Carved in marble, Christ the Redeemer Statue stands as set echoes of history. This statue is letting viewers to the victories, despairs, and lasting spirit of cultures long ago. Each line and elegant curve reveals a novel. Yet, it is a model of artistry that exceeds eras, engraving society’s legacy into the region’s fabric. This colossal statue of Jesus Christ stands atop the Corcovado peak in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Brazilian carver Paul Landowski constructed it between 1922 and 1931. The Art Deco style and French Gothic prehistory inspired it. It is 38 meters elevated, equal to a 35-story tower.

Christ the Redeemer Statue

Christ the Redeemer Statue is the most iconic and prominent landmark. It signifies landscapes, peace, and camaraderie between Brazil and France.

Visit and enjoy the views

One of the main reasons why tourists are more attracted to this statue is because they can not only visit Christ the Redeemer Statue. Yet, they can adore and respect its spectacular view of the city and the gulf. You can readily take a cable car or a shuttle to advance to the bottom of the statue.

Views of Redeemer Statue
Views of the Redeemer Statue

So, it is the zone where you can see this statue up close and take memorable photos or make videos. You can mount up to the sculpture’s arms or head if adventurous. This way, you can enjoy a dramatic outlook of Rio de Janeiro from above. Thus, the statue is majestic at night when lights and flashes illumine it.

Explore the nearby points

Besides this statue, there are considerable and numerous attractions near Rio de Janeiro. You can explore the attractions by asking the attendants about the nearby spots. So, you can ascend to Sugarloaf Mountain. It offers a breathtaking view of the city and the bay from its elevation.

Moreover, you can rest at the Copacabana Beach. It is considered one of Brazil’s most notable and vibrant shores. You can swim, sunbathe, surf, or play on the sand here. Likewise, visit other milestones and memorials in the city. It includes the Christ the Redeemer Basilica, a medley of churches and galleries devoted to Jesus Christ.

Discover the history and culture

Another cause to visit this well-known sculpture is to discover its history and civilization. Brazilian sculptor Paul Landowski created this statue. It was created between 1922 and 1931, illuminated by Art Deco type and French Gothic architecture. Architect Heitor da Silva Costa designed the statue. He used concrete and soapstone as materials to strengthen the statue.

Brazil and France Friendship
Brazil and France Friendship

Further, it was ended in 1931, after ten years of construction. The statue was planned to exemplify stability, friendship between Brazil and France, and a commendation to Jesus Christ. Therefore, it reflects some of the artistic elements of Brazil. It includes its religious variety, creative expression, and nationwide dignity.

Encounter the rich art and architecture

The art lovers or the people curious about the intricate art experience the statue’s art and architecture. It is a masterpiece of all statues and engineering. Similarly, it is created by skillful artists and engineers. The sculpture has an extreme of 38 meters. It is analogous to a 35-story structure.

Yet, it has a complex layout with four arms, a head, and a pedestal. This statue is made of girded concrete and soapstone, which are stable and resistant materials. It has many pieces and features, like facial expressions, hair, eyes, hands, and feet. Thus, this statue has artistic aspects, like the Art Deco pattern, geometric forms, and symbolism.

Chill in the parks

You can visit the nearby parks and grasslands to console this statue. You can relish the foliage and the blossoms to create a pleasant aura. Further, you can see some animals in the grasslands. It includes the birds, monkeys, and peacocks. You can even visit park facilities, like rest spaces, souvenir stores, cafes, and greens. Hence, you can have fun garden exercises like playing games, taking pictures, or enjoying picnics.

Nearby Parks Redeemer Statue
Nearby Parks Redeemer Statue

See the sunset and dawn

After watching the statue, one of the most exquisite things to do is to observe the sunset and dawn. You can glimpse the changing shades of the sky and the city as the sun rises or sets over the horizon. Apart from all this, see orange, yellow, pink, purple, and blue hues in the sky.

Thus, you can see the sun on the bay’s water, forming a striking effect. On the other hand, you can see how the statue stands out against the sky with its brilliant and shining white color. Overlooking the sunset or sunrise near it is a supernatural experience you will never ignore.

Walk or bike along the paths

If you love and want to view the wildlife and adventures live, you can hike or race along the pathways near the statue. You can rest in the fresh air and the panoramic views of the nearby places. There are numerous exotic insects and birds nearby.

You can even witness the endangered plants as you trek along the way. They grow in areas like birds, monkeys, blooms, and woods. Likewise, you can inquire about ridges and bends that excite the tracks. Remember to meet some pleasant locals who can give tips and suggestions on where to go and what to do.

Hiking Near Statue
Hiking Near Statue

Witness the landmarks and memorials

Apart from the statue, there are many nearby monuments that you can view in Rio de Janeiro. See the Christ the Redeemer Basilica. It is a complex of galleries committed to Jesus Christ. You can marvel at its prehistory, its craftwork, and its past. You can also view all other temples in different parts of this region.

Further, the Igreja de São Francisco de Assis is a nearby baroque church. It has an attractive facade and an intricate interior. Also, you can visit gravestones associated with Brazil’s past and culture. It includes the Memorial da América Latina, a museum showing Brazil’s part in Latin America’s freedom actions.

Purchase the souvenirs and handicrafts

 If you want souvenirs and handicrafts near this statue, you can view some of the stores in the region. You can find different products that recall Brazil’s culture and uniqueness. It includes leather products, ceramics, wood carvings, pictures, jewelry, clothes, and additions.

You can uncover unique products like carnival outfits, soccer balls, samba rounds, and feijoada. On the other hand, you can also find some products that Christ uplifts the Redeemer Statue. It includes the figures of Jesus Christ or its arms or head models.

Brazil Culture
Brazil Culture

Taste the cuisine and drinks

One of the most pleasing things to do in this statue is to taste the local foods and drinks. You can try some of the delectable dishes. Some traditional Brazilian foods include a stew extracted from beans with grilled meat and fried balls loaded with shrimp or other meat. You can even try fried tarts filled with spicy meat, truffles, and a cocktail made with lime.

You can even try some of the prevalent vital drinks in Brazil. It includes a caffeine drink, a fruit drink made from berries, and a herbal tea. All such flavors can provide tourists with a refreshing and healing effect.


Are you thinking of planning a holiday to the most prominent landmark? Christ the Redeemer Statue is a tremendous attainment of architecture and engineering. It offers stunning landscapes of the city and the basin.

The sculpture also depicts some of the cultural factors of Brazil. It includes its sacred diversity, artistic indication, and national dignity. Yet, it is a must-see point for anyone who likes Rio de Janeiro, where you can experience the charm and spirit of Brazil.

FAQs on Christ the Redeemer Statue

Suggest the ways to get to Christ, the Redeemer Statue.

You can reach this statue by taking an auto or a shuttle from different sites in Rio de Janeiro. Likewise, take a taxicab or a complete rental service. The cable car charges $55 per person for an entire trip. Yet, the bus includes $5 per person for travel.

What are the regulations and expenses for visiting the Christ Redeemer Statue?

There are no clear rules or fees for seeing it besides some basic safety procedures. You should dress appropriately and respect other tourists and attendants. Avoid throwing garbage or vandalism, and obey the security commands. Likewise, be cautious about crowds during prime hours or unusual events.

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