Arizona’s landscapes extend like lines from a forgotten story as the sun’s rays smash the cloudy peaks. Arizona is a state of natural marvels, civilization, and water sports. It is a hub of the Grand Canyon, the most dazzling and iconic landmarks. You can explore the legacy at museums or countless waterfalls, like Beaver Falls, AZ. It is because of its sunny weather, making it ideal for outdoor amusement. These cascades are hidden gems offering incredible views and refreshing swimming pools.

Beaver Falls, AZ

Beaver Falls, AZ, is one of the most attractive and secluded cascades. It is a remote feeder of the Grand Canyon in the state. This cascade is roughly 3 miles downstream from the Mooney Falls.

Reaching Points

To reach Beaver Falls, AZ, you must acquire a ticket from the Havasupai Tribe. From here, you can hike 10 miles to the Supai Village. Then, take another 2 miles to the camp bases. You can pursue the path and continue along the stream to the falls.

Reasons to Visit

Beaver Falls is a remarkable and captivating destination that is rewarding for adventurous backpackers. It has considerable rapids and pools that create a realistic water park. You can glide, slide, hop, and ripple in the turquoise water, affluent in minerals and calcium carbonates.

Moreover, this fall suggests stunning views of the nearby canyon walls engraved by erosion and shaded by minerals. You can also see antique rock art and farming decks along the way.

Canyon Walls
Canyon Walls

Hiking Trails

Beaver Falls is slightly more crowded than the different cascades in the state. Only a few climbers make the additional effort to get there. You can relish the peace and calmness of this hidden oasis.

The hike to these falls is demanding but rewarding. It takes about 5-6 hours rounded trip and covers roughly 6 miles of mixed landscape. Prepare for vertical descents, creek junctions, ladder mounts, and boulder scrambles. 

Time to Visit Beaver Falls

The most pleasing time to visit these falls depends on your liking and interests. Spring and fall are famous for their temperate conditions and colorful sights. Yet, winter can also be a terrific time to visit to dodge crowds and enjoy snow sports on the cliffs.

Beaver Falls is a must-visit destination for anyone who adores nature, incident, and civilization. It is an occasional and unusual place that will leave you breathless and stunned. Thus, it is the place for you if you want a site that blends beauty, difficulty, and joy.

Other Waterfalls, AZ

Let’s take a plunge into the details of other waterfalls in AZ:

1- Long hike at Havasu Falls

Havasu Falls is a cascade of Havasu Creek. It is within Havasupai tribal grounds and demands a ticket to visit. This fall is known for its lovely blue-green water that counters with the red stones of the gorge. The water gets its shade from the creek’s high calcium carbonate and magnesium.

Havasu Falls
Havasu Falls

Furthermore, it is roughly 100 feet high and drops into a large pool, perfect for gliding and soothing. The slides are almost 1.5 miles from the Supai Village. Thus, it is one of the most famous falls, attracting countless visitors yearly.

2- Encounter ways at Navajo Falls

Navajo Falls is located roughly 0.5 miles apart from Havasu Falls. It was formed by a sparkling flood that adjusted the stream’s path in 2008. Yet, it has two levels. Upper Navajo Falls is roughly 75 feet elevated and drifts into a deep pool, fabulous for swimming and gliding.

Lower Navajo Falls is roughly 50 feet high and transits more than Upper Navajo Falls. Further, it is less crowded and offers a peaceful and gorgeous spot to enjoy nature.

3- Monsoon rains at Grand Falls

Grand Falls is a naturalistic cascade system. It is even called Chocolate Falls because of the brown shade of the water from the residue in the Little Colorado River. This waterfall is around 181 feet tall and traverses more than Niagara Falls. It is provided by snowmelt and rainfall from the White Mountains.

It only floats at particular times of the year. Further, it is known for the dazzling rainbows that begin from the rush of the falls. It is accessible by a dirt road and directs a short hike to reach the stance. Therefore, it is an incredible sight to behold.

Grand Falls
Grand Falls

4- Curved paths at Fifty Foot Falls

Fifty Foot Falls is a hidden gem. To reach the falls, you must receive a permit to hike 10 miles to this point. You can follow the path to Mooney Falls and restart along the creek to Fifty Foot Falls. You can appreciate the stability and peace of this hidden oasis.

On the other hand, it offers stunning vistas of the surrounding gorge walls colored by minerals. After viewing the waterfall, go to the nearby Havasupai Tribal Cafe. It will treat you with traditional dishes.

5- Free parking at Tanque Verde Falls

Tanque Verde Falls are a sequence of waterfalls in Tanque Verde Canyon. Drive east on Tanque Verde Road to Redington Pass to get to these falls. Once the pavement blocks and turns to the ground, overlook the parking lot on the left. It is generally rated moderate.

There are numerous vertical, slick rocks to ascend, along with a continuous increase in height. View smaller cascades, creeks, and pools along the path. It depends on the time of year and seasonal showers. The most significant draw is the billowing waterfall at the back of the 1.8-mile course.

6- Magical Aura at Havasupai Falls

Havasupai Falls is a set of five waterfalls in a hidden canyon within the state’s National Park. They are recognized for their surprising blue-green color, caused by the high amounts of minerals in the water. The falls are a region of the Havasupai Indian Reservation. It is home to the Havasupai Tribe, the most minor Indian nation in the US.

Havasupai Falls
Havasupai Falls

The permits are fixed and dealt out quickly, so you should plan and secure early. You must check in and pay your expenses for hiking and parking. Further, hike 2 miles from there, passing Navajo and Fifty Foot Falls. Thus, you can even eat at Rock Springs Cafe nearby.

7- A hidden gem at Mooney Falls

Mooney Falls is called after D. W. James Mooney. He was a miner who tried to dig the area in 1882 and passed in the approach. It is the tallest and noteworthy rapid in Havasu Canyon, with an altitude of roughly 200 feet. This waterfall drops into an extensive pool of turquoise water that counters with the red rocks.

To reach it, you must acquire a ticket from the base. From there, follow the path involving a vertical and slippery drop down a string of ladders, cords, and chains. Hence, its hike is a bit hard, as you get to see the glorious beauty of these falls up close.

8- Landscapes at Ellison Creek Waterfall

Ellison Creek Waterfall is also noted as Water Wheel Falls. It is a cascade in Tonto National Forest near Payson. This fall has several swimming pools that form a natural water park. You can float, slide, bounce, or do other water sports in the transparent water streaming from the Mogollon Rim.

Apart from all this, it is about 1.6 miles round trip from the Water Wheel Campground parking space. The walk is generally easy but demands creek hubs. Along the way, you can appreciate the views of the woods and the streamlet and see some wilderness.

Ellison Creek Waterfall
Ellison Creek Waterfall


There are countless waterfalls in Arizona. These rapids are natural interests that attract various tourists and local sight seekers. It offers panoramic beauty, amusement options, and cultural value among the most prominent water places in Arizona, including Beaver Falls, AZ.

These falls vary in height, shape, coloring, and place. Apart from all this, they all share a typical feature. These falls are great and unique views to behold in Arizona and make remarkable memories.

FAQs on Beaver Falls, AZ

What are a few safety steps to take when trekking to this cascade?

There are some safety steps to take when trekking to these falls. Always start early in the morning to bypass the warmth and the public. Be hydrated and take snacks with you. Always apply sunscreen and insect repellent. Wear specific shoes that can endure wet and dry states.

Is there any facility for parking in this fall?

There is no such parking lot in the fall. Yet, there are some nearby parking spaces. You can park on the sides of the main road. Apart from all this, you can even pay a small amount in the nearby garage to park your vehicle.

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