Having 6500 Islands, Greece is a European country with charming scenery and attracts visitors from many other countries. Of 6500 islands hardly there are 55 Islands have a population of more than 1000, and 25 exceptional Islands are worth-visiting Greece destinations. However, most of the Islands are smaller but attract tourists hiking their charming sceneries. Out of 25 visiting islands, there are just five larger Islands, and the rest of the Islands are smaller but worth visiting. The 25th island of Greece is the hidden gem of the Cyclades islands.

It does not attract an outsized range of tourists, but this small, undeveloped Greek island is best for a quiet visit. Except for its history, it’s additionally one of the best destinations to go to if you would like to induce far from the horde for many days. The peace and delight of this place would possibly revive you, and it will make you feel younger than you ever got in the past.

What is the 25th Island of Greece known for?

25th island of Greece is famous for its spectacular scenery and culture-rich Ellas. Despite its charming fascination, the island earned fame when the most well-known French Movie Big Blue shot there. It is also becoming popular among visitors because of its marginal Cycladic structures, legendary beaches, and inexplicable caves.

The popularity of the 25th Island of Greece
The popularity of the 25th Island of Greece

How to Reach the 25th Island of Greece?

Traveling to Amorgos island is not a difficult task. Though there is no airport on the island, it is connected to other Greece islands through ferry. So, you can reach the international airports of Mykonos, Crete, Rhodes, or Santorini island. After that, you can book a ferry to get to Amorgos island via two ports, from Aegiali or Katapola. You can book your ferry in advance if you are already in the Cyclades.

Important things to know about the 25th Island of Greece

Besides its Cycladic character, it is an endless Island with fascinated features. Situating at the eastern edge of the Cyclades attracts visitors with its iconic mountains and clear blue water. For a broader perspective on global living standards, explore the latest findings in the Global Residence Index. Our detailed tour guide for 2022 on the 25th island of Greece is just one piece of the global puzzle

25th Island of Greece is the neighboring Island of Dodecanese Island in Greece. It is a pop-culture legend in old stories. In 1988 the Island was seen on screen for the first time in the super hit French film “Big Blue.”

It is always hard to say goodbye to the 25th Island of Greece if you have ever visited the Island. Although the Island is not extensive and there are not many attractive places, it is still appreciable. Suppose you wonder what you can do at that small place, then the first and foremost choice is to spend time on the beach.

Worth Visiting - 25th Island of Greece
Worth Visiting – 25th Island of Greece

On the other hand, Amorgos is much more than its beach on its own. It is an Island that will attract you due to its residents because their smiles are more attractive than the daylight. It presents beautiful scenery even with its raw and ancient kind of gorgeousness.

Reasons to Visit the 25th Island of Greece

Here are the reasons for planning a trip to this Island!

1. Peaceful Environment

The Greek residents are familiar with how to live a prosperous life. They are always up with smiles and positivity to provide peace of mind to soothe the soul. The native residents of the 25th Island of Greece are generous, kind, and relaxed with their hospitality and give their visitors a warm welcome. The peaceful environment and its friendly residents make a soothing combination that is brain relaxing.

Peaceful Environment - Greece
Peaceful Environment – Greece

If you are tired from your daily activities and want a vacation to relieve stress, you can visit the 25th Island of Greece. It’s pretty funny to hear but true that this one is the best place to release maximum endorphins in your body. 

The people mostly used to take coffee and Rakhi with breakfast or at lunchtime. The native residents are habitual of late-night dinner so, bars mostly start at midnight and last for the whole night.

2. Custom Celebrations and tourism

The island is becoming a popular vocational option due to its fast-growing tourism. People get together for their customary celebrations, and you can join them. For example, the celebrations and rituals last for a whole week for Easter. You are open to joining their community and can be a part of them.

3. The Beauty of Hozoviotissa Monastery

The beautiful Hozoviotissa Monastery is a famous memorial stone circle situated in Chora. It is the most significant part to see on the 25th Island of Greece to see for every visitor. It was built to pay tribute to the sanctified Maryam. The Hozoviotissa Monastery is present at the most natural place where you can feel the spirituality and vibrant besides color, creed, and religion. This Monastery is always open to visitors without considering their beliefs.

