The charming coastal Mississippi town of Ocean Springs is famous for its small-town charisma, artistic flair, and camping events. The city is vibrant, modern, and rich in culture. Likewise, its festivals and creative activities are particularly well-known. Among all other things to do in Ocean Springs, MS, its fine arts event in the state has been celebrated for over 40 years. It is just one of the many activities available in Ocean Springs. The beaches are only a few blocks from its’ pedestrian-friendly downtown, with over 200 small stores, galleries, and eateries. Here’s what you should plan to do this year when you visit Ocean Springs.

Things to Do in Ocean Springs, MS

This article will introduce you to great things to do in Ocean Springs, MS, from art studios and museums to scenic gardens and historical junctures.

1. View Walter Anderson Museum of Art

The downtown Walter Anderson Museum of Art honours the coastal wildlife and landscapes painted by its namesake. It was renovated in 2021 and has a new artistic complex. Further, the officials gave this local attraction a life-changing cultural experience for the tourists. This museum honours the local wildlife and tells the tale of fascinating artists.

Walter Anderson Museum of Art
Walter Anderson Museum of Art

Likewise, the guide will terrifically describe the mural, and the great work is for sale at the gift shop. This museum is famous today for its spectacular artwork, flowing lines in his block prints, jewel-like acrylics, and ink drawings.

2. Entertainment At The Greenhouse on Porter

The Green House on Porter is beyond any store Ocean Springs has ever seen. It is situated on the peaceful west end of Porter Avenue. This cafe fosters a community with excellent coffee, biscuits, and a beer selection. Visit Opp Shop, a weekly art market showcasing regional artisans, or spend the evening dancing to fantastic music on the lawn.

Further, bring your bike and join the Porter Pedalers for a cross-country road trip after viewing the monthly art exhibits at the shop. Thursday nights are for yoga in the greenhouse. Thus, it aims to give something to the community and foster a setting that enables creativity, leisure, and invention.

3. Shop At Five Seasons Whole Foods Market

At its opening, Five Seasons Whole Foods Market was the state’s only organic market. The staff works hard to offer only the healthiest, highest-quality organic food selections, and new products are added weekly. Likewise, dried grains and nuts are available in crocks at the market.

Five Seasons Whole Foods Market
Five Seasons Whole Foods Market

Apart from all this, you can find out what mouthwatering natural foods it has in stock. Since 1977, it has been the go-to source for organic goods and products in Ocean Springs and the nearby area. With almost 40 years of experience, shopping here is among the finest things to do in Ocean Springs, MS.

4. See Artworks At The GI Museum

The GI Museum meaningfully pays tribute to the service members and their past. It is worthwhile to visit this repository of military history. Here, you can view 16,000 objects gathered by founder Doug Mansfield, displayed for visitors. The staff will let you understand and honour the military personnel and their sacrifice.

Further, take your time to walk through each display and view some more goods. In addition to providing history, the displays bring historical artifacts to life, such as tubes, war bonds, cigarette packs, and other items. Thus, this is a private collection honouring those who gave their life in defence of the nation.

5. Explore Mary C O’Keefe Cultural Center

Ocean Springs’ public art scene relies on the Mary C. O’Keefe Cultural Arts Center, which offers various artistic facilities and events. The centre’s stunning 1937 WPA tile murals by James McConnell Anderson have been restored, secured, and housed in the lovely foyer. Seven more rooms are available for courses or events at the centre.

Mary C O'Keefe Cultural Center
Mary C O’Keefe Cultural Center

Moreover, the Ocean Springs History Museum and two art galleries with stunning locally created artwork are inside the Cultural Center. Meetings and concerts can occur in the Trent Lott Performing Arts Theatre, which has 383 seats and can host town meetings, musicals, concerts, plays, and recitals.

6. Camp At Gulf Islands National Seashore

The Gulf Islands National Seashore’s stunning white beaches, wetlands, scenery, and green coast seas attract millions of tourists annually. However, midweek travel is guided because weekends and holidays are the busiest times of the year, which might result in heavy traffic. So, purchase your park pass in advance; parking spots are not assured.

