While considering the best beaches in Mississippi, a few locations are worth visiting. Its best white sands and crystal-clear blue waters make it clear why visitors travel to this charming location. You can swim, lounge, or stroll along the seashore here. Numerous attractions, like water sports and mouthwatering seafood cafes, are also nearby. Certain islands are also a must-see for a peaceful vibe and unspoiled natural beauty. It is possible to reach these remote barrier islands by ferry. So, how is it to envision the arrival of early sailors on the sandy sands as you stroll casually down the coast? Let’s explore!

Beaches in Mississippi

Regarding the family-friendly beaches to explore, his article covers a myriad of beaches on your trip to Mississippi.

1. Bay St. Louis Beach

The town of Bay St. Louis is serene and lovely. It is a pleasant, charming vacation spot, but what makes it worthwhile is the beach itself. The vast sandy plain extends for yards, providing ample space for strolling or running. The water is shallow initially and rises deeper with time, making it an adventurous experience for families with little ones.

Bay St. Louis Beach
Bay St. Louis Beach

However, you may rent a kayak, pick up a wakeboard, and paddle out for thrilling activities. Apart from all this, you can even wade in the low water. For novices, fewer waves are ideal. Thus, to prevent sunburn while on the sand, wear sun protection or use an umbrella for the entire day.

2. East Beach

Ocean Springs is the most well-liked beach in the state, but its East Beach is relatively isolated. There are a few additional natural features along this mostly manicured shore. It includes the grasses growing on sand. All the facilities you would require are nearby, even though it may seem like you’re the only one for miles.

Likewise, you can engage in various outdoor activities. You are allowed to swim, as the water is calm and secure. If you would instead remain on dry land, walk on the beach or relax on the sand. Dogs are allowed; you may take them to the beach if chained.

3. Lower Lake Beach

Lower Lake Beach is an excellent choice if you want freshwater beaches for your beach days. The Sardis Lake reservoir is the most well-liked place to go swimming. Unlike many freshwater swimming areas, there are many sandy spots on this beach where you may stretch out. Wearing casual shoes with traction is advised if you wish to stroll along the waterfront.

Lower Lake Beach
Lower Lake Beach

Further, there are a few rocky areas nearby. Families will love this beach because the water is shallow, and there are no waves to be concerned about. Boats are not permitted in swimming areas, even though there aren’t many of them in the water. So, tourist safety is ensured by routine testing of the lake’s water quality.

4. Biloxi Beach

Being one of the coastal beaches in Mississippi, Biloxi Beach is also among the city’s busiest. Owing to the pier and the surrounding eatery selections, the area is bustling and full of people. Due to its size, you should be okay with obtaining a spot on the beach if you visit during the week. You can see an ancient lighthouse on the coast.

Although it is safe to swim in the water, be alert to the warning signs. A green flag shows that swimming is safe.  A red flag implies that there are not enough lifeguards or that the currents are strong enough to be harmful. Hence, this beach is a beautiful site for history buffs.

5. Gulfport Beach

If you want to take your friends to a place, Gulfport Beach is a great choice. If you travel with young ones, the beach is family-friendly and peaceful. Many amenities make it a great place to unwind. Since there are usually no strong currents to worry about, you can go wading in the sea or hunt for shells on the sand.

Gulfport Beach
Gulfport Beach

In addition, you can add excitement by planning a list of activities before your vacation. After a day of kayaking, you can quickly locate a lively cafe or bar along the beach, only a short stroll from the city. Finally, you can swim here if you’re sensitive to saltwater. Remember to collect shells that are floating along the shores.

6. Old Bridge Beach

Old Bridge Beach is an inland beach for residents living in the north. It’s a terrific place to spend a summer day because of the clean water and smooth sand that line the shore. You can swim without tension because this beach is a designated swimming area. So, you don’t have to worry about boats. Lifeguards are on duty to watch on you and anyone else you may be traveling with.

Moreover, the beach is only sometimes open, though. Though the dates vary yearly, the shores are generally open to the public from March to September. If you want to see the sunrise, you can stay on the beach later in the morning.

7. Waveland Beach

If you dislike crowded beaches, Waveland Beach is the right spot. When you visit the shore of this small village, you’ll feel like you’re a native. This coast is usually windy and refreshing if you go during the week. It makes it a tranquil spot for a break.

Waveland Beach
Waveland Beach

In addition, you can go swimming without feeling rushed. There are no sudden drop-offs in the water, and the current is mild close to the coast. So. you won’t have to worry about being swamped. Although there are few amenities along the beach, eateries and stores are a short stroll away.

8. Pass Christian Beach

Many visitors from other cities need to be made aware of the beach’s location at Pass Christian. When you go, you’ll feel like you’ve discovered a hidden gem. With its pure white sand and smooth white water, it’s almost the ideal location for a quiet day. Even though the beach is a local favorite, parking is easy to locate.

Although there aren’t many waves in the shallow water along the coast, beginners can still enjoy it. However, this specific beach has some downsides. Restrooms, snack bars, and picnic spots are limited. Therefore, to spend the day here in luxury, you must plan earlier.

9. Cotton Bayou Beach

A little beach area called Cotton Bayou is where Highway 182-161 meets. This beach has warm, smooth white sand, clean water, and the bare minimum of facilities. Every beach location, including the showers, restrooms, and parking areas, is tidy and clean.

Cotton Bayou Beach
Cotton Bayou Beach

Besides, all the usual beach activities are appropriate here, including swimming, strolling, having a picnic, and making sandcastles. Removing your shoes and strolling on the warm, smooth sand is all right. Thus, a pier leading into the water and a wooden walking area are also present.

10. Ship Island Beach

The barrier islands are best known for Ship Island Beach. Because there are hardly any signs of people staying on the property, it is incredibly well-liked by those who enjoy the outdoors. Camping and lodging are prohibited. There aren’t any ferries that regularly go back and forth between the island and the mainland.

Likewise, you’ll have to arrange for your conveyance. This beach is an excellent place to go fishing, and swimming is permitted due to the mild currents. Hence, it is the ideal place in the state for those who like to enjoy and want a private setting for hiking or shell hunting.


Remember to check a boat first while organizing your beach trip. Many online sites make reserving boat charters, rentals, and other water activities easy. Such facilities guarantee that your beach vacation will be one to remember. Beaches in Mississippi are not to be missed, with their stunning shores and varied coastal offerings. They can be a serene paradise, a geared beach, or a hidden gem. Now that you’ve packed your luggage and essentials, be ready to discover its beaches.

FAQs About Beaches in Mississippi

When to visit beaches in Mississippi?

These sandy spots are gorgeous all year, but winter provides pleasant weather and the opportunity to spend time on the beach without people. The initial weeks of the year are ideal for spending time on the coast. Given the all-year accessibility, the standard temperature is approximately 20°C.

Is it safe to swim on its beaches?

There are plenty of beaches where swimming is safe. However, strong currents or deep waters can be found along the state’s shore. Although most of these less safe locations will be signposted, you can always confirm with the local authorities. You can even search online for the safest beaches.

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