Old Orchard Beach is a beautiful town by the sea in Maine with many fun activities. Whether a resident or a tourist, you can explore exciting things in this charming town. You can build sandcastles on the beach or play games on the pier. Old Orchard Beach has many activities that you can enjoy, like yummy seafood, a walk on the boardwalk, or a bike ride around the town. Whatever you choose to do, Old Orchard Beach is a great place to make happy memories!

Things to Do in Old Orchard Beach

Let’s plunge into the details of various things to do in Old Orchard Beach!

1- Take a Stroll on Old Orchard Beach Pier

Old Orchard Beach Pier is a fantastic place for a family vacation, no matter how old you are! It opened in July 1898 and has been providing many fun activities, like casinos, dancing, lectures, and concerts. A big storm happened and changed things, but in 1980, they rebuilt the beach and made it even better!

Old Orchard Beach Pier
Old Orchard Beach Pier

Now, you can enjoy the beach and the fun activities, plus delicious meals at the nearby restaurants and shops owned by the Golzibein family. You can have a wonderful time splashing in the sea or enjoy the view. It is the perfect place to make unique memories with your loved ones!

2- Enjoy Delicious Pizza at Pirates Patio and Galley

When you’re in Old Orchard Beach, Maine, you can’t miss having a slice of delicious pizza at Pirates Patio and Galley. This restaurant is just a 5-minute drive from Tami Lyn’s Place and offers excellent food and an exciting story! It is in an old boat once known as the “Widowmaker.”

You can enjoy watching sports games on their televisions while munching your tasty pizza. If you want a more adventurous dining experience, you can sit outside the boat, just a few steps away from the actual location. Pirates Patio and Galley offer delicious foods at reasonable prices, so try them all!

3- Experience Nature at Ne’re Beach Family Campground

Ne’re Beach Family Campground is a popular camping site located in Old Orchard Beach, Maine. It’s a great place to spend quality time with your family and friends without any distractions from gadgets. You can tell stories, cook food, and even have a bonfire. It’s also a great way to escape from the crowd’s noise.

Ne're Beach Family Campground
Ne’re Beach Family Campground

In addition, the campground is near the beach, so you can enjoy the beautiful scenery and splash in the water. While you’re there, remember to check out all the exciting attractions in Old Orchard Beach and take a moment to appreciate nature too!

4- Satisfy Your Cravings at Café 64

Café 64 is a popular spot in Old Orchard Beach serving delicious breakfast. When you want a yummy breakfast, you can go to this place. You can relish a hot mug of coffee and try their hot cinnamon bread served in the morning. Café 64 is also perfect for lunch.

But in the morning, you shouldn’t miss out on their Brigus Breakfast Burrito, Huevos Rancheros, and Breakfast Sandwich. The café has a relaxing atmosphere and friendly staff who will greet you with a hospitable welcome. Start your day by having breakfast at Café 64!

5- Visit the Historic Ocean Park Temple

Ocean Park Temple is a beautiful Baptist Church building on Temple Avenue in Ocean Park. The temple has been around for a long time and has many historical names like Jordan Hall, Bell Tower, Porter Hall stand, and The Temple.

Historic Ocean Park Temple
Historic Ocean Park Temple

Moreover, it has been almost unchanged despite being around for a long time. You can visit the temple to discover its past and admire its stunning design. The temple is worth visiting for its rich history and beautiful architecture. It’s also a great place to worship!

6- Shop for Unique Home Decor at Cottage Decor

Cottage Decor is a store that sells special items to make your home look like a cottage. They started their business in April 2020, aiming to sell unique antique items such as furniture, ceramics, and lamps that can help you make your cottage style memorable. They also have old framed pictures and other items that tell stories of Old Orchard Beach’s rich history.

Many items fit perfectly in New England cottages, such as vintage furniture, lamps, ceramics, and linens. Besides, they have some fresh items to decorate your cottages, such as candles, pillows, and tide clocks that match their furniture.

7- Discover Unique Crafts at Beachology

Beachology is a beautiful store located in the center of Old Orchard Beach. It has the most beautiful items made by the craftspeople of Maine. Their unique furniture collections, accent, and handmade items are handpicked to give customers a calm and peaceful shopping experience. This has many options for everyone, including kitchens, bachelor caves, interior spaces, and outdoor spaces.


Some of the most loved items are Handmade Sea Bags, pieces created by regional artisans, and delicious food from Stonewall Kitchen. They make great gifts and are all made in Maine. When you visit Beachology, you’ll feel like you’re in a Zen-like world of beautiful things!

8- Play Mini Golf at Pirate’s Cove Golf

Pirate’s Cove Adventure Golf is a fun place for families to enjoy. For more than thirty years, Pirate’s Cove Adventure Golf has been offering family-friendly and high-quality entertainment. You can try your golfing skills with family and friends on their top-tier golf holes. The flowing crystal clear water and complex landscaping make it more adventurous. The course is designed to cater to both experienced and young golfers.

Furthermore, the pirate-themed decorations and backdrops create a fun atmosphere. The menu options are beautifully themed, offering something for everyone in the family. Discover the adventures of the rowdiest outlaws to sail the seven seas while surrounded by perfectly maintained lawns, immaculate landscaping, and beautifully carved rockwork.

Pirate's Cove Golf
Pirate’s Cove Golf

9- Taste Delicious Craft Beer at Definitive Brewing

Definitive Brewing is a company that creates different types of beer and was founded by friends and family members in 2017. They have many locations offering various beers and always aim to ensure their visitors have a great time. Their newest location is on the main street of Old Orchard Beach.

They turned the old Landmark Restaurant into a completely outdoor beer garden where visitors can sit in over 100 covered, shaded chairs. They also have a game room for visitors to play in and serve the newest types of beer and alcoholic soft-serve ice cream that people love to try.


Old Orchard Beach is a famous beach resort town in Maine that’s great for a family vacation. You can enjoy many fun activities there, such as mini golf, shopping, amusement parks, biking, parasailing, and weekly fireworks. There’s always something exciting happening here, and you’ll never be bored. Whether planning a day trip or a longer stay, Old Orchard Beach is the perfect destination for fun and unforgettable memories.

FAQs about Things to Do in Old Orchard Beach

Is Old Orchard Beach family-friendly?

Yes, Old Orchard Beach is a perfect destination for families. It offers various activities for all ages, including children. With its beautiful beach, amusement parks, and mini golf, there’s something for everyone.

Is Old Orchard Beach only a summer destination?

While Old Orchard Beach is mainly known as a summer destination, plenty of winter activities like ice skating and snowmobiling remain to enjoy.

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