In addition, each entrance station has beach condition flags, so swim carefully and be aware of rip currents. No boats or people should enter the sea within 200 feet of the Fort Pickens fishing pier for safety concerns. Take the Pensacola City Bay Ferry operated to Fort Pickens for the journey to Pensacola Beach.

7. Shop At The Shearwater Pottery

Since the 1920s, Shearwater Pottery has made figurines, ornate tiles, art pottery, functional ware, and other items. It is premium hard-fired earthenware meant to be used both visually and usefully. Every artwork is distinct and one-of-a-kind. Two different clay bodies were used to create this ceramic.

The Shearwater Pottery
The Shearwater Pottery

Moreover, the cast parts are hand-painted or artistically adorned. The buff-bodied clay primarily sourced from nearby sources is utilized for cast pieces. Apart from all this, Shearwater’s decorators have the coating of some sole glazes. So, viewing the pottery pieces is among the best things to do in Ocean Springs, MS.

8. Visit The Ocean Springs Collective

Ocean Springs Collective covers a range of locations. Situated in the emerging artistic sector, The Beatnik is a small hotel. It offers visitors an authentic experience inspired by the Beatnik culture. Seaside Fitness-Group Training Studio is a small group offering training. Rain Residential is a creative real estate firm that prioritizes a work culture.

In addition, Porters of Books welcomes and helps everyone entering with scholarly, fun, and thrilling books. Apple Pear Restaurant is a place of permaculture. It is related to farms with cafes crafted by creative and culinary minds. The food forest and garden at the city’s heart are The Collective’s focal point.

9. Book A Stay At The Hemingway

A boutique hotel called The Hemingway is tucked away in the centre of downtown. This unusual space is carved out of a historic bank structure. It is divided into four chic rooms with a distinct theme and character. Savour the City of Discovery by being close to the beaches. You can see a vibrant area with more than 100 eateries and bars and distinctive locally-owned stores and galleries.

Stay At The Hemingway
Stay At The Hemingway

However, you can make bookings for the entire hotel or just a romantic break. This gloriously light-filled lodging features stunning windows. You can look into a charming park with a repainted gazebo and the odd passing train. Thus, the one-night payment you made is not refundable.

10. Play At Miner’s Doll & Toy Store

Miner’s Doll & Toy Store recalls nostalgia while remaining modern and relevant. It’s worth the trip; it’s in the historic downtown area. Miner’s, one of the top two toy stores in the South, is recognized for its creative and unique designs and offers complimentary gift wrapping.

Other dolls, from huggable cloth dolls to designer beauty, are also available. The shop also specializes in different books and miniature artwork. A whole room is available for reading, games, puzzles, and artistic expression. Hence, you can buy anything you want at a discount.


The Ocean Springs is a charming area encircled by artwork and the natural world. You’ll find some unique finds, from historical sites to parks, art spaces, and shops. Plenty of natural sights may be found if outdoor exploring sounds like a fun day. Also, the seaside offers a variety of fun activities, such as hiking and picnicking. There are numerous art and history-focused museums in OS. You can also enjoy various things to do in Ocean Springs, MS, including dining and shopping. So don’t forget to visit Ocean Springs on your trip to Mississippi!

FAQs About Things to Do in Ocean Springs, MS

What is the average weather yearly in Ocean Springs?

Ocean Springs experiences a range of average temperatures. August, July, and June are the hottest months if you seek the warmest weather. Early to mid-August is usually the warmest period yearly, with highs hovering around 33.4°C and few nights. The coldest month is January, with a median low of 45°F.

What are the fantastic places to eat here?

Don’t Miss Woody’s Roadside Stop. This casual restaurant serves around 20 gourmet burgers. Open for lunch and dinner, Maison de Lu offers an indoor and outdoor menu featuring a selection of snacks served on the patio and in the courtyard. There are also many other eateries to enjoy here.

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