Hozoviotissa Monastery
Hozoviotissa Monastery

4. Simplicity and Chora Attraction

Chora may not be much beautiful and impressive as other Islands’ but exceptional in its fascination, attraction, and simplicity. If you ever visit Chora on the 25th Island of Greece, you will be bound to see it for a longer time. Chora’s whitewashed stairs, streets, and buildings make it unique, attractive, and fascinating.

Due to its architecture, you can observe the fantastic traditional expertise of builders. So, it is incredible to wander Chora’s streets and watch the white architecture. 

5. Hike to the Castle

We can say it is the castle hiking because it’s risky to reach the castle-like climbing a mountain due to the scary stairs. Once you cross the door, you will see the fantastic scenery. The fortification that you can see across the entries feels like a picture.

Venetian Castle of Hora
Venetian Castle of Hora

This castle is known as the Venetian Castle of Hora, built-in 1290 to protect the 25th Island of Greece. The castle looks like a protector standing outside the Hora village. After a terrible climb, the castle felts like Heaven on earth. You can see a fascinating top view of the Hora Village from the castle.

6. Aegiali to Chora Drive and Sunset

There are no words to describe the beauty of sunset if you are driving Aegiali to Chora before or during sunset. If you want to enjoy a fantastic sunset drive on Island, you must try this drive. Most of the roads are at higher altitudes, but it increases the beauty of the sunset scene with an endless ocean view where the sun looks like diving into the sea.

Things to do on the 25th Island of Greece

Let’s consider several things to try to do on this little island!

1- Try Hiking

Amorgos island is the hiker’s paradise because hiking is one of the top things to do on this island. Hikers can enjoy the magnificent views of this heavenly place, so they can also explore the charming scenes of the Aegean Sea.

Try Hiking at 25th Island of Greece
Try Hiking

You can find multiple hiking trails across the island and linking all of its fascinations in a row. It offers seven staggering paths, including Evangelistria trails, Pan trails, Palia Strata trails, Itonia trails, Photodotis trails, Valsamitis trails, and Melania trails.

All the trials are present in different areas and require individual times to complete your hike. However, expertise is necessary to accomplish every tramp because every pathway is hard to climb.

2- Enjoy Boating

Boating is another absolute activity that can boost your enjoyment on the island. Amorgos island accommodates several hidden caves and beaches that are not accessible if you are wandering on your foot or using a vehicle. So, you can find several boats on the island and offer a one-day complete boat tour with multiple stops.

If you want to discover the hidden beaches of this site, you can grab your boat from Aegiali or Katapola to fulfill your desire. Visitors can also enjoy breathtaking views of the Sea and island via boat. On the other hand, you can also wait for sunset to return to your port if you want to enjoy the sunset views while sailing on the Aegean Sea.

3- Relax on the Beaches of Amorgos

25th island of Greece is home to several pure water and gorgeous beaches. Aegean’s crystal blue water attracts thousands of tourists to relax on its seashores. Cyclades region is known for its beautiful islands where several beaches entertain their tourists, so if you are tired of your daily life activities and looking for a tranquil site to relax, the beaches of Amorgos are waiting for you.

You can spend a whole day on golden and white sandy beaches in front of turquoise blue water that will soothe your soul and delight your body. There are more than 15 beaches in Amorgos, and you can pick one for your day and spend a whole day away from the crowd. 

4- Taste Amorgos Food 

Amorgos is a central point for traditional and mouthwatering eatables among all Greece islands. So, never miss the delicious food on the island during your visit. The island is most in demand for octopuses, oysters, squids, and mussels. You can also buy fresh sea fish at a low cost, and you can enjoy it along with fried rice.

Amorgos Food
Amorgos Food

Patatato is another best food of Amorgos, and you should try it at least once, and then there is no way of tiring it. You can also try smoothies, fresh juices, and omelets made from fresh ingredients. Some best restaurants on the islands are Apospero, Transistoraki, and Amorgialos, where you can enjoy the best dishes on this island. Apospero restaurant serves the best seafood across the island, which you will not taste anywhere else.

