Driving in Malta is quite strenuous. You can also say that it is not easy to handle a vehicle in Malta driving. But the question is, why is Malta not safe for driving? Because there are no motorways and highways facilities in Malta. The roads are the only highways for vehicles, so you must be an expert in driving if you want to drive. It is essential to learn some tips for those who come to enjoy holidays in Malta and want to enjoy driving a rental car. Malta is a small fascinating Island due to which its traffic is heavy, specifically in the morning and evening. 

Undoubtedly driving is dangerous in Malta, but it is also a perfect place for driving due to its small distance fascinations. So, one should enjoy driving there by following Malta driving rules and some tips.

Why drive in Malta?

Though Malta is a small island, there are a lot of fascinations present at short distances around the island. You can try buses and other means of transport, but it will take time due to the routes. So, you can drive by yourself if you are an expert. 

Malta Driving Rules
Malta Driving Rules

You can also approach the compact villages to see village life in Malta by getting out of your comfort zone for Malta driving.

Astonishing Facts About Driving in Malta

Let’s consider the facts about driving in Malta!

1- Short Distance

The distances are short between the fascinations of the city, so it will not take too long to reach one place to another. 

2- Renting A Car

Public transport is affordable, but you cannot use it everywhere. Visitors can take a tour of the whole city by renting a car; the public transport is comparatively low in the region. You cannot reach the visiting places by public transport, you have to drive your vehicle. If you are looking for a reliable and cheap car rental service in Malta, you can visit Enjoy Travel for affordable car hire in Malta. They offer a wide range of vehicles and flexible options to suit your needs.

3- Follow Signboards

The signboards will help to navigate the locations around Malta. But be aware of parking because parking in some places is limited.

Following Signboards
Following Signboards

4- Mobile Phone Prohibited

It is also not allowed to use mobile phone devices during the drive.

5- Traffic Wardens 

You can also see some traffic wardens in some areas for minor infringement, wearing green uniforms. They stay active against overspeeding and yellow line parking. 

6- Speed Limits

There are different speed limits for driving in Malta and divergent places. For example, you cannot exceed 80 km/h (50 mph) in urban areas. While the driving speed limit in underdeveloped regions is 50 km/h (31 mph), and in villages, you cannot cross 35 km/h (22 mph).

7- Speed Control Cameras

Maximum 10-speed control cameras are held around the main island, but they cannot measure speeds between the checkpoints. 

Speed Checking
Speed Checking

8- Penalty System

There is also a penalty point system in Malta through which they can cancel your driving license after making 12 mistakes in driving.

9- Rental Cars

You are easily recognizable on the road if you are driving in Malta in a rental car. The residents and other people can recognize your driving skills by renting cars but don’t expect everyone to be kind while driving on the roads.

10- Parking Areas

There are fewer parking areas in Malta, so you cannot park your vehicle everywhere. Some paint colors indicate whether you can park your car or not. 

-White paint means you can park there

-Yellow Paint means you cannot park there

-Green paint indicates pre-reservation of parking for residents all-day

On the other hand, if you have parked your vehicle in a no-parking zone, you will have to pay a fine that ranges from €24 to €100.

Car Parking in Malta
Car Parking in Malta

Tips to Drive in Malta

Here are a few tips about driving in Malta!

1- Keep Yourself Calm and Ask for Help

Mostly Malta’s residents are friendly and helpful, so never hesitate to stop on your voyage for asking directions. You can also follow the signboards to reach your destination without any trouble. On the other hand, if you have skipped the signboards, you can stop and ask about your destination. 

In certain conditions, you can also lose your path, but you can still get to your destination. You have to keep yourself calm and drive until you find GPS signals. You can also ask for help if you can see a resident who can guide you the right way. 

2- Keep Track of Events

It is also helpful to keep track of public and private events because you can avoid unexpected traffic on roads.

3- Take Routes Wisely

You can take both short and long routes to reach your destination. You can take a longer path if you want to explore the entire island, but it will take too long. On the other hand, if you pick up the shortest route, you may reach them early. 

Taking Safe Routes
Taking Safe Routes

4- Be A Good Navigator

Don’t rely upon your GPS while driving as they work correctly, but they usually show you the narrowest and short routes for your destinations which can create trouble for you. So, try to plan your trip or destination before starting the tour and be a good navigator in the passenger’s seat.

5- Be Careful While Driving

While driving, you should be careful because Malta’s drivers are not known to stick to Malta driving rules. They are not courteous on the road because they become habitual to this usual traffic. 

6- Turn On Your Headlights

Never forget to turn on your headlights while moving into the tunnel. 

7- Follow Speed Limit Criteria

Always stick to the speed limit and keep your vehicle on the left until you need to take a right turn. 

Follow Speed Limit Criteria
Follow Speed Limit Criteria

8- Avoid Busy Times 

Be aware of busy times on the roads on working days, especially in the morning and evening, if you plan a tour in Malta. 

9- Choose an Alternate Way 

You can keep an eye on the traffic on google maps, or other tools are also available that can keep you updated with traffic problems, so you can try the alternate driving route to reach your destination. Choosing an alternate way before traffic is the safest way of driving.


1- Is Parking Free in Malta?

Yes, parking is free of cost in Malta.

2- How long will it take to drive across Malta?

Though Malta is known for its busy and narrow roads, Malta is a compact Island. The best thing about the island is that it will take approximately one hour to take a tour across Malta.