LaGrange city is approximately one hundred kilometers away from southwest Atlanta and lies a short distance from the border of Alabama is the LaGrange city located in Troup. The LaGrange was named a country state, and there are multiple best things to do in LaGrange.

It was accommodating in 1828 that became one of the historical and primary European state communities. The development of this city is the result of its best cotton production because it is the largest manufacturing center with a caterpillar forestry division.

The site maintained its roots even in the American Civil War. Meanwhile, several other cities were affected by the war. However, the city holds unique antiquity and historical sites to explore. This place contains several tourist attractions due to the contribution of the Callaway family.

What to Do in LaGrange
What to Do in LaGrange

Things to Do in LaGrange (GA)

Here are the top 13 things to do in LaGrange!

1- Get History of Stonewall Confederate Cemetery

It is a small part of Mount Hebron Cemetery that locates approximately 150 yards from the Cemetery’s main office. You can approach the quickest way of hitting the graveyard with the help of a woman showing a map for the direct burying yard location where you can reach by walking or driving.

Visitors can spend 15 to 45 minutes strolling across the whole Stonewall Confederate Cemetery. It always depends upon the visitor what he wants to watch or read.

The graveyard contains almost 300 graves of the troops, and most of them are died due to injury or disease. You will also find President Kennedy’s grave in the Cemetery. You can also see the unknown dead confederates have passed in Cool Spring Battle, Kernstown Battlefield, or Cedar Creek Battle Field. 

2- Enjoy Natural Views at Virginia Hand Callaway Discovery Center

It is a magical place for fun, adventure, and relaxation in a natural breathtaking, beautiful landscape. Also, it covers 2,500 magical acres where visitors can enjoy hiking, biking, and playing golf.

Callaway Discovery Center
Callaway Discovery Center

It is also one of the best sites for birding in Georgia. You can also get some information about bugs as it exhibits bug information. So, it is a stupefying place offering several fun activities for people of all ages.

Virginia Hand Callaway Discovery Center is one of Georgia’s best places for celebrations and receptions. This place in Georgia presents a unique open design, magnificent ceilings, and a wrap-around deck. It can make your special day even more special with an expensive scene of Mountain Creek Lake to form the backdrop for a memorable celebration. 

3- Visit the Largest glass conservatory in Cecil B Day Butterfly Center

It is the largest glass-enclosed tropical conservatory in Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain. There are several butterflies in the glass conservatory atmosphere where they look happy. The overall garden is full of plants and butterflies, and it seems like you step into your dream world where you can see a lot of nature in a magical world. It brings a peaceful reflection, with too much excitement fetching wonder for all ages.

Visitors can spend all day in this glass jar strolling and watching nature closely. This center also has hatching crystallites where you can see the hatching process of these butterflies. It also allows you to take pictures with this beautiful creation. It is a small but dazzling place located inside the Callaway Garden. Overall the garden is a well-maintained and best place to see beautiful animals and plants.

Callaway Gardens
Callaway Gardens

4- Visit the Former Coca-Cola Bottling Plant

Coca-Cola is an American multinational beverage company. It was invented in 1892 in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. However, the Former Coca-Cola Bottling Plant was constructed in 1886 by the Pemberton. It was the first drink that took its roots worldwide powerfully.

Since it was already expanding in the 1900s, the second unit was required to fulfill the public demand. So, you can visit this plant due to its historical importance as it is as architecturally significant as this one on Broad Street. Visitors can still see the logo of Coca-Cola above the main entrance out of a yellow stone.

5- Take A Tour at Lagrange College

It is a private, permissive art and science college in LaGrange, Georgia. It’s just not a high school, but it also offers an extensive range of attractive tourist points in its 50 hectares of campus ground. It was established after three years of the establishment of the city. So, it is the oldest and most historical private college in Georgia, welcoming its students and visitors to the college.

This college is also known internationally for its quality of graduates. Visitors can also see the chaplet incorporated stones Smith Hall, the oldest structure in college. It contains the ancient Greek temple of Apollo in Delphi, Saint George’s Chapel in Britain’s Windsor Castle, and Greece. The chapel has some finest models of up-to-date stained-glass windows as well.

