Assuming what Tennessee is known for, multiple things will come to mind. It includes traditional music concerts, rich and juicy barbecues, various landscapes, mountain settings, and Southern hospitality. Fortunately for tourists to this state, there is plenty of choice among the beaches in Tennessee. There must be a finer place to see up on summer reading when the temperature is aviating. Dig your feet into the sand and make a castle with the kids. So, when you plan a vacation, find out where to go with your wish list or according to your budget and accessibility of the best beaches in the region.

Beaches in Tennessee

Here are some of the leading tourist attractions. It includes beaches in Tennessee that you should take advantage of.

1- Rock Island State Park Beach

Rock Island State Park Beach is one of the most remarkable wild attractions. This grassland is located on Center Hill Lake at the junction of three rivers. It includes the Caney Fork, Collins, and Rocky Rivers. You can marvel at the breathtaking waterfalls. They drop down from the Great Falls Dam into deep reservoirs below.

Rock Island State Park Beach
Rock Island State Park Beach

You can even float in the transparent blue water or wade in shallow places. Yet, there are 134 camps with electric hookups. Twin Falls can be one of the primary reasons to visit this park. So, it is a must-see for those who value waterfalls.

2- Cedar Creek Beach

Cedar Creek Beach is a fair swimming coast. It is located on Old Hickory Lake, nearly twenty-four miles north of the county. Further, it attracts families to the calm waters with the enormous waves. It provides the children with free sandcastle-making tools. The beach lovers will find their pleased place in the white sand.

Gliding in Old Hickory Lake is inspired by a safety area cordoned off from boating gridlock. However, the grassy field beside the beach includes a premier kids’s garden. Make sure to bring your vitality, mastery, and ball to play a match or two of beach volleyball. Freddy T’s Restaurant & Beach Club is a nearby cafe for a meal after a day out.

3- Douglas Headwater Public Swimming Beach

Douglas Headwater Public Swimming Beach is a small seaside on Douglas Lake. It is an element of the Headwater Campground. Further, it offers more than 60 base camps with water and electricity. The beach is available for day service.

Douglas Headwater Public Swimming Beach
Douglas Headwater Public Swimming Beach

Similarly, it has clean toilets, parking areas, and good family conditions. It provides all the comforts needed for a day in the sun. If you are camping, your RV or tent spots come with picnic areas. After a swim or seaside time, amble back to your camp to chew lunch.

4- Cheatham Lake Beach

Cheatham Lake Beach is a public swimming place on Cheatham Lake. It advances to Old Hickory Dam. This lake provides varied outdoor recreational options for millions of tourists each year. It is located at the Cheatham Dam Right Bank Recreation Area.

Moreover, the coast has a specified swimming area with lifeguards on duty during summer. The aura is ideal for family fun, with a surplus area for kids to play and kick back. There’s a tidy beach for building sandcastles. So, bring your boat to the public launch to dig beyond the shore.

5- Dry Creek Beach

Dry Creek Beach is a straw beach on Tims Ford Lake. It is almost 30 miles north of Nashville. You and your family can extend out your picnic blanket and colossal umbrella. The texture of the sand will enhance your possibilities of creating the perfect sandcastle.

Dry Creek Beach
Dry Creek Beach

Moreover, two white sand courts are prepared for action if you seek a place to rehearse your volleyball talents with friends. A couple of hidden picnic shelters at the shore are available for you. Use them on hot sunny days or to take shelter in a summer storm. An extensive children’s green is fenced in for counted safety.

6- Anderson Beach on Percy Priest Lake

Anderson Beach is situated on the Percy Priest Lake. It is a general swimming pool on the west side of the lake. This beachfront in the Anderson Road Recreation Area is the most suitable strand on the 14,000-acre lake.

On the other hand, find picnic tables, BBQ points, grills, and plenty of shade. It features all the trendy amenities for a lakeside experience following daylight on the shore. Thus, you can launch your boat to create an even greater splash for the entire family.

7- Cherokee Lake Beach

With 463 miles of beachfront and 30,300 acres, Cherokee Lake is the largest in Tennessee. Lead for the seaside near the camp base at Cherokee Dam. Bring your entire swimming clothes for a few hours. The swimming space is also available within a regional area with no motorized watercraft.

Take a hike on paths with the same broad view of the lake. When you are prepared for even more activity, trek the absolute length of the mammoth Cherokee Dam. After a day out, feast at Tellico Beach Drive-In. Remember to click the stunning views of the beach.

Cherokee Lake Beach
Cherokee Lake Beach

8- Seven Points Campground Beach

Check out Seven Points Campground Beach if you like a relaxing and panoramic spot to camp near Nashville. This camp base is located on the sands of Percy Priest Lake. It is an artificial pool that offers plenty of water sports for visitors. You can appreciate swimming, boating, angling, or just resting up the sun on the golden beach.

Further, the post has sixty grounds with water, electric hookups, and two extensive set picnic shelters. You can lease a boat or a glide from the nearby rivers. Explore the lake at your speed. Yet, it is an excellent choice for families, mates, or solo travelers who want to share the beauty and peace of the region’s lakes.

9- Obey River Campground Beach

Another beautiful campground on the beaches of a lake is Obey River Campground Beach. This base is situated on Dale Hollow Lake. It is considered the most extensive lake in the area. The swimming site is buoyed off to keep swimmers and boaters apart. No pets are permitted on the shore. Washrooms are found near the swimming location.

There are 130 locations at this campground, driven by the US Army Corps of Engineers. It is located successive door to Sunset Marina and Resort. You can rent one here if you need a craft. Other recreational activities include a kids’s playground and tennis courts. So, it is a recreational room that straddles the fence of Kentucky and Tennessee.

Obey River Campground Beach
Obey River Campground Beach

10- Chickasaw State Park Beach

You don’t have to think twice about arriving at a coast on the shore of a body of water called Lake Placid. The sandy seaside here is one of the rare in the western half of the region. So it’s worth driving the 90-mile drive east from Memphis. The shore has views of the 700-foot walking bridge that traverses the lake.

Beside it, lease a canoe or pedal boat to explore the coasts of the lake. From one of the rental cabins close to the seaside, you and your homies will be just miles away from steering out the door and getting your feet in the sand. Thus, this beach is ideal for anyone who wants to flee from the responsibilities for a while and rest in the wilderness.


Tennessee is a beautiful town to relish a vacation in. If you are a seaside fan, this town is the right pick. You can encounter different beaches in Tennessee with multiple landscapes. It includes Chickasaw State Park Beach and more. It caters to the distinct tastes and choices of tourists and locals. You can pick the water sports you like, float, fish, ship, picnic, or rest on the shore. So, pack your suitcases and get to one of the beaches.

FAQs on Beaches in Tennessee

How greatly does it cost to reach beaches in Tennessee?

The expense of visiting a beach here depends on the location and the amenities available. Some shores charge a fee per car user or individual to access or use the luxuries. As they vary, check the websites of the specific beaches before visiting.

What other things can you do besides paddling at its beach?

Other than swimming at a beach, there are multiple other items to do. You can enjoy boating, angling, picnicking, trekking, biking, kayaking, or riding on some shores. Explore nearby places like historical areas, cultural events, or amusement options.

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