November suggests winter is quickly approaching in the different regions of the world. It equals calling and going home at dusk, usually in the rain, with no winter coat. Sometimes, the season is advancing to dampness. Tourists prefer this month as a holiday destination until the sunlight finally tweets through again in March. The Caribbean, Iceland, and Miami weather in November progressed to a chilling point. Carefully pick the best places to visit in November. One suggestion is to overview all the nearby places with the pleasing weather this month. It will let you enjoy an all-in-one package.

Best Places to Visit in November

Many destinations enchant you with their unique landscapes. But plan your holiday this month, and cover the best places to visit in November.

1- Costa Rica, Central America

On the shores of Costa Rica, November is indicated by the transition from the rainy to the dry season. As the month advances, you can expect less rainfall and sunny weather. As a tourist point, this month marks the beginning of the busier season, and higher rates affect many hotels. It holds mainly true for the last part of the month.

Costa Rica, Central America
Costa Rica, Central America

Likewise, considering Costa Rica in November, morning temperature ranges from about 30-35°C, and night times are mild with 24-26°C. As humidity levels are lower during November on the west coast, going on your outdoor adventures is relaxing. Thus, you will see a few rain showers if you go in November.

2- Egypt, North Africa

In the heart of Egypt, November is characterized by a noticeable shift from the hot summer to the cooler winter season. During this time, the days are pleasantly warm with clear, blue skies, while the nights can be cool, offering a comfortable climate for exploration. November is an ideal month for tourism, as the milder temperatures make visiting the ancient sites and exploring the desert landscapes more enjoyable.

In particular, venturing into Egypt in November means experiencing daytime temperatures that hover around 20-25°C, with cooler evenings dropping to around 10-15°C. The reduced heat and virtually nonexistent rainfall create perfect conditions for those opting for private tours to delve into Egypt’s rich history and culture. With the comfortable climate, your excursions to the Pyramids, Luxor, or a cruise down the Nile will be captivating and pleasant, making November a prime time to hire private Egypt tour guides for an intimate and personalized experience.

3- Lisbon, Portugal

With mild weather, you can travel from the UK to Lisbon with a direct flight of 2 hours 45 minutes. As most of mainland Europe trembles, Portugal remains mild. Lisbon’s moderate November temperature is 18°C. Of course, it is not only the weather that makes this capital so inviting. So, it is packed with refreshingly cheap restaurants.

Lisbon, Portugal
Lisbon, Portugal

Similarly, at the stores, canary-yellow vintage trams are available. Lisbon was called Europe’s most budget-friendly city. Make time to explore the Cais do Sodre. It is a part of town with a riverfront walk, storage rooms, and food stalls. Even try the rooftop Airbnb. It has the best rooftop pools in the city.

4- Namibia, Africa

Namibia’s vast terrains are some of the most majestic on earth. Dunes, persistent desert, and wild savannah where the big hitters of African wildlife roam are some of the main features of Namibia. While November carries the onset of the rains here, this is a good thing regarding wildlife variety.

Across most of the southern region, November is an exciting month. Also, it gives travelers a fantastic event at the end of the dry season and stunning views of the rain. Then, as the rains occur, the landscapes begin to blossom again. Namibia has many incredible new lodges that are eco-friendly. Also, go to Habitas Namibia, a wellness-focused safari camp.

5- Essaouira, Morocco

Morocco is perfect for a shot of winter sun, a quick hop away, even for a weekend vacation. Cold wind coasts and surf towns are along the beach. Essaouira is a feast for all fish kinds along the harbor. Likewise, the smoke ascends from rooftop cafes. It is still a free-spirited place, with dozens of separate galleries.

Essaouira, Morocco
Essaouira, Morocco

Furthermore, the shops sell handmade pottery and crafts. You can make time for a place of ethical shopping. Remember to buy free Argan oil from Villa Maroc, made by a local cooperative. Apart from all this, this month is jam-packed to stay at Villa Maroc or Auberge Tangaro.

