Cheapest European Cities to Fly Into

10 Cheapest European Cities to Fly Into

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Are you planning a trip to the most prevalent vacation spots in Europe? If so, you must also be aware of domestic travel costs. Since there is substantial demand for deals, there are many of the cheapest European cities to fly into. It can save, on average, $550 for each ticket. However, the cost of a trip to different European cities varies. Fares and the frequency of deals are affected by several factors. Let’s find the discounts in far-off cities like Rome, London, Barcelona, etc.

Cheapest European Cities to Fly Into

Get set to explore the European Adventure Stops and contrast them with the Cheapest European Cities to fly into.

1- Paris, France

You can look no further for cheap flights to Western Europe. Paris is known as the City of Light and Endless Love. Every cafe patio and cobblestone street in this city invites you to adopt the Parisian way of life. Regarding airfare from the US, Paris is in the same league as Chicago, Philadelphia, LAX, Seattle, Dallas, New York City, and other cheaper European locations.

Paris, France
Paris, France

Likewise, there are three airports in the capital of France. Charles de Gaulle Airport handles the majority of nonstop flights. United, American, and Air France are a few less expensive carriers. They provide direct flights to Paris from US cities. At least $325–$570 may be spent on flights linking with other cities. For instance, NYC to Paris costs $230 roundtrip.

2- Dublin, Ireland

Ryanair makes flying to places around Europe simple and economical. It is the leading low-cost carrier in Ireland and the national airline Aer Lingus. Their hubs are at Dublin Airport. Five airlines offer direct service from fourteen big and small US locations. 

Further, you can anticipate the cheapest European cities to fly into. This includes flights to Western Europe, Cyprus, and Croatia locations. Dublin regularly has cheap roundtrip flights to Manchester, Cardiff, and the Isle of Man. So, the standard economy class has roundtrip prices of $850 or more, $554 on average, and $249 at its lowest.

3- Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is among the least expensive cities in Europe to fly into, with the second busiest terminal in Spain and one of the six busiest in Europe. Passengers have grown recently, but not because low-cost airlines are becoming more popular; they provide more facilities. This results from lower taxes and landing costs compared to other European hubs.

Barcelona, Spain
Barcelona, Spain

In addition to being a focus city for Ryanair, Air Europa, Iberia, and easyJet, Barcelona is also a hub for low-cost carriers LEVEL and Vueling. Almost every major city from it costs less than $80 roundtrip. Beyond this, many flights for less than $50 roundtrip are available to the UK. It includes smaller airports in Scotland and England.

4- Milan, Italy

Milan is the beginning point for Alps adventures and the main point of Italian design and commerce. Also, Malpensa Airport is considered the region’s second busiest and most lively airport, with many facilities. Six airlines provide direct flights from New York City, competing to keep costs down.

Similarly, simple links are available throughout Italy and Europe for travels outside of Milan. Several low-cost flights operate out of Bergamo Airport. In addition, it costs $556 from Boise to Milan and $463 from Oakland to Milan. A regular economy seat costs $850+, an average seat costs $532, and the lowest class ticket costs $332.

5- Madrid, Spain

Madrid-Barajas is said to be Spain’s oldest airport. As Europe’s sixth busiest, it offers timely access to over two hundred locations. It is the central hub for Air Europa and Iberia and flights coming into and out of Europe. The regular economy seat costs $850+. The average cost is $518 roundtrip, and the lowest trip cost is $279.

Madrid, Spain
Madrid, Spain

Moreover, Madrid is a budget traveler’s dream come true. Most major central cities can be reached for less than $80 roundtrip, often much less. Iberia also operates a vast network of local flights across Spain. Still, if you’re bringing luggage, high-speed rail is usually cheaper and faster for many places. Thus, a roundtrip from Austin, Santa Fe, and Tulsa to Madrid for $401. 

6- Rome, Italy

Fiumicino Airport in Rome is a primary gateway to and from Italy. Based on passenger statistics, it is the eleventh busiest airport in Europe. It is a hub for ITA Airways and the low-cost carrier Vueling in Spain. Three airlines provide direct flights from ten US cities to Rome. On a median, the trip costs $551; for the lowest, it is $358 total per trip.

Similarly, Rome Ciampino Airport serves several critical eastern routes for low-cost carriers like Ryanair and Wizz. It is an entry point to all Italian internal sites. Budget airlines Ryanair and Vueling provide low-cost airfare to Ibiza, Malta, and the Greek islands. However, it costs $466 to get from Denver to Rome.

7- Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen has the most tourist flights in Europe. It is the second-largest airport in the Nordic area and the fourth-busiest on the North side of this continent. The airport is the primary hub for Swedish Airlines. You can quickly travel from this city to other Nordic nations and main towns. In this way, you can cover countless experiences and enjoy.

Copenhagen, Denmark
Copenhagen, Denmark

Apart from all this, there were 79 economic class deals last year. The regular economy seat is fixed at more than $850 per trip. On a typical seat, $555 per roundtrip and a minimum of $249 per roundtrip are given. Chicago to this city covers a total roundtrip cost of $384. Likewise, Miami to the city will cost $344 each way.

8- Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam is the third busiest airport in the world regarding the number of foreign passengers. By airline flights, it is the busiest in Europe. It serves as KLM’s central hub and the focal point of its budget division. Four airlines offer flights straight from 19 US cities to this location. Train service to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport seems good.

Apart from all this, the most expensive roundtrip ticket for a class is $553, while the cheapest costs $174. There were seventy-two economy class deals last year. Thus, the roundtrip fare from Los Angeles to the city is $496, costing $469 from Kansas City.

9- Zurich, Switzerland

Switzerland’s main airport is Zurich Airport. It is the hub for SWISS Airlines, the country’s flag airline. About sixty airlines fly from the city to it. You can get inexpensive flights to Zurich from almost any US place. Direct service is available from both the ocean and the Midwest.

Zurich, Switzerland
Zurich, Switzerland

Likewise, the regular economy costs more than $850 roundtrip. On a median seat, $533 is for per round and $365 for the least costly trip. Zurich to Charlotte costs $544 each way. Also, it costs $480 for a roundtrip from NYC to Zurich, but from DC to Zurich, it’s $381.

10- Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm Arlanda is Sweden’s biggest airport. It serves over 40 airlines, making it simple to travel from the airport to locations around. It includes Europe and North Africa in a short flight. Nordic Airlines uses Stockholm Arlanda as a center, and Eurowings, Finnair, and RyanAir use it as a local city.

Moreover, there are direct flights from Chicago, Newark, NY, and Miami from the US. However, members enjoy many fantastic rates, usually with one stop. The average roundtrip economy fare is $850+, while the lowest roundtrip fare is $275.


While making a list of the Cheapest European Cities to Fly Into, you can view the landscapes of the different cities. It covers Pisa sights, Barcelona’s sporting age, or Paris’s busiest lifestyles. The airfare to Europe is cheap. There are flights to Europe available year-round or on a seasonal basis for as little as $247 return. There are several low-cost airlines on the market. Thus, prepare a list of the airports and their deals as you plan your vacation.

FAQs on Cheapest European Cities to Fly Into

Why is flying in Europe less expensive compared to the US?

The airline sector here is highly competitive. Several low-cost airlines fight for passengers. Moreover, taxes and fees are frequently lower in Europe. They can account for a vast portion of the ticket price compared to the US.

How can you locate the cheapest tickets across Europe?

Here are a few tips for finding low-cost flights around Europe. When choosing your trip dates, be flexible and check the costs on several websites. Plan and think about flying with low-cost carriers. Go for smaller airports and register for offer alerts and airline emails.

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