Idaho is the developed state in the northwestern United States, where Meridian is set between the Nampa and Boise in Idaho. Meridian is a captivating tourist site with seasonal attractions, waterparks, and malls. So, there are several things to do in Meridian.

Meridian is the second-largest populated city in Idaho after Boise. One of the most common reasons behind Meridian’s increasing population is that people are moving towards Meridian because it is one of the best cities to live and work in Idaho.

On the other hand, the city offers a wide variety of art, shopping places, restaurants, and several beautiful landscapes in the gold valley. However, this place is also rich in historical sites.

Things to Do in Meridian

Let’s know the details of each activity!

1- Visit Seasonal Attraction Linder Farms Idaho

Linder Farm is an entertaining its visitors in Meridian for more than three decades. You will see a corn maze, petting zoo, blow-up slides, pumpkin patch, and hayrides in Farms. 

Linder Farms Idaho
Linder Farms Idaho

You can also enjoy clean and fresh eatables, including fresh kettle corns, corn dogs, fried mini donuts, apple cider, cotton candy, hot chocolate, and caramel. In short, it comes with several fun options for people of all ages. Kids can also enjoy tractor rides, see animals, and jump houses. It comes with a family-friendly environment with kind staff and low prices. You must visit the farms somewhere between September to October when the farms come to life.

2- Enjoy Skiing at Bogus Basin

Bogus Basin is a mountainous region situated in the western United States and known for skiing and other recreational activities. The Bogus Basin is present within one hour of Meridian, with the largest skiing area covering 2,600 skiable acres. Visitors can approach the skiing area from the valley by the radio towers stuck on Deer point. There are several activities for all the visitors that seem like a wonderland. 

The skiing mountain is also famed for winter’s sports field starting from Federal Holiday November to the mid of April. There is nothing better than skiing at this place for kids. Make sure you go to the bogus in winter if you want to enjoy skiing.

However, it is the best spot to visit in the summers when you can stroll across the mountains to enjoy natural scenic views. You can also do hiking, biking, and cycling on warmer days. Overall it is unquestionably worth visiting the place. 

Bogus Basin
Bogus Basin

3- Explore Warhawk Air Museum

The Warhawk Air Museum of aviation is located within a 15-minute drive from Meridian present in Nampa. The museum contains one of the finest collections of Korea, Vietnam, Cold War mnemonics, WWII, and WWI from the air combat perspective. It also holds a sturdy troupe of a P-40E Kitty hawk, an F-104 Starfighter, a P-51C Mustang, a Fokker DR-1, and an F84G Thunder jet.

One of the show stars presented in the movie Pearl Harbor in 2001 is the last Curtiss P-40 War hawks present in the flying condition. On the other hand, the addition of the F-35 Demo is also pretty much unenthusiastic that you can see in the museum. You can also learn the history of these subjects by spending several hours or days in the museum.

4- Take A Tour at Idaho Botanical Garden

It is a non-profit horticultural and educational garden spanning over 50 acres, located on Penitentiary Road, Boise, Idaho, Northern United States. Primarily, it was an old Penitentiary’s farm in the nursery of Idaho stated that turned into the Botanical Garden in 1973.

There are 13 sub gardens in the Idaho Botanical Garden decorated with breathtaking lights. There are 1,300 perennials in its English Garden centered on the gorgeous Summer House. The rose garden adds a colorful and charming view to the place in summers, while the perennials are also the garden’s beauty blooming round the year. Kids can enjoy crawling on the cozy green grass.

Idaho Botanical Garden
Idaho Botanical Garden

Its plant garden produces a variety of plants used in medicine, cooking, and cosmetics. These plants grow in the harsh environment of Idaho. The Botanical Garden is one of the best places in Idaho you can visit on the thanksgiving holiday to enjoy colors, lights, and hot cocoa. Kids can also meet Santa on Christmas day.

5- Visit Historic Old Idaho State Penitentiary

Old Idaho State Penitentiary is a historic place that was a prison in east Boise for a century. The site is present in the foothills within a 20-minute drive of Downtown Meridian. It is a masterpiece of Idaho’s history perpetuated by the Idaho State Historical Society.

The prison caged some anguished and scandalous prisoners under the operating prison between 1872 and 1973. The whole place is preserved for the visitors, and you can see its solitary cells and blocks and even cell confinements. The entire building accommodates thirty historic buildings with an outclass collection showcasing a variety of antique weaponry and the J. Curtis Earl Memorial Exhibit lasting for several thousand years.

You can also get details about the prisoner’s life behind prison bars. You can also learn about some of the famous disturbances when the unit was working.

6- Visit Idaho State Capitol Building

State Capitol Building is the government house of Idaho present in Boise, Idaho. It is an artificial landmark that you can approach within a 15-minute drive from Meridian. It is a sandstone Classical Revival building with a captivating Baroque dome established in 1905.

State Capitol Building
State Capitol Building

Its dome structure looks similar to St Peter’s Basilica and St Paul’s Cathedral. Visitors can see the spectacular interior of the dome where the statue of George Washington and replica of the Winged Nike of Samothrace are placed. You can also see the status of Clark and Lewis by strolling across the grounds.

The Idaho State Capitol Building is the most appreciable Capitol due to its interior and art. You will also see the photograph of the first woman Idaho State Representative. Overall it is a beautiful subject inside and outside with a clean atmosphere and restrooms.

