Watching the sunset is the best part of every vacation, especially the beaches. It showcases the splendour of nature. Sunset on the beach is an incredible sight, symbolizing the end of a day spent with someone you love. This vibrant, free show takes place each evening. Every day, and everywhere, there are sunsets. It makes no difference where you are in the globe or if you are travelling on a tight budget. You can be sitting in the sand at gorgeous Bali beaches or standing atop a mountain. Thus, there are several places to enjoy the world’s finest sunsets with old and new friends and family.

Sunset on Beach

This article lists several locations where you can see sunset on beaches. A trip to this region would only be complete with the stunning show its skies put on every evening.

1. Cape Elizabeth, Maine

Maine’s shore faces east, yet it continues creating breathtaking sunsets. The fact that you have to put forth more effort to see them can make them even better. The sun sets here to the north in the summer, so plan your visit to ensure you see one of those iconic Maine vistas of a rocky shoreline or lighthouse against the red glow of twilight.

Cape Elizabeth, Maine
Cape Elizabeth, Maine

Moreover, Cape Elizabeth is at its best in the fall and winter, but its southwest orientation provides year-round sunsets. Like Sunset Park Brooklyn, this town also centres on outdoor adventures. Its Portland Head Lighthouse includes an open ocean as its backdrop. Thus, the spectacle created by the Atlantic weather lashing against the cliffs makes for genuinely remarkable photos.

2. Key West, Florida

For all of Florida’s western shore, the end of the day provides a stunning sunset across the Gulf of Mexico. Gazing over the unbroken ocean, ninety miles from Cuba, observers witness a breathtaking light display as the sun sets far below the ocean’s surface. Both the Haleakala Sunset and the sunset of Key West are renowned for their breathtaking horizon.

Moreover, the colours red, orange, violet, and every other colour in between light up the sky before fading one by one. Mallory Square has street food stalls every evening. In contrast, performers liven up the party vibe. Hence, the green flash is a rare sight that can only be seen on cloudless evenings and deserves the loudest applause.

3. Eagle Beach, Aruba

There is never a rugged sunset from the Bahamas to Tobago, especially when sipping a drink at a beach bar. Eagle Beach, located in Aruba, has the best sunset on a beach, with its white sands and tranquil waves. The beach is lined by unique divi-divi trees instead of palm trees.

Eagle Beach, Aruba
Eagle Beach, Aruba

In addition, these evergreens, with the prevailing winds, have been worn into a twisted shape. This place is well-known for its instantly identifiable sunset-coloured plantations. It will be enough to watch until a better sunset appears, even if it’s not the most prominent in the world.

4. Leluvia, Fiji

Beautiful sunsets may be found on the little island of Leleuvia. It is situated south of Viti Levu, the main island of Fiji. Here, the sun displays an intense pink and orange light on the lake and sky. You can enjoy the view by sipping a refreshing drink and snapping sky pictures on the beach.

Apart from all this, you can swim in the island’s pristine waters or climb a palm tree. From here, you can capture priceless memories of your kids playing below with the sands or click the sunset horizon. Remember to take part in a Kava ceremony conducted by resort personnel.

5. Ipanema Beach, Brazil

Along parts of the Ipanema beach, people stand and cheer at Rio’s breathtaking sunsets. Sunsets take time, so you’ll have to wait to see the dazzling hues of nature. Sunsets from the beach are a particular pleasure, but the view from above, which includes the city lights, is quite another.

Ipanema Beach, Brazil
Ipanema Beach, Brazil

Further, popular locations in Rio include Sugarloaf Mountain, which overlooks Ipanema. The most splendid view is from Mirante Dona Marta, perched roughly 1,000 feet above the city. Viewers can see the mountain, Guanabara Bay, and more as the sun sets over the distant horizon and the city lights come on.

6. Sugar or Salagdoong Beach, Philippines

In the Philippines, there’s no deprived spot to watch the sunset on the beach. If you can catch the sun setting into the pristine waters, it will be an experience of a lifetime. Swim at Sugar Beach’s shallow waters or take a memorable diving or snorkelling trip in the Sulu Sea. See the only bar situated atop the cliffs at the beach’s terminus.

Further, there are various locations on Salagdoong Beach where you may witness the sun setting over the black, volcanic mountain range. You can also stand with your feet in the sand and watch sunsets. Thus, discover the stunning waterfalls in the island’s vegetation or scuba diving to observe turtles.

7. Ibiza, Spain

Gorgeous sunsets can be seen throughout the Mediterranean, from Capri to Sicily and Ibiza. Ibiza is primarily known for its beach gatherings during the golden hour. The beach parties held there under the golden light are prominent. Because of the renowned nightlife on the island, Ibiza’s sunsets are unique. Many observers view the sun in the day rather than in the evening.

Ibiza, Spain
Ibiza, Spain

But, the island pauses to witness the sun setting the ocean on fire, a brief moment of shared peace. Numerous spots like San Antonio’s Sunset Strip include sunset festivities. These locations are dotted with bars and cocktail menus. So, join the show or find a peaceful place for yourself.

8. Koekohe Beach, New Zealand

One of the many beautiful natural wonders that New Zealand is endowed with is its sunset on beaches. The Moeraki Boulders make Koekohe Beach unique from other places for the world’s best sunset. These enormous spherical pebbles fell from nearby cliffs and piled on the beaches.

Likewise, these are balls of silt with a texture that first led some people to believe they were dinosaur eggs. Photographers love the attractive, otherworldly effect the boulders create when viewed against a sunrise or sunset. Any visitor to the South Island must visit this place.

9. Huntington Beach, California

The friendly community of Huntington Beach welcomes tourists with an easygoing vibe. It’s the ideal location for a thrilling holiday or a tranquil retreat along the sunrise and sunset views. Dunes are great for sunbathing, but the most amazing places to watch the sunsets are to stand on these dunes and check the horizon affecting the waves. You and your family can enjoy a picture-perfect sunset view here.

Huntington Beach, California
Huntington Beach, California

Numerous facilities are available on the beach to ensure visitors have a convenient stay. There are picnic spaces along the coast and a kid-friendly playground nearby. Likewise, the Huntington Beach Pier offers plenty of options for strolling and fishing, and it is a must-visit.

10. Kanyakumari Beach, India

You can stroll along the shoreline and see the Vivekananda rock and stature from the Sunrise spots. To witness the breathtaking sunset, ascend the view tower. See the sunset against an orange backdrop and the roaring waves lapping against the coastal rocks. Most tourists depart as the sun sets. The view tower’s mighty wind can be enjoyed for a short while.

In addition, the surrounding seas and oceans reflect the orange hue that pervades the entire sky. Similarly, the sunset location is on the beach directly behind the Amman temple. Thus, the sun rises and sets between the statue and the Rock Memorial.


No matter where you are, you can always count on seeing the celestial events daily, such as sunrise and sunset on beaches. The sun seems different depending on where it is on the horizon. The beach is the best spot to witness the sunset, but not all sunset views are equal. So, people search for beautiful sunsets every day, whether they are interested in astronomy, want to try their hand at nature photography, or are looking for the ideal setting.

FAQs About Sunset on Beach

Why do people love sunsets more than any other activity?

People adore sunsets because they bring peace, beauty, and the experience of being connected to the natural world. Sunsets are an all-time favourite time for praise because of their vivid hues and how they gradually change. They are a soothing experience often enjoyed with loved ones.

Is Sunset Beach suitable for swimming?

Sunset Beach’s calm waters and gentle waves make it ideal for everyone to swim in. However, sailors must be aware of local factors such as tides, waves, and warnings to ensure a safe and fantastic trip.

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