Introduction to How Far is Clearwater from Tampa?

Clearwater and Tampa are Florida cities known for their beauty and charm. Clearwater is home to the marine aquarium, where Injured sea turtles and dolphins are under treatment. It is one of the best visiting points, where visitors can enjoy Clearwater beach and water-based activities in freshwater.

On the other hand, Tampa is a great visiting spot, which is present on Tampa Bay. Setting along the Gulf Coast, this place is known for its museums, gardens, and cultural activities. Both cities are present at a small distance from each other.

How far is Clearwater from Tampa?

If you are thinking of moving to Clearwater from Tampa, FL, and want all the routes and ways to travel from Tampa to Clearwater, here is a complete guide. Distance and travel time always depend on the way you are using to get to Clearwater from Tampa.

Tampa to clearwater beach
Tampa to Clearwater

1- By Air

You can book a flight to travel if you want to reach soon. The cheapest flight from Tampa to Clearwater will charge 24 dollars. You can cover 21 miles in just 33 minutes with the whole take-off time if you are flying nonstop in your journey. It can increase your travel time, adding time to reach the airport if you take a commercial flight. However, traveling by private plane can reduce your travel time.

2- By Train

The train is another quickest way to reach Clearwater in 44 minutes. You can grab your train ticket to travel for 31 dollars through the fastest route. Try to avoid traveling by train because it is expensive and you can also face trouble if the train is late. Unfortunately, if you cannot find a cheap flight option, you can choose this option.

3- By Bus

You can use this cheapest option to travel if your budget is tight. It is more convenient to travel by bus if you travel by daily bus. It will cost 10 dollars, and you will reach your destination in just 40 minutes. A daily bus is a convenient way to get to Clearwater because it travels nonstop. Charges, mileage, and travel time may vary if you use another bus route.

Travel to Clearwater via Bus
Travel to Clearwater via Bus

4- By Car

It is 22.6 miles away if you are using the car option. It is another convenient and cheap option to travel if you have your car. The roundtrip will cost about 7 dollars to complete the whole mileage. It requires 38 minutes to reach Clearwater by car following Google directions to Clearwater, FL.

Quick Stops in Road Trip to Clearwater from Tampa

There are several fascinating stops on the way to Clearwater from Tampa. Never miss stopping on the quick stops while getting from Tampa to Clearwater. Although this road trip will extend your travel time from 38 minutes to a whole day’s travel, it will be a new adventure.

1- The Bishop Museum of Science and Nature

The Bishop Museum of Science and Nature is located in Bradenton that is worth a visit. It is a history museum presenting Florida’s antiquity. The museum also exhibits Eastern art from Eastern galleries.

The museum also resides Parker Manatee and planetarium habitat for rehabilitation. It has rehabilitated up to 40 Manatee over the past 24 years. Visitors can also see an outdoor robotic dinosaur on an extra ticket. Moreover, this museum also retains the history of Florida from several years back to now.

The Bishop Museum
The Bishop Museum

2- Village of the Arts

It is a historical place of vibrant art and community in Bradenton. There are 200 homes, several restaurants, and shops inside the Village of the Arts.

This place is a perfect combination of fashion and art, trapping tourists’ attention. You can also stay there for a delicious lunch or authentic food at Bird Shake and the Italian eatery. Overall, it is a great place to stroll and enjoy art.

3- St Pete Beach

St Pete Beach is the second quick stop you will find to Clearwater from Tampa. It is a resort city situated on the barrier island. This fascination holds several gift shops, galleries, and historical museums, making it worth visiting the site while passing through it.

Visitors can also come across the Upham Beach Park present inside the city. You can see live dolphins on a cruise to Shell Key Island. Sharkey’s LED-illuminated night tour on a glass-bottom is a mind-blowing adventure at this place.

St Pete Beach
St Pete Beach

4- Madeira Beach

Madeira Beach is a city in Florida lined by the Gulf of Mexico. This city is known for its popular fascination with John’s Pass Village and Boardwalk. You can also come across the museum and art galleries at the site. Florida Winery and Vineyards are also present in this city.

5- Dunedin City

This stop needs nature lovers’ attention. Dunedin is home to charming beaches, nature, wildlife, and natural pine forests. Tourists can enjoy a helicopter ride over the city to watch scenic views. Water-based activities like Wakesurf, tubing, and wakeboard are also incredible things to do there.

Dunedin City
Dunedin City

6- Largo City

It is the third-largest city in Florida, offering multiple things to do in the city. It is the last stop you will meet on the way to Clearwater from Tampa. Largo city contains Florida Botanical Gardens that require a quick pause if you are crossing with your family. Botanical Garden has children hiking trails with several other activities. Largo central park, McGough nature park, Pinellas trails, and Eagle lake park are other fascinating points.


Visitors can travel by air and by road to reach Clearwater. You can take a flight to get to your destination by air. However, you can also travel by bus or car if you want to travel by road. The train is another option to travel to Clearwater from Tampa. So, prepare your bag without worrying about how far is Clearwater from Tampa.

Clearwater Beach
Clearwater Beach

FAQs About How Far is Clearwater from Tampa

1- Why is Clearwater worth visiting in Florida?

Clearwater is a worth visiting place due to its family-friendly environment. It also resides white sand, crystal clear water, coastline boats, and restaurants.

2- What is the total mileage between Clearwater and Tampa?

It is about 23 miles or 37 kilometers of mileage between both cities.

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