Mexico is a state swaying with colorful and vibrant civilization with its catchy history and bright future. The diversity of its people and the variety of its culture make it exceptional around the globe. This state has one of the most attractive customs and cultures. Gilroy restaurants are the most important reason to visit California. Mexican food is appealing to most visitors because of its mouth-watering taste.

Best Gilroy Restaurants, CA

 So, if you want to taste Mexican food in Gilroy, try these ten restaurants!

1- Mi Gusto Es Mexican Gilroy Restaurant

The resonant comes with an authentic flavor, and you will feel like you are eating at home. The restaurant’s design is based on a familiar Mexican theme, the environment is clean, and the overall restaurant is up to date. They are also proofing the best customer service with quality taste. You can enjoy your ordered food on your table in just 10 minutes.

Mexican Gilroy Restaurants
Mexican Gilroy Restaurant

Their menu is also pretty much healthy and simply delicious. Besides their all tasteful dishes, shrimp fajitas, Huevos rancheros, and Chilaquiles with steak are some unique options to consider there. The places are overall family-friendly and the best options for dine-in.  

2- La Hacienda Mexican Restaurant Gilroy

La Hacienda is the best small Mexican eatery situated in the Westwood shopping center. They serve everything on their menu, ranging from Enchiladas to seafood, tacos, and soups. Everything is tasty. They are popularly known for their bold and flavorful recipes in Mexican restaurants in Gilroy, CA. you Can also try Flautas and Taco salad in a restaurant. On the other hand, you can try some traditional Mexican food here.

3- Los Pericos Taqueria Gilroy

The Taqueria offers the best dine-in atmosphere with their mom-and-pop Taqueria. The restaurant provides an opportunity to enjoy delicious food with the best customer service. The overall staff is attentive and responsible and try their best to feel at home. Although their entire menu is affordable and tastes pretty nice, chicken flautas and veggie tostada are refreshing.

The Taqueria
The Taqueria

They also serve homemade tortillas, chips, salsa, and crispy Menudo. The overall food quality is exceptional, with a large portion at an affordable price. You can enjoy their eateries in both inside and outside dine-in areas.

4- El Michoacano Restaurant Gilroy

The restaurant has served Mexican food in Gilroy for the previous ten years. Being present in Chestnut St, Gilroy, lets you enjoy your eatables in their beautiful dine-in area or grasp your order in their drive-through. The food is compatible with authentic Mexican food and super refreshing to taste your pallet. The cocktail is selectively magical.

Also, their indoor and outdoor seating combination is stunning. The overall decor and presentation also make an attractive atmosphere. You can find a creative menu for both alcoholic drinks and eatables.

5- Victoria’s Mexican Restaurant Gilroy

If you are feeling hungry during your entertainment or shopping time at the shopping center, no worries, Victoria’s Mexican Restaurant is always there to serve. The restaurant is situated in Town Plaza Shopping mall. The restaurant is offering its classical menu including, margaritas and enchiladas.

Victoria's Mexican Restaurant
Victoria’s Mexican Restaurant

Their staff is helping and kind and even makes you feel at home. So, in short, they are serving healthy everything on their menu. They are offering super quick service along with their super delicious taste. The restaurant also provides fresh materials.

6- Super Taqueria Restaurant

The Taqueria is cost-effectively offering standard quality Mexican food across Gilroy. One thing which is best about this restaurant, according to their menu, is that you can enjoy Cabeza every day now. You can eat flavorful tacos and burritos there