Ice

Hawaii and its islands are tropically dried and hot as long as Kihei is one of the tropical Islands of the state. So, it is always the best option to chill with colorful and sweet Shave Ice. It is shaved crystal ice, and there is nothing more supreme than a block of crystal ice on the hottest day.

A snowcap of shave ice savors with sultry fruit syrups, like guava, mango, apple, and coconut. Condensed milk drizzling enhances the taste of the shaved ice. Visitors can grab the shave ice in Kihei from several points, including Gus’ Hawaiian Shave Ice, Local Boys Shave Ice, Surfing Monkey Shave Ice, and Ululani’s Hawaiian Shave Ice.

Shave Ice
Shave Ice

4- Amuse Yourself on Kihei 4th Friday

It is a monthly event in Kihei with assortments of food varieties with local crafts and local fare of all qualities. There are several things to choose from eatables. However, the outstanding array of food trucks offering super fish with mouthwatering flavors is fantastic. Fourth Friday hosts live music street performances, food trucks, shave ice, and fish options to its visitor.

It is also a kid-friendly zone to come with your family where kids enjoy science experiments, hula hooping, bubble blowing, face-painting, and balloon modeling. So, never miss the chance to amuse yourself on Kihei 4th Friday if you are there in Kihei.

5- Visit Hawaii’s Humpback Sanctuary Visitor Center in Kihei

Kalepolepo Beach is a small run to step forward for the comprehensive accompaniment to a whale on the shore. It comes with the most sizeable options to watch sea turtles, dolphins, and whales. Visitors can learn about the humpback and the sanctuary’s efforts to protect this ocean giant from dangers in Humpback Sanctuary Visitor Center in Kihei.

Kalepolepo Beach
Kalepolepo Beach

It is a place present on the sanctuary’s efforts to shield this ocean giant from threats where you can spend half an hour watching and learning the things you may don’t know. Overall it is worth visiting a place to learn or play in calmer water.

6- Explore Kealia Pond National Wildlife Refuge

Kealia Pond National Wildlife Refuge is a well-preserved wetland that only can be found in Kihei, Hawaii, on the straight north Kihei road by Maalea Bay. The place was founded in 1992 that covers almost 700 acres of wetland in Maui’s central valley. It was essential to preserve the endangered wetland that provides habitat to several water birds, the Hawaiian duck, and black-crowned night heron. 

The National Refuge also protects the Hawaiian stilt, Hawaiian coot in particular, and other waterfowls. Visitors can also see Pacific plover, wandering tattler, northern pintail, and northern shoveler there in the park. It remains open during the daytime hours and provides a superb view and walk-in Haleakalā and the West Maui mountains.

Kealia Pond
Kealia Pond

7- Visit The Nearest Wailea Beach

It is always necessary to visit the nearest worth visiting the place if you pass by the site. Also, it seems unfair not to visit Wailea Beach if you are in Kihei, which is present a few miles from it. It is a scallop-like bay ranked as another top-notch destination in Hawaii. 

The place is also famous for its upscale resort, Waldorf Astoria, and the Four Seasons. It is one of the best body surfing due to its golden sand and calmer waves. Wailea Beach is also bordered beautifully by the coconut palms. The south and north rocky outcrops also reserve it on cooler days.

8- Visit Fruitful Shop Yee’s Orchard & Fruit Stand

Yee’s Orchard & Fruit Stand is a place that is known for its Golden Glow sweet mangos and homemade mango goodies between May and September. Homemade goodies include mango jam, mango bread, mango chutney, and pickled mango you can also obtain there. Besides mango, you can find other fruits depending on which season you are going to the place.

Yee’s Orchard & Fruit Stand
Yee’s Orchard & Fruit Stand

So, you can also get guavas, apples, bananas, papaya, and other seasonal fruits. Fruit stand remains open round the week instead of Monday and Friday. This fruit stand has been used for seven decades.

9- Test Maui Brewing Company in The Heart of Paradise

Maui Brewing is a brand-established company that prepares the best quality sodas and beers that supply further stocks to other markets and stores throughout the state. The company is also operating in Alaska and contiguous of U.S. The company also sprints the succession of some restaurants with Lahaina, Waikiki, and Kailua incorporating the brand’s HQ in Kihei.

