At the point when I came to Beautiful Mountain Around Huchuy without precedent for Belogradchik, I stood quite a while before the renowned precipices astounded.


Beautiful Mountain Around Huchuy

My psyche was attempting to discover an idea, wherein to get a handle on the abnormal magnificence of these nature made stone developments.

This antiquated spot, a world went through yet not contacted when, shipped me through the ages and left me shocked. You can feel the soul of the Old world,

when individuals didn’t exist, strolling in the wide spacy valleys, lower part of an antiquated ocean,

which framed these bizarre rocks.

At that point you can proceed onward in when individuals lived in the close by caverns as in the popular Maguro and left tracks of their life and otherworldliness.

Then this old spot where the existence continuum was survived, lands you in I century AD,

when a fortification was worked at the most elevated purpose of the Belogradchik’s precipices.

I genuinely prescribe to everybody,

who needs to feel this experience to come and to lower in the fantasy, in which we are experiencing each day.


Beautiful Mountain Around Huchuy

Belogradchik’s precipices – Amazing, Unique, Awesome – whatever we would state for this common show-stopper it would not be sufficient. On the off chance that the precipices were arranged in a created nation, quite a while past they would be acknowledged as one of the miracles of the world. The Belogradchik’s bluffs speak to shake developments with stature up to 200 m,

which encompass the town of Belogradchik. . With the time these materials shaped residue, which later has solidified in a mud sand-marble weld, framing the base material of the Belogradchik’s precipices are assemble.

Later they were presented to an iron oxide, which has made their particular red-earthy colored tone.

During the time mountain “Stara planina” has inspired this district began to dry out.

In light of their inconsistent hardness,

the Belogradchik’s precipices deteriorated inconsistent, making the unusual types of the bluffs. In the earth sandy-marble concrete has framed more than 100 caverns, rich of cavern arrangements, pits,

Beautiful Mountain Around Huchuy and fascinating fauna.

The Guesthouse

Beautiful Mountain Around Huchuy

Guesthouse Bedrock is wonderful facilitating place for individuals visiting the town. It has extremely strategical area with short admittance to terrifically significant pieces of the town and the province side. The house has superb view toward the Belogradchik’s precipices and the post “Kaleto”. I

The Guesthouse has a very much kept nursery with natural product trees and a little pool. We likewise offer a grill situated in the nursery.

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