Tourists have long been captivated by Navarre Beach, one of the charming family beaches in Florida. Visitors adore Navarre’s unique beach town charm, immaculate white beaches, and glistening blue seas. Both locals and visitors have the impression that this little beach town has a slower pace of life. Tourism at Navarre Beach is still growing among travelers seeking a more private beach experience. Fishing, diving, knowing about sea turtles, and lounging on the beach are all family activities. So, plan your trip as there is a wide variety of things to do in Navarre Beach.

Things to Do in Navarre Beach

Although there are many things to do in Navarre Beach, this article highlights a handful that should be at the top of the tourist preference.

1. Visit Navarre Beach Marine Park

The Navarre Beach Marine Park is ideal for rejuvenation and has excellent views. You can look at the pier, picnic points, and pavilion here. It’s the perfect place to relax with its gorgeous views. This artificial reef system covers acres and is a sanctuary for aquatic life. You must follow specific guidelines while entering the sanctuary.

Navarre Beach Marine Park
Navarre Beach Marine Park

In addition to providing access to the artificial snorkeling reefs, this park offers leisurely beach activities. By venturing just a few miles offshore, near-shore reefs make it simple for divers to observe the marine animals and ecosystems. Thus, these reef sites provide a low-cost way to improve your diving and snorkeling skills.

2. Stroll Along Navarre Beach Pier

From a new angle, you can walk along Florida’s oldest pier to see Navarre Beach’s stunning coastline. Spending time on smoke-free beaches and enjoying the sea breeze with the family is a great idea at Navarre Beach Pier. Most fishermen wait at the far end of the pier, hoping to catch that big fish. There is a contact number you may call if you observe an animal in trouble, and help will arrive quickly.

Further, you can see jumping fish and marine turtles. The views are simply breathtaking. Windjammers on the Pier is a classic pier cafe where you can eat a classic plate of food and enjoy the views. Thus, you can see a dazzling sunset before you as the ideal way to cap off your day.

3. Go To Navarre Beach Sea Turtle Conservation Center

This sea turtle center is an essential place for every outdoor enthusiast. By researching and providing insights, this group works to save sea turtles in danger of extinction. It is among the top things to do in Navarre Beach. Sweet Pea is a green sea turtle that lives in the main pool.

Sea Turtle Conservation Center
Sea Turtle Conservation Center

During the tour, you will also see many interactive exhibits. The displays are nicely done, and the personnel is informed and polite. A Marine Debris Recycling Corner is also featured here. Check the daily calendar for special activities tailored for kids, such as scavenger hunts and the Shark Tooth Treasure Search.

4. Discover Gulf Breeze Zoo

Another fantastic family-friendly Navarre Beach activity is the Gulf Breeze Zoo, which spans at least 50 acres and is conveniently located only 15 minutes from Navarre Beach. Likewise, it is home to over 900 animals from various species, including beloved species like giraffes, rhinos, gorillas, and hippos.

Further, a safari express railroad, a towering avenue, animal displays, and even a little gem mining are all free for tourists. You may experience feeding sessions or other interactions with certain animals up close. However, if you’re hungry, stop by the on-site restaurant and taste the delicious food items.

5. Hike At Florida National Scenic Trail

The Florida Trail is another name for this scenic pathway. This long hiking trail lets tourists bring their bikes and enjoy two ventures quickly. Although it is primarily a hiking track, there are also camping and picnic areas.

Florida National Scenic Trail
Florida National Scenic Trail

Apart from all this, visitors can speak with the local land managers about the codes to follow to find out what uses are allowed nearby. Although hiking is the main activity on this trail, visitors can access various recreational options. Remember, this family-friendly activity can turn out to be a memorable one.

6. Picnic At Live Oaks Naval Campground

Another fantastic activity is spending a day by the bay at Live Oaks Naval Campground. It strikes the ideal balance between action and leisure. This place is tucked away in the peaceful stretches of the Gulf Islands National Seashore, and the camp loop is open year-round.

Likewise, picnics are popular. If you reserve one of the pavilions, you’ll have the ideal location for them, with nearby facilities, a grill, and a bonfire. Admire the towering live oak trees that have grown in the area for years. Hence, hike over more than seven miles of pathways home to various species and verdant environs.

7. Thrills At Navarre Family Watersports Water Park

Are you in the mood for some excitement? If so, proceed to the Navarre Family Watersports Water Park for more water-based delight. Give the air-filled golf course a try. However, tourists are usually warned as it only seems easier than it is. Racing around and navigating the many obstacles is the fun part.

Navarre Family Watersports Water Park
Navarre Family Watersports Water Park

Whether you finish the race or not, you should still receive a medal because you accepted the challenge. For a slightly easier activity, rent a float boat or kayak from Sage Paddle. The staff is nice and welcoming, and the ambiance is perfect for families.

8. Go To The Club at Hidden Creek

The Club at Hidden Creek in Navarre is renowned for its lovely setting, rolling terrain, lush nature, and attractive layout. This famous public golf course has eighteen holes and is miles in area. With water around the course, it provides a thrilling game for players of all skill levels.

Before entering the course, all golfers must check in at the Pro Shop. Each person must own a set of golf clubs. You cannot leave early without permission. You must tee off at the next available time if you miss your scheduled time. So, pets and non-golfers are not permitted on the course.

9. Aura Of Juana’s Pagodas & Sailors’ Grill

You will eventually build up an appetite for all the Navarre Beach activities. Juana’s Pagodas & Sailors’ Grill is a restaurant and bar in Navarre. It is a waterfront spot with loads of entertainment and an amazing ambiance. You may view matches and live music.

Juana's Pagodas & Sailors' Grill
Juana’s Pagodas & Sailors’ Grill

Further, delicious cuisine is provided on the deck with a water view. However, it is best to arrive before prime times to secure a table immediately. After that, you can enjoy the vibes while sipping a drink and watching a sunset.

10. Shop At Navarre Seafood Market

Until you are a vegetarian, you must genuinely taste some of the wonderful seafood that the Emerald Coast is known for while you are there. The Navarre Seafood Market has provided the freshest, locally sourced catches for over ten years. It is the ideal spot to visit to see it all.

However, they have a limitless variety of seafood. Further, you can learn a great deal about the regional seafood customs by conversing with the vendors.  After your visit, you can prepare a delectable dinner in your beach vacation rental, creating more wonderful family moments.


The things to do in Navarre Beach are endless. It features a popular nature center and tourist attraction. Bike riding on the paved multi-use trail offers expansive sea views. This beach is ideal for anyone seeking leisure and the outdoors because of its unspoiled natural beauty and relaxed vibe. Apart from all this, events and festivals take place here year-round. Thus, it is a five-star vacation that offers everything from beach mansions to unique rentals.

FAQs About Things to Do in Navarre Beach

What is the best time to enjoy various things to do in Navarre Beach?

At Navarre Beach, every season provides a distinct experience. Classic beach activities work best in the spring and summer, while winter and fall offer a tranquil vibe. These shores are busy from May to July. Mid-February and late May are times to go hiking to avoid the humidity.

What are the places to stay at the Navarre Beach?

Several rental units are available with direct beach access. ResortQuest typically helps travelers locate the ideal apartment for their needs. The Spring Hill Suites is the only hotel there at the moment. Other options are about an hour from the sea along the road.

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