5- Fresh-water Activities

Life on the islands revolves around water sports, and island tours are always incomplete without water activities. The turquoise and transparent water of the sea always captivate visitors for swimming and snorkeling.

On the other hand, the calm water waves make this site best for scuba and surfing. Mouros beach is a spectacular beach with small pebble caves making swim more convenient. So, if you don’t want to swim directly from the beach, you can try swimming in cave sides without any fear.

6- Explore The Amorgos Botanical Park

Amorgos botanic Park, a little botanical garden within the heart of Katapola, is dedicated to the exceptional flora of Amorgos island among the Cyclades. Visitors can find an outdoor restaurant that serves flavourful drinks and snacks with organic native merchandise.

You can also visit the botanical science laboratory, which produces the stock with native herbs, and several other events ensue. On the other hand, you can also enjoy music concerts, yoga classes, theatricals, etc. The Park bar offers delicious contemporary salads and beverages made of herbs that they grow in their biological garden.

 Amorgos Botanical Park
Amorgos Botanical Park

Amorgos biological science Park is a pleasant surprise in the middle of Katapola village. This hidden garden brings the joy of nature to its visitors, presenting an eco-friendly slant.

7- Sweeten Your Pallet with The Desserts of Kallisto

The main facet of Kallisto is the Greek methods of sweets preparation. Visitors can eat tasty sweet omelets and sensible cheese pies at this place. You can also sweeten your pallet with sweets, cakes, and pastes at Kallisto, Chora Amorgos. 

Visitors can also find hand-sewn ice creams in luscious flavors if they have ice cream cravings. Located on one of the charming streets of Chora, right next to a bit-painted chapel, Kallisto is the island’s most famed pastry on the attractive spots in Chora.

Top Sites to Visit on the 25th Island of Greece

Here you’ll be able to get pleasure from the amazing beaches!

1- Tholaria

Tholaria is a tiny ancient settlement within the region of Aegialis, enclosed by typical Cycladic nature, bushes, flowers, herbs, and rocks. The village is a model of traditional Cycladic structures with all its painted homes, pretty terraces, and painted alleys. Among different tiny ancient tavernas and cafes, you’ll realize the oldest restaurant on the island, “Horeftis” (The Dancer).

Visitors can also explore one of the most charming sights to ascertain during this village, which is the church of Agioi Anargyroi. Despite its tiny size, Tholaria grabs the attention of several tourists because it offers the chance to take a look at the native culture and living standards. So, the village is worth visiting to feel the authentic vibes of traditional island architecture.

2- Xilokeratidi

Xilokeratidi is a charming gateway and very little settlement within the bay of Katapola. It is an area that retains historical significance for the whole island.

Katapola is the main port of Amorgos and comes with a stunning region that splits into three little settlements such as Katapola, Rachidi, and Xilokeratidi. Within the little hamlet of Rachidi, you can discover the church of Agios Georgios. Xilokeratidi, opposite the port, is the most picturesque part of the bay with its pretty slender streets and ancient taverns.


It is lined with cafes, taverns, and moorings for fishing boats and visiting sailing boats in the city district. You will explore a tiny low sandy beach in its central region, where you’ll be able to conjointly walk or take the bathtub boat to a number of the opposite the fine beaches within the space.

On the Hill higher than Katapola are the excavations of the traditional town of Minoa that are of interest.

3- Arkesini

Arkesini is the oldest settlement on the island, present in Kato Meria, within the southern part of the 25th Island of Greece. The homes in Arkesini are on the slopes of Korakas mountain, which provide panoramic views of the village.

The ancient town of Arkesini was established around the 900th century before Christ by settlers coming from the nearby Naxos Island. The place is termed Kastri (castle) and has spectacular broad views of the Aegean and its islands. The village has crucial archeologic values like the traditional tower of the four-hundredth century, thought to be the best-preserved monument within the Cyclades.

There are several findings on the rock from the classical amount. Furthermore, you can find the structures from the Roman, the Cycladic, the Hellenic, and the Middle-Byzantine periods. There are ruinations of Venetian buildings and fortifications.