7- Enjoy The Scenic Views of the Boise River Greenbelt 

It is a transportation and recreational trail on the edge of the Boise River in Boise. Also, it is linear and keeps more greenway than the green belt. It is a watercourse that attracts visitors by its beauty and character. Moreover, it extends through the 850 acres of the park provides beautiful trails. Visitors can enjoy cycling and walking in the park. The entire park is surrounded by greenery and leads to the heart of Boise. 

You can see wildlife across the park, including Canada Geese, blue herons, ducks, bald eagles, and other songbirds. So, it is also a perfect place for birding in dawn and dusk. You can also take your trip to the next level as the river flows at a lazy pace, and you can also enjoy water-based activities in the Boise River. A river is a perfect place for swimming, fishing, and boating.

Boise River Greenbelt 
Boise River Greenbelt

8- Taste Basque Food at Epi’s

There were approximately 50,000 immigrants of Basque migrated to treasure valley during the Gold Rush. So, Epi’s is one of the best historical places in the Meridian to taste some Basque food in-country. Epi’s is a treasured Basque restaurant that opened in 1999. It is the local place to taste some delicious food in Meridian. You can try their best lamb shank dish with a bottle of Spanish red wine. This restaurant comes with Spanish and French restaurants

You can also suppress your hunger with creamy shrimp soup and rice. The restaurant also serves vegetables, soups, leg of lamb, wine, halibut, chef-special scallops, and calamari appetizers. It comes with a kind and cooperative staff that provides a family-friendly environment. So, never miss this legitimate whenever you are near the place.

9- Take a tour at Settlers Park, Idaho

It is a large family park that comes with several sports field options. Visitors can play tennis, baseball, and pickleball anytime in the park. Pond fishing, horseshoes, splash pad are other things for a family to enjoy there. You will also find kid’s play areas having multiple swings for kid’s recreation. There are three sub-areas of the park where; the first one is a colossal pirate-themed area where kids can play leisurely.

The second one is an area designed for the teen that includes things like fair rock climbing and musical things to play songs. The third one is a swing area intended for kids with three different types of swings. However, picnic areas, picnic tables, and walking trails make this park perfect for families and friends. Never miss taking a tour at the Settlers Park Idaho if you are there with your kids, teens, or adults.

Settlers Park
Settlers Park

10- Have Fun at Wahooz Family Fun Zone Idaho

It is a marvelous place designed for family entertainment. The Fun land has featured arcade games, go-karts, mini-golf, with food and drink options. The fun site is quite expensive, but there are several things to do there. It comes with high technology arcade games where you can win a lot of presents. The place is mainly suggested for kids and birthday party celebrations.

You can also go to the restaurant area to grab some food or drinks. There is also a mini-golf which is so much fun to play. There playing grounds are clean where anyone can play conveniently. Also, there are rope courses, bumper boats, and bumper cars for kids. Overall there are 84 arcade machines, 24 lanes of bowling, several amusement rides, and ropes.

11- Take Part in Racing at Meridian Speedway Idaho

Meridian Speedway will be your favorite attraction in Idaho if you are a motor racing lover. It is a motorsport racing track in Meridian. The entire racing track is about 0.4 miles in length. The whole pathway is covered with asphalt, which clenches the modifying race and late model race with other local racing events around the year.

Instead of participating in the race, visitors can also enjoy food, drinks, and crazy people in racing cars. It also has a family section where they offer a family-friendly environment. Visitors can make their moments tight by watching an exciting race.

Meridian Speedway
Meridian Speedway

12- Visit Downtown Meridian

It is a vibrant and adorable part of Meridian city full of local restaurants, tree-lined sidewalks, and local shops. Visitors can take a tour of flowery Generations Plaza in the shaded fountain. 

It is a small visiting area but has several restaurants, bars, and visiting places. You can enjoy classic food, Mexican food, Basque food, and Italian food at this place.

13- Enjoy The Beauty of the Village at Meridian

Meridian Village is a fantastic village with several astonishing views. There is a place where visitors can enjoy skating in the park at a reasonable cost for a longer time. It is a fantastic place to stroll around and watch the beauty of the village. There is also a shopping and dining area set along an arcing street planted with trees.

The hamlet also includes a beautiful dancing fountain, movie theater, and local shops. The whole atmosphere is clean and pure with serving good quality of food. Kona Grill is one of the best restaurants to eat food in a relaxing environment.

14- Visit Julius M. Kleiner Memorial Park

Julius M. Kleiner Memorial Park
Julius M. Kleiner Memorial Park

It is a semicircular park covering 58 acres with several activities, including sports fields and other recreational ventures. Park is pretty neat and also holds several festivals like Soul Food Festival. There are some lovely backdrops for clicking pictures and splash pads for kids. Visitors can also enjoy fishing as the pond in the park contains catfish. There are also playgrounds for playing gold and baseball.

15- Visit The Largest Water Park Roaring Springs 

Roaring Springs is one of the best attractions in Meridian, Idaho. It is a sprawling water park containing water slides, rifting, lazy river, and wave pool. Moreover, it is pretty common to spend a whole day in this park to have great fun. It is a family park where everything is easy to access.

All the water slides and pools are neat and clean. The staff is kind and helpful in the park. There are food and drink options, while the park facilitates lockers for your personal belongings.