6- Sayulita, Mexico

The temperature of Sayulita is about 33°C-20°C and the season is usually dry to relish the natural wonders here. Join the crowd in this surf town. You can trek along the brightly painted design and vintage surfboard shops. In this month, many street food festivals occur at various points.

Moreover, the resort-y Puerto Vallarta is an easy-breezy set. Here, you can go for yoga and have a cold juice afterward. You must enter in the early days of the month before peak season. It is when the summer rain and humidity finally reduce. Thus, Tailwind Jungle Lodge organizes community events and gives an option for surfing.

7- Tenerife, Spain

November here begins with a refreshing and golden autumn season. A year-round sun is what Tenerife is noted for. It is beyond the shores and the crowds. You can rest along the Canary Island that delights the more curious tourists. You can even view the architecture in the towns of La Laguna and La Orotava.

Tenerife, Spain
Tenerife, Spain

In addition to this month, the waters around here are active with whales and whale-lovers. You can watch a dolphin show and check out their eco-certification first. Likewise, the families love the pink palace, The Ritz-Carlton Abama. You can reserve a room with a terrace and enjoy the views.

8- Athens, Greece

With 3 hours 40 minutes flight time from the UK, Athens creates a bright and warm weekend city break. There are usually fewer crowds in the performing areas and art halls in the settings. At the high-end shops, you can eat at lesser prices at restaurants. Check out the compact but cozy rooms at Gatsby Athens for something lively.

Plus, go in November when walking around the Acropolis and the Parthenon is chilly enough. It still has a crisp, blue-sky backdrop to your social media shots. The cherry on top is that you will even skip the crowds. There are wooden bikes, an herb garden, and homemade seasonal food to relish.

9- The South Downs, England

The hikers should stick to this month as it is a blend of autumn and winter season. But for windy areas along the beach or over the Downs, it is followed by locals and tourists. The autumn is a treat for a thrilling weekend. South Downs National Park spans 165 areas, with several wildlife sites, buildings, and memorials.

The South Downs, England
The South Downs, England

Further, the Sustainability Centre organizes workshops for travelers throughout the year. On 5 November, it hosts the stunning Guy Fawkes’ Night. It is when the market town of Lewes becomes the bonfire point. Hence, it includes fireworks shows, flaming tar barrels, and glowing models lighting its streets.

10- Kerala, India

As the summer ends, November marks the start of Kerala’s dry season. You can view the verdant green, palm-lined lakes and the rich biodiverse inclines of the Western Ghats. It is the point of India being chilled, and its sandy shores are quieter than the Goa beachfront.

Further, you can smell the scent of Ayurvedic oils in the air. Explore a hassle-free delight here or in the backwaters by boat. With a motorbike lease, seek out new shores or stay with families at homestays. Thus, the peaceful colonial streets of Fort Cochin are the most charming.


November is a beautiful month to voyage. You can enjoy fewer expenses, fewer groups, and delightful weather here. Whether you are seeking a sunny coast, a snowy mountain, an artistic carnival, or a historic city, there is a site for you to visit in November. Thailand, the Maldives, the Swiss Alps, Chiang Mai, and Cancun weather in November is fantastic. Apart from all this, there are some of the best places to visit in November.

FAQs on Best Places to Visit in November

What are some festivals to observe while covering the best places to visit in November?

There are numerous finest festivals to enjoy in November. It includes the Loy Krathong and Yi Peng in Thailand. Likewise, the Diwali party in India and Día de Muertos in Mexico are famous. You can even go to the Geneva International Film Festival in Switzerland.

What are some of the most pleasing places to ski in this month?

The Swiss Alps are some of the most suitable areas to ski in November. It is the point where some lodges may open early if there is enough snowfall. You can go to Salt Lake City. Here, you can enjoy the landscapes of the mountains.

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