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Get to Know About 10 Best Hotels in Colorado

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Knock out your holiday’s boredom and plan something extraordinarily thrilling. How about planning this winter to an upbeat atmosphere of beautiful resorts, staying at the best hotels of Colorado and spending phenomenal holidays with your loved ones? Hey, so you have packed up everything, and you look so thrilled about your upcoming Colorado trip. But wait a minute, something’s missing right there! Have you booked a good hotel for yourself? If not, this guide will help you find the best resorts and hotels in Colorado. You just need to sit back and go through it carefully.

Things to consider while planning

When planning a trip with your family, you should consider choosing a resort or hotel in colorado that is more convenient, luxury and family friendly. You need to see that dining inns, shopping malls and healthcare centres are just across. Here’s a list of the ten best hotels in Colorado that you can consider visiting during these holidays.

Hotels in Colorado
Hotels in Colorado

Best hotels in Colorado

Let’s have a look at these hotels!

Hyatt Residence Club Beaver Creek, Mountain Lodg

The tremendously designed hotel provides access to the Elkhorn lift through ski-in and ski-out. This luxury hotel is located in the heart of Beaver Creek and offers luxury facilities, including Gym. So, you are not going to miss your workout. Enjoy the marvellous mountains view along with a sip of hot coffee.

Hyatt Residence Club Beaver Creek
Hyatt Residence Club Beaver Creek

The Innsbruck Aspen

Beautifully decorated luxury hotel offering high-class services. Feel the endless comfort at its peak when topped up with fireplaces in your sitting area and premium TV channels. What could be a better family friendly option than having such a cosy winter vacation at Innsbruck Aspen?

Blue Door Inn

3.1 km away from Lake Estes, this hotel is no less than a blessing for BBQ lovers because it offers special BBQ facilities with picnic tables. This beautiful hotel offers en suite bathrooms, hot bath and spa services, and what’s not. Perfect for couples and families. There are specified areas for different sports and games available.

Blue Door Inn
Blue Door Inn

Murphy’s River Lodge

This beautiful hotel is located 5 km away from the Rocky Mountain National Park. Have spacious and comfortable rooms with great accommodations for the price. The great news for pet lovers is that Murphy’s Lodge offers designated rooms for pets that have been reviewed extraordinarily fresh and clean. Let your pets enjoy the fantastic weekends on the lavish resorts of Colorado.

Tivoli Lodge

Tivoli Lodge is arguably positioned in the ideal location in Vibrant Vail Village, surrounded by the best restaurants, malls and ski resorts. Along with all the standard amenities offered at this hotel, the most tempting offer is for the kids. Children under five can eat for free. What else could be more family friendly than Tivoli Lodge?

Tivoli Lodge
Tivoli Lodge

Discovery Lodge

After a long day hiking in nature and beautiful resorts, you need a warm and cosy bedroom with home-like comfort nearby. Discovery Lodge is less than 10 minutes from the Rocky Mountain National Park. This Offers complete luxury comforts with a hot tub for an afternoon of relaxing. What better else could replace this relief.

Quality Inn near Rocky Mountain National Park

This hotel with uniquely designed balconies facing the courtyard and mountains is just minutes away from Rocky Mountain National Park. You can enjoy all the luxurious amenities with a close view of wildlife, fishing, horseback riding that you certainly miss living in the cities. It is a perfect choice for families and couples.

Quality Inn Colorado
Quality Inn Colorado

Appenzell Inn

Located in between Estes Park (1.7 km) and Stanley Park (3.3 km), geared with all other superb amenities, it offers an invaluable service that rarely has been seen. This hotel provides unique facilities for disabled guests, making it genuinely a family friendly place. Now your elders will not be deprived of the joys of holidays. 

Boulder Brook on Fall River

With all other indoor amenities, Boulder Brook features BBQ facilities along with mountain and river views. Isn’t that divine having a delicious steak while listening to the sounds of the flowing river? Each room has an attached balcony and is equipped with complete daily life necessities for a couple or family to enjoy the home comfort even when they are not.

Boulder Brook on Fall River
Boulder Brook on Fall River

Romantic RiverSong Inn

Beautiful as its name implies, this hotel provides an upbeat atmosphere to the guests. Here you have patios, seating areas and balconies where you can enjoy nature as long as you wish. While sitting on the Terrace, you can enjoy fishing, wildlife and hiking very closely. The beautiful name of the hotel and immensely supportive staff are significant and the main attraction for couples.


All the Colorado resorts and hotels are worth visiting and staying safely and comfortably. All of these are family friendly, while some prove to be more than that by offering exceptional services to the disabled. The more you go, the more fun you will have. So, pack up for the next trip and make your leisure time more luxurious time ever.

Colorado resorts
Colorado resorts


Do the hotels in Colorado allow parties/events?

Most hotels do not allow parties/events here. However, it is better to confirm while booking.

Do the Colorado hotels allow carrying pets?

Each hotel does not have a specific arrangement for pets. However, some offer designated areas for pets, but extra charges must apply. It is best to confirm before booking.

Are there any deductions for cancelling online bookings?

Cancellation policies vary according to the accommodation types. Generally, they don’t deduct for cancelling a booking for some valid reason, extra charges must apply, and they are more likely to refund you.

Are there any age restrictions for bookings?

A few of the hotels restrict bookings for under 20 years of age, but children aged 18 and above usually are considered adults and can book for themselves.

Is there any pick and drop service at the airport?

These hotels rarely offer any shuttle service. However, all transportation services are easily accessible if the hotel doesn’t provide them.

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