Lagrange College
Lagrange College

6- Watch Callaway Monument at Callaway Memorial Tower

It’s challenging to get rid of when it comes to the Callaway in LaGrange because there are lots of historical places that call for tourism. Callaway Memorial Tower is the best historic touch known as a Callaway Monument found in 1929 as praise to textile magnate Fuller E. Callaway.

Its structure is based on the design of the famous campanile in Venice, Italy. The area is best for a picnic, and sports activities like playing football there. You can visit this place for its unique history and structure. 

Visitors can take a tour of its lovely surrounding gardens any time round the year. It is a popular site for photographers and amateurs. 

7- Explore Things at Lamar Dodd Art Center 

It is a visual art or secondary art gallery museum, present in LaGrange, Georgia, United States. The museum covers almost 3000 square meters consists of three portion building that exhibits spontaneously changed artwork. The museum hosts a variety of art forms where the sculptures are watchable as the rooms are bathed in natural light from a large number of double-height windows.

It also contains a stylish space staircase while rooms are organized in a manageable way. Its rooms are clean, ranging from pencils drawings and paper cutouts to color photography everything sets in its place.

Lamar Dodd Art Center
Lamar Dodd Art Center

8- Visit Hills at Hills and Dales Estate

LaGrange was the home of the Callaway family, who earned their money from the local textile industry that contains spectacular structures in the city. Sarah Ferrell first established the house in the late 1800s that was perfectly maintained and surrounded by gardens.

Visitors can come across three floors of exciting villas structurally based on Italian design furnished in 1916. You can take another 15 minutes film tour that displays the history of this villa and the owner.

There are a couple of rooms that are stuck in the 1980s. It looks more beautiful at Christmas, so visit this place at Christmas if you can. You can also stroll and enjoy the beauty of its gardens. In short, it is a classical jewel of LaGrange rich in its historical background.  

9- Explore Piedmont Mountains

It is a mountainous range starting from Alabama to the southern reaches of New York State. This mountainous range is significantly described through the mountains scattering around the LaGrange, such as Alcovy, Sweat, and Stone Mountain, present within 1 hour and thirty minutes from LaGrange. Another Monadnock of quartz stony mountain, which is oval in appearance.

Piedmont Mountains
Piedmont Mountains

It is another the highest point in the greater Atlanta region. Visitors can enjoy the natural beauty and scenic views on the top of the mountain. While it also offers hiking trails on a stony mountain. You will also find three Confederate generals that are memorials to southern troops.

10- See The Culture of Bible and Old World at Biblical History Center 

It is the cultural exploration of the Bible and the past world with events, archology, and aircraft. There are also some recreational areas of Biblical home and other common visiting areas. 

Visitors can hire a tour guide to learn and understand everything in the museum. You can also enjoy a biblical meal there in the food area. It is one of the best ways to learn and immerse yourself in how people lived during the Biblical era as the tunnels take visitors back into that time through visual art.

11- Enjoy Swimming in West Point Lake

The West Point Lake is managed by the Engineer Army Corps of the U.S. It extends through 35 miles along the Chattahoochee River. Visitors can enjoy several water-based activities in the lake while fishing and swimming are most common. Other activities include piers or by the dam, and boats. Visitors can enjoy ground camping, so they can also enjoy natural scenic views of the forest surrounding the lake.

West Point Lake
West Point Lake

12- Take a tour at LaGrange Art Museum

It is a nonprofit space for disclosing local and international art in a late Victorian Jailhouse. It also reveals the unusual architectural details of the 1890s. The ground portion contains a garden having sculptures, while there are four galleries inside the museum.

The museum acquired a silent collection of about 500 contemporary American artworks. The museum also hosts several temporary local exhibitions where anyone can stop art scenes.  

13- Watch Local History at Legacy Museum On Main

It is a legacy museum in downtown LaGrange that exhibits focused on local history. The museum exhibits temporary gallery art, including an extensive paperwork collection. It also holds visiting exhibitions from national museums. Visitors can also enjoy the display about the Nancy Harts, Horace King, master bridge builder with several cotton balls and clock bits.

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