Also, the visitors can join a guided tour of 60 minutes after taking their meal where they can see the packaging line, the brewhouse, and cellar by getting a chance to taste the brand’s flagship beers. There is an alluring influence of citrusy beer on the fundamental basis with refreshing larger fruity pale.

10- Visit Keawakapu Beach

The Keawakapu Beach is working as a magnificent gateway between Kihei and Wailea. So, you must visit the luxury Keawakapu Beach while passing through Kihei to Wailea. It is a less populated island with trace residential, making it more peaceful, whereas the beach is publicly open for all visitors.

Keawakapu Beach
Keawakapu Beach

It is one of the favored places for visitors due to its lovely long sandy beach. Experienced swimmers can enjoy swimming along with the site. On the other hand, the beech is also known for water-based activities like kayak, paddleboard, beach gear, and snorkeling.

Biking is another popular activity that visitors enjoy there. In short, it is a beautiful beach with its tranquil blue water and pretty golden sand, making it a worth visiting place in Hawaii. Commonly this beech is known for snorkeling due to a perfect rocky outcrop and slightly curved sweep of sand.

11- Watch Historical Molokini Crater

You can watch the history of Molokini Crater if you want to see something most exciting in Hawaii. It is an extraordinary place present somewhere between the Kahoʻolawe and Maui. It is a historical crescent-shaped bowl based on the volcanic eruption about 230,000 years ago.

There are some elevations in the crater, and one of its vast elevation heights is about 60 meters with 600 meters of its diameter. The height and diameter of the bowl cause the production of sturdy waves there. Visitors can sail on the boats sailing across the Molokini that covers some distance to Maalaea Harbor and often to Kihei. 

Molokini Crater
Molokini Crater

Reef tucked is the colossal fascination inside the crater that descends 50 meters down. This Reef Tucked holds up an incredible variety of fish. Underwater visibility is about 45 meters at the site, where visitors can see 250 species of fish with 38 types of corals.

12- Water-Based Things to Do in Kihei

Kihei is a small designated place in Maui where visitors can enjoy several water-based activities like kayaking, snorkeling, stand-up paddleboarding, and outrigger canoeing. Stand-up paddleboarding is one of the most striking ways to enjoy the natural richness of the place.

However, you can also choose the guided tour option, which is another safest option to explore the natural beauty of this site. Visitors can enjoy the inspiring endless clear views of a humpback in winters. On the other hand, you can see bottlenose, spinner dolphins, turtles, and tropical fishes there in every season.

Maui Kayak Adventures, Hawaiian Paddle Sports, Kelii’s Kayak Tours, Maui Kayaks, and Aloha Kayaks Maui are local tour organizations that offer their best packages. Their packages may include peddling with guiding, kayaking, and snorkeling.

Aloha Kayaks Maui
Aloha Kayaks Maui

13- Visit Largest Aquarium at Maui Ocean Center

The aquarium at Maui Ocean Center is one of the largest marine life-themed aquariums near Maalaea Bay at a small distance from Kihei. The center shows the rare biodiversity of marine life, which includes 40 plus species of Hawaii corals and 3d Humpback Hawaii experience.

It also exhibits some creatures in the underwater tunnel where they pass over their heads. The mortals present in tunnels are Turtle Lagoon, eagle rays tiger, and hammerhead sharks.

14- Watch Whales

Thousands of whales reach Hawaii’s warmer waters between December and April. They usually come to mate and calve after a long journey from their Alaskan feeding grounds. A National Marine Sanctuary is available to protect this species and its habitat. Moreover, the Leeward side of Haleakalā’ are some of the best places in the state to watch live whales in winter.

Visitors can conveniently watch humpbacks breaching from the beaches. A few minutes around Maalaea Beach, McGregor Point is another famous point for watching whales. Rafting and sailing are other choices to watch whales closely available from Kihei. However, you can also grab a tour guide to look at the whales closely for the kayak.

Watching Whales
Watching Whales

15- Enjoy at Kamaole Beach Park

Kihei is one of the best tropical destinations on other marvelous Hawaii beaches. It has powdery white sand and is delimited by volcanic outcrops. Moreover, it retains tide pools providing a hardy home to particular organisms. It also comes with an authentic restaurant, food trucks entertaining several grassy picnic areas, grills, lifeguards, and showers. The phenomenal views over the channel from Molokini to Keawakapu Beach are worth visiting.

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