These are some of the best day trips from Budapest if you want to spend a day away from the hustles of your life. The city covers stunning art, a thriving arts scene, and revitalizing hydro springs. Even though the city is full of activities, it’s a fantastic place to start exploring what’s nearby because of its central location. You may travel beyond the city and find a lot of lovely spots quickly. There is enough to do on the rolling hills and in the ancient towns. So, pack your day bag, put on comfy shoes, and explore the hidden gems.

Day Trips from Budapest

This article covers day trips from Budapest that are as diverse as they are exciting, from historical places to tranquil scenery.

1- Lake Velence

Lake Velence offers a pleasant break from the city’s bustle. It’s a calm point that is perfect for tourists who enjoy spending time alone. You can adore nature and engage in a few unwinding activities. Also, 40 minutes from Lake Balaton, this hidden beauty is great for a relaxed day excursion. This lake is crowded during the summer with its warm, shallow waters.

Lake Velence
Lake Velence

Moreover, the lake is a birdwatcher’s paradise, with diverse aquatic animals. Well-kept bike routes make it excellent for cyclists looking for a restoring journey. Families can enjoy water sports by visiting beaches and other fun facilities. However, Agard, Gardony, and Velence are nearby. These places give an insight into their lifestyles and local customs.

2- Szentendre

Szentendre is ideal for art lovers and is barely thirty minutes away. It is a lovely village on day trips from Budapest renowned for its art and history. Its cobbled walkways, intricate buildings, and thriving art scene have long inspired artists. Tourists call it The Town of Painters. In addition to its artistic history, it has retained much of its cultural identity.

Further, the town’s interior is a fascinating mix of baroque and modern structures. Its heart is the Main Square, lined with lovely homes. The Margit Kovács Ceramic Museum has studios and art spaces presenting classic and modern art. Thus, this intriguing place is among the best European places to visit.

3- Godollo

Godollo is a quiet town within a short distance of the city centre. It is one of the most popular day trips from Budapest. The town’s primary attraction is the majestic Godollo Palace. It offers a charming look into Hungary’s rich noble and royal heritage. Likewise, it is one of Hungary’s royal palaces. Explore the colourful gardens that encircle the palace.


Beyond the palace is a tranquil town with a pleasant, relaxed vibe. The town holds a variety of festivals and cultural events across the year. When arranging a visit, make sure to check the events calendar. Further, the area around this town provides various pathways, which are ideal for hikers.

4- Visegrad and Danube Bend

Visegrad has the most amazing natural beauty in Hungary. This place is noted for its views of the Danube River and its rich history. It is famous for its majestic defence, the Visegrad Citadel, on a hill across the Danube. This castle was formerly a royal place and a fortress. Visitors can visit the palace’s remains, like the Solomon Tower, and enjoy stunning vistas.

In addition, the Danube Bend is known for its beauty. This region offers trekking, biking, and river cruise options. Several areas, like the Citadel and the Pilis Hills, are nearby. The bend’s dense forests and hills are suitable for outdoor activities. Hence, it provides a pleasant respite from the cities.

5- Holloko

Holloko is a beautiful, tiny village that depicts how life was in Hungary decades ago. Even though it takes more than two hours to get there, it is still the cheapest vacation to Europe. It is renowned for its folk design and customs. The village is best known for its classic Paloc cottages, built with whitewashed walls and dark-tiled roofs.


Further, these ancient buildings, alleys, and craft shops portray 17th-century rural life. It is a thriving society where orthodox customs are still followed. Visitors can see native crafts, such as sewing. You can attend folk festivals to honour their heritage. Hence, the nearby Holloko Castle offers stunning views from its hilltop location.

6- Debrecen

The most convenient mode of transport to Debrecen is via train. Depending on the train, it can take around two to three hours. Great Reformed Church is a precious location for the local community. Plus, it is an academic city, with students worldwide studying here.

Likewise, it is an excellent spot to visit year-round because something is always happening. In August, you can attend the Debrecen Flower Festival. If you visit during winter for the Christmas markets, bundle up because it gets very chilly. Remember to visit the Deri Museum to view the artefacts.

7- Eger

It takes about an hour and forty minutes to get to Egar. The city is famous for its beverages, architecture, and the dramatic story of the castle. So, Eger Castle is an absolute must for anyone visiting the city. Remember to adore the views of the town from the castle walls. The Eger Cathedral is one of the oldest churches and has a stunning front and interior.


Similarly, the town’s sidewalks are dotted with colourful houses and are ideal for strolls. Make time to rest at the thermal springs. You can go to the Turkish-era Eger Thermal Bath with your friends. Still, you can hike and explore nature at Bukk National Park.

8- Miskolc

Miskolc is a city where industrial origins meet natural scenery. This contrast is what makes it such an intriguing day trip. The city’s past is a crucial aspect of its identity. Its former ironworks and galleries provide insights into its history. You can also plan to go to the Miskolc National Theatre. It has beautiful artwork and different theme rooms.

Lillafured is also a small town with an urban aura. It has a stunning palatial hotel, peaceful picnic parks, and the tallest waterfall. The Miskolctapolca Cave Baths provide a spa event within a natural cave system. The city even has historical art, like the Gothic Protestant Church of Avas and other castles.

9- Vienna

Vienna is fairly close to the city. It’s a must-see for anyone who likes royal history, musical genres, and majestic art. This grand city provides a day trip full of culture, art, and timeless beauty. It is known for its exquisite palaces, including the Hofburg Imperial Palace. Also, it would help if you visited the Vienna State Opera to enjoy the city’s musical tradition properly.

Moreover, tourists usually visit St. Stephen’s Cathedral. Visual artists can discover elite art at the Museum of Art History. After a long day out, eat Viennese food. Hence, there is no better way of spending time with your friend than at a local cafe.


10- Aggtelek National Park

It takes around three hours to drive to Aggtelek National Park, a landscape in a natural paradise known for its vast cave. The park provides a lovely day vacation trip away from the bustling city. Likewise, the Baradla Cave is famous for its spectacular structures. Still, the guided tours lead visitors through the cave passages.

However, they reveal a hidden domain of geological wonders. Beyond the caves, the park has a rich range of natural diversity. The diverse ecology makes it adorable for nature lovers. Other sites are available a little further away, but this park will exhaust you before exploring others.

The Bottom Line

If you want easy day trips from Budapest, the lovely and colourful towns should be on the priority list. These places feature appealing old-world designs and side lanes worth exploring. You can view a skyline marked by church towers. If you are an art lover, these hidden gems have a refuge for artists, with many galleries and museums around. Apart from all this, enjoy day vacations and spend the afternoon touring and enjoying the lovely cafes.

FAQs About Day Trips from Budapest

Which cafes in Budapest serve the best coffee after an all-day trip?

There are many top-notch cafes in Budapest. These cafes offer the best taste and a classic ambience. They include Ecocafe, Gossip Coffee, and Blue Bird Roastery Cafe. In addition, the staff is friendly and delivers orders without letting you wait.

How many days are enough to visit Budapest?

It is truly a city that offers something for everyone. You can tour the amazing sights within a few days. However, if you truly want to go inside and get familiar with the city, you should arrange to stay at least four days.

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