Folsom is a beautiful city in Sacramento County, situated in California. Low crime rates, a strong employer base, high-ranked education institutes, and natural amenities make Folsom a lively city. However, it is popular as the best for a family holiday. The peaceful city of Folsom has many vibrant and scenic parks to explore.

The neighborhood communities include Carmichael, Rancho Cordova, Loomis, and El Dorado Hills. With more than 81,000 residents, it gives off a suburban feel. Folsom is home to giant tech companies like Intel, Toshiba, and Micron. So it is the center of excellent job opportunities!

10 Best Folsom Parks

Let’s explore the details of the best Folsom Parks!

1- Amos P Catlin Park

This clean park is famous for its affordable rates, as low as $3 per hour. The people often visit Amos P Catlin Park to capture beautiful sunset scenes. Always be careful of snakes, as the park has a lot of hidden spaces. Kids love the big playground and open grass for frisbee or volleyball.

Amos P Catlin Park
Amos P Catlin Park

The dog owners also come for a walk in the morning and let their pets interact. The covered seating area ensures visitors enjoy the park vibes even in the hot weather. Coffee enthusiasts should try Peet’s Coffee nearby.

2- Kalithea Park

Kalithea Park hosts a vast play structure and panoramic views of Sacramento. And Folsom Lake. A small soccer field, play area for kids, and picnic areas make it a family-friendly park. The park timings are from sunrise to sunset. The Kalithea hosts a good number of visitors even on weekdays. Hiking treks are there, as well as paved walking paths. Not far off is Starbucks, so make yourself a drink and have a relaxing evening enjoying the stunning views at Kalithea Park.

3- Beacon Hill Park

Beacon Hill is a charming small park with picnic benches and a basketball court. Located within walking distance from Folsom Lake College, it is a good quiet place to hang out. Usually, the excellent time to visit Beacon Hill is after 6 in the evening. This beautiful place is surrounded by houses with serene views.

Beacon Hill Park
Beacon Hill Park

The upper houses give panoramic views of the valleys. However, those houses are costly for the typical person, A renowned golf area, TopGolf, is also in the park’s neighborhood. Some restaurants to check out are Indian Delicacies and Bober Tea. 

4- Folsom Kids Play Park

Folsom Kids Play Park, or Castle Park, is a large playground with immense adventure opportunities. The area has a lot of slides, swings, and a wooden play structure. The tire swings there are widely famous as kids love to jump around and enjoy their time. Despite being almost busy all day round, the park is clean. Moreover, the park is built like a castle with stairs, monkey bars, wooden structures, and slides. Folsom Prison Museum and Folsom Zoo Sanctuary are top attractions near Folsom Park.

5- Bigfoot Mini Park

As the name suggests, Bigfoot is a mini park near Natoma station in Folsom. It opens at 7 in the morning and closes one hour after sunset. Despite its size, the park is filled with swings and play structures. The kid’s zone has a lot of grass and trees for shade. Fantastic pieces of art are spread around the park. This quaint and quiet little park is recommended to people of all ages and families.

Bigfoot Mini Park
Bigfoot Mini Park

Also, the two water fountains went out of service during covid days. However, they might have repaired those fountains. Johnny Cash Trail is a top spot for hikers, and nature seekers can visit Hinkle Creek Nature Area at some distance from this Folsom Park.

6- Economy Family Park

The park is named after Econome Brothers, George, and Nick Econome, for their contribution to the Folsom community. Synthetic turf is installed. Two tennis courts and two play areas are there. A bike trail is also there, connecting the trail to The Parkway System. For soccer lovers, two fields are there; one with natural grass and the other with synthetic turf.

Dogs are allowed in parks but are strictly prohibited in the synthetic turf area. Unique play structures and ropes course are a huge hit. Tong Thai Bistro restaurant, within drive distance from the park, is a highly rated restaurant in the area.

Economy Family Park
Economy Family Park

7- Handy Family Park

A family park up on a hill with pleasant views is all we need. There are two playgrounds and many picnic tables in the park. The ample green space has play structures for both toddlers and bigger kids. Some people also prefer kite flying here as the breeze is quite good. Remember to pick up sand toys as a sandbox is in this Folsom Park. Bring your puppies for a walk on the sidewalk tracks. Taste high-quality treats in the famous Sweets by Sam. 

8- John Kemp Community Park

This community park is in the backyard of Andy Morin Sports Complex. The play area for kids is primarily shaded. Lighted volleyball fields, soccer fields, and synthetic turf are installed in the soccer fields. Pavilions and picnic benches are systematically placed to make it for families and athletes alike.

There is also a splash pad right next to the play area—a perfect place for hosting a gathering or a party. Top attractions nearby include SeaQuest Folsom and Folsom History Museum. Plank Craft Kitchen and L&L Hawaiian Barbecue are top-rated restaurants near John Kemp Community Park.

John Kemp Community Park
John Kemp Community Park

9- Hazel McFarland Park

This family park opens from 7 AM to 8 PM. There is a giant wall splitting two play areas that little kids love to fall off from, and many swings are available. The park has amenities like bathrooms, restrooms, ballfields, and paved parking.

The vibes are good enough to arrange a picnic party here, surrounded by houses and close to an elementary school. Carpenter Hill, a mountain peak, is a must-visit place for Hazel McFarland Park. A sports bar and trail are also on the way to this Folsom Park.

10- Ed Mitchell Park

This park is a popular picnic destination between Blanche Sprentz Elementary and Folsom Middle School. Famous for its lighted tennis courts, it also comprises a soccer field and a play area. Dogs are allowed to walk within the side paths. The restroom facility is accessible during park hours from 7 AM to 9 PM.

Ed Mitchell Park
Ed Mitchell Park

As the park is located near the school, it is safer. Therefore, people prefer to visit here with their family and friends. Folsom Powerhouse State Park is the top sight to visit nearby. Food lovers might like famous restaurants close to Ed Mitchell Park, like Manderes, Represa Grill, etc.


Folsom is a history-rich city hosting many vibrant and well-maintained national parks. From April to October, the weather is refreshing to host many visitors. Travelers have a lot of adventures and activities to enjoy in Folsom. The best one to enjoy with your family is having a picnic party at Folsom Park.

From riding off into the sunset to having a good time at the beautiful bridges of Sacramento County, Folsom has spectacular views. But it does not end here; there are hiking trails, scenic mountain views, delicious food serving restaurants, a beautiful lake, play areas for kids, a Zoo, and museums enriching the history of Folsom and California.

FAQs about Folsom Parks

Are Folsom Parks pet friendly?

Almost all Folsom Parks are pet friendly, and people bring their pets, primarily dogs, for a morning or evening walk. However, the parks with synthetic turf installed in fields do not allow pets in those specific fields.

Is there any bike or walking trails in Folsom Parks?

Folsom Parks have many hiking and biking trails for the visitors. The famous ones include Johnny Cash Trail, South Fork American River Trail, Salmon Falls Mountain Bike Trail, and Folsom Point to walk along Folsom Lake.

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