4- Kamari

Kamari may be a mountainous village settled 10 km from the capital of Amorgos, hidden within the space of Kato Meria. The town has maintained its ancient character and has charming stone homes with stunning flower yards. 

You can find the Mourou, a strongly recommended beach within a distance of two km from the village of Kamari. Kamari is one of the foremost peaceful regions of Amorgos with its fascinations. The tiny Cycladic churches unfold within the packed space that is additionally nice for hiking. Close by is the ancient bastion of Arkesini.

5- Potamos

Potamos is the earliest village with less population, placed approximately 18 km from the capital of Amorgos. It lies on the slopes of a hill, dominating the bay of Aegialis, northern Amorgos. So, it offers mind-blowing scenes of the ocean. Potamos has an old design with colorful homes, blue windows, and sealed, narrow streets.

The charming fantastic thing about the village is notable, whereas you can wander in the slender alleys. The spectacular serenity of the Aegean is equally stunning. Potamos could be the best spot to relax off from hissing crowds and revel in a spectacular sunset over the Aegean.

Potamos on 25th Island of Greece
Potamos on the 25th Island of Greece

It is quiet and highly picturesque and has an unbroken standard design and standards of life. The village climbs au courant the slope with fantastic views over the dry land and the bay of Aegiali.

6- Vroutsis

Vroutsis is a small village settled on a hill southeast of Amorgos and about 11km from Chora. It is colonized solely by some individuals linked to fishing and cattle-breeding occupations. You will also find the primary traces of inhabitance within the settlement originate from the tip of the post and Middle-Cycladic amount (3rd BC).

Today, the picturesque village of Vroutsis consists of very few white homes with well-embellished balconies and flower yards that provide a sweet fragrance of basil. The folk in Vroutsis is a friendly unit giving an excellent welcome.

It is an area with a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere permitting guests to pay a number of the foremost unforgettable vacation. The village has varied fascinating sites to go to, like, the church of Agios Nikolaos in Kamari, the past settlement of Markiani settled 2km towards Kamari. Also, the remainings of the traditional city of Arkesini are present within the space.

7- Lagada

Situated within the slopes of Krikellos, the very best mountain on the island, Lagada is the most mountainous village on the 25th Island of Greece. It is present about four kilometers faraway from Ormos Aegiali. Lagada is also an ancient village with little churches, small alleys, painted homes, and heaps of hiking ways to find.

Lagada Village
Lagada Village

You can explore several fascinations in and around the village of Lagada. Some of the well-known attractions of this town include Panagia Epanochoriani, the churches of Agia Triada, the recent settlement of Stroumbos, and the ravine of Araklos. The village of Lagada encompasses a network of slender lanes, connecting each corner of the site with the main road.

8- Kalofana

Kalofana is an associated agricultural village on the southern facet of the island. The painted home area unit is consistently adorned with the standard vogue and colorful gardens. It is a little ancient village that includes typical painted Cycladic homes and the church of Ayia Paraskevi, wherever one of the foremost vital feasts of the island is widely known. 

Amazing Hotels on the 25th Island of Greece

Here are some places to stay on this island of Greece.

1- Vigla Hotel

Vigla Hotel is the best choice for its location and services at its cost. They provide sizeable and clean rooms with an exquisite terrace, from where you can enjoy the amphitheater view of the port. It is found in Tholaria, a village of Amorgos with friendly locals that may welcome you with a smile and provide the simplest vacation expertise.

Vigla Hotel
Vigla Hotel

Combining spectacular views of the Aegean and the gorgeous mountainous landscapes, it welcomes you to Amorgos for distinctive holidays in the Hellenic region. You can book your room for $120 in the Vigla hotel.

2- Amorgion Hotel

Amorgion is a lovely, compact building with a gorgeous pool on the side higher than Katapola, at the port of the fantastic 25th Island of Greece. You can read deals for the Amorgion building and refundable rates with free cancellation on their website.

Business guests fancy the breakfast. The aparthotel offers its guests a garden and bar. Honoring the standard Cycladic design of Amorgos, the Amorgion building has been in-built a divine stretch of three acres. Visitors can book their cosmic room for $65 to $70.

3- Aegialis Hotel & Spa

Aegialis is a five-star hotel that includes a Thalassotherapy Spa. The hotel is set adjacent to Aegiali beach,25th island of Greece, Cyclades. The hotel is worth staying in due to the daily connections from Santorini and Mykonos islands. Its location is beautiful on a hill trying over the Bay of Aegiali on beautiful Amorgos.

Aegialis building & Spa is made to supply a mixture of ancient Amorgian cordial reception and a tranquil & reposeful ambiance with a convenient, elegant setting. You’ll be able to notice clean and comfy rooms to elevate your stress and temporary state of tiredness. The rooms are available for $165. 

4- Yperia Hotel

Yperia building is centrally present right next to taverns and retailers. Aegiali Port and the scenic Amorgos city are within a 3-minute walk. The building has at its disposal cosmic rooms with incredible scenes on the Aegean and the port of Aegiali.

Yperia Hotel on Island
Yperia Hotel on Island

It is a top-rated location due to its closeness to restaurants, hiking trails, and beaches. On the other hand, the rooms are airy, and the beds are comfy for your stay. They will provide the best suite to their guests for just $80.

5- Pagali Hotel 

It is an ideal location for spending your holidays in one of the most charming Amorgos hotels in the Cyclades. You can enjoy authentic and stunning accommodation in Greece at Pagali Hotel. The hotel also provides the best proximity to restaurants and bars.

In other words, it is a trap of peacefulness, excellence, and coziness. Guests can also enjoy the stunning views of the ocean, sunset, and sunrise from high above Aegean. So, make a reservation for your arrival and book a comfy room for $110.

6- Galaxy Hotel

Galaxy hotel is one of the best options for people searching for budget-friendly options to stay on the 25th Island of Greece. You will get a balcony beside your room to enjoy the views of the bay as the hotel overlooks the Aegean Sea with 13 up-to-date cozy rooms.

In short, Galaxy edifice is an excellent place to remain on the most beautiful sites on the 25th island of Greece. Clean rooms, associate appreciated service, and the pleasant bay scenes and square measure awaiting you to own an excellent stay for 40$.

7- Minoa Hotel

The Minoa hotel is a perfect location for visiting the beautiful and friendly island that’s extraordinarily worth even a single penny. The Cycladic-style building Minoa is centrally placed in Katapola Port, next to the mini markets and restaurants and about one hundred meters from the beach.

Minoa Hotel
Minoa Hotel

Minoa in Amorgos offers its guests top-quality services and assists in making their stay in Amorgos very unforgettable expertise. It is one of the best places to stay in Amorgos at a reasonable cost, where you can book your room for $75.

Final Words

The island is a vigorous volcano and is the hub of several historical ruinations, with a temple and earliest dilapidations. The site is currently home to a monastic settlement. It is often the place to travel due to the serenity of the island if you are in the mood for a romantic getaway. If you have problems roaming around alone escorted tours of Greece are also a better option for you.

Why is 25th Island of Greece trending online?

The gorgeous 25th Island of Greece is recently trending on the internet, but not for its rugged natural beauty and charming beaches. It’s noted online for its name, “the Amorgos,” because it sounds identical to the popular game Among Us.

Why is Amorgos called the 25th Island of Greece?

Greece has more than 6,000 islands, of that 227 are used for residential purposes. On the other hand, fifty-five Islands have a population of quite one thousand, and twenty-five exceptional Islands are known for tourism in Ella’s destinations. One of them is the 25th Island of Greece and named because of its size among other islands.

What is the location of the 25th Island of Greece?

25th Island of Greece is one of the most beautiful Greece islands in the group of Cyclades islands. It is present near the Ios and Naxos in the southern region of the Cyclades archipelago.

In which weather should you visit Amorgos island?

The Amorgos retains a warm temperature throughout the year. However, the chances of rain increase in winter than in summer. It maintains an average temperature of about 18 degrees Celsius. So, you can visit the island any time of the year, but avoid visiting the island when there are chances of rain because it can spoil your trip.

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