Embarking on a family holiday to Pigeon Forge is like stepping into a world where every turn offers a new adventure, and every moment is an opportunity to create lasting memories. This charming town, with its blend of natural beauty, thrilling attractions, and warm Southern hospitality, also provides the perfect backdrop for families looking to escape the routine of everyday life. From outdoor enthusiasts to thrill-seekers, Pigeon Forge caters to all. It ensures that your family holiday is not only super fun but also truly memorable. In this guide, we’ll delve into eight essential tips to make the most of your Pigeon Forge vacation.

1. Explore the Great Outdoors

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park, a stone’s throw from Pigeon Forge, is an outdoor paradise waiting to be explored. With its vast network of trails ranging from easy walks to challenging hikes, the park offers something for every age and fitness level.

Families can enjoy picnics beside crystal-clear mountain streams, spot wildlife in their natural habitat, and enjoy the panoramic views from the mountain peaks. Engaging with nature not only provides a refreshing break from the digital world but also fosters a sense of adventure and exploration in children, making it a must-do for any family holiday.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park
Great Smoky Mountains National Park

2. Experience the Excitement of Dinner Shows

Pigeon Forge is renowned for its entertainment, and the dinner shows are a highlight that shouldn’t be missed. Among these, the Hatfield & McCoy Dinner Feud stands out for its unique blend of history, humor, and fun. This show puts a hilarious twist on the classic Hatfield McCoy feud, featuring dancing, comedy, diving stunts, and tricks.

It’s a spectacle that captivates both the young and the old, making your meal an unforgettable experience. The show’s ability to combine a delicious feast with engaging entertainment exemplifies the creativity and spirit of Pigeon Forge. Thus, it ensures an evening full of laughter and entertainment.

3. Enjoy Theme Park Thrills

A trip to Pigeon Forge isn’t truly complete without spending a day at Dollywood. This world-class theme park, co-owned by Dolly Parton herself, offers a variety of rides and attractions that cater to all ages. From adrenaline-pumping roller coasters to gentle carousel rides, there’s something to thrill everyone.

But Dollywood is more than just rides; it’s a celebration of the Smoky Mountains’ culture, with live music, craft demonstrations, and seasonal festivals that provide a glimpse into the region’s heritage. A day at Dollywood is a day filled with joy, excitement, and the warmth of Southern charm, making it a pivotal part of your family’s holiday adventure.

4. Discover Local Wildlife

The Smoky Mountains are a haven for wildlife, and Pigeon Forge offers numerous opportunities to witness these creatures in their natural setting. Whether it’s through a visit to a wildlife sanctuary or a guided nature tour, seeing the local fauna up close is a thrilling experience for families.

Local Wildlife
Local Wildlife

It’s not just about the excitement of spotting a bear or a deer; it’s about learning the importance of conservation and understanding the ecosystem’s delicate balance. This educational aspect adds depth to your holiday, making it not only fun but also enlightening.

5. Indulge in Southern Cuisine

Southern cuisine is a hearty celebration of flavors and traditions, and Pigeon Forge offers a culinary journey that is as diverse as it is delicious. From smoky barbeque ribs that fall off the bone to creamy, stone-ground grits and flaky, buttery biscuits, the local fare is a testament to the rich culinary heritage of the South.

Family meals become an adventure as you explore eateries ranging from quaint diners to upscale restaurants, each serving up dishes with that unmistakable Southern charm. Encouraging kids to try new foods not only expands their palate but also enriches their cultural understanding, making dining an integral part of the travel experience in Pigeon Forge.

6. Take a Scenic Drive

Pigeon Forge is surrounded by some of the country’s most beautiful landscapes. Hence, taking a scenic drive is a peaceful way to enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the Smoky Mountains. Routes like the Blue Ridge Parkway or Cades Cove also offer stunning vistas at every turn, from mist-covered mountains to lush, rolling valleys.

These drives provide not only spectacular views but also opportunities to discover hidden gems, like small local shops and roadside waterfalls. So, packing a picnic and stopping at one of the many overlooks gives families a moment to relax. They can also connect with nature away from the hustle and bustle of tourist spots.

7. Participate in Local Events

Throughout the year, Pigeon Forge comes alive with a variety of local events and festivals that celebrate everything from the changing seasons to the rich array of Appalachian culture. From crafts fairs and music festivals to parades and holiday celebrations, these events also offer families a unique opportunity to engage with the community and experience the local culture firsthand.

Participating in these festivities not only adds a special flavor to your holiday but also creates memories that are unique to the time and place of your visit, making your family trip even more memorable.

Appalachian culture
Appalachian culture

8. Unwind with Leisure Activities

After days filled with adventure and exploration, unwinding with leisure activities is essential for a balanced holiday experience. Pigeon Forge also offers a plethora of options, from mini-golf and go-karting to serene walks along the Little Pigeon River.

These activities provide a laid-back contrast to the more adrenaline-pumping attractions, allowing families to enjoy each other’s company in a relaxed setting. Leisure time also offers a chance to reflect on the day’s adventures and appreciate the simple joys of being together, reinforcing the bonds that make family holidays so special.


A family holiday in Pigeon Forge is more than just a break from the routine. It’s an opportunity to explore, learn, and grow together in a setting that combines natural beauty with endless entertainment. From savoring the flavors of Southern cuisine and taking in the majestic scenery on a scenic drive to participating in local events and enjoying leisurely activities, each aspect of your trip contributes to an array of experiences that define a memorable family holiday.

Pigeon Forge, with its welcoming atmosphere and wide number of attractions, is the perfect backdrop for creating those precious moments that become cherished family memories. As you plan your trip, remember that the true magic of a family holiday lies in the shared experiences and the joy of discovery, making every moment spent together in Pigeon Forge a treasure to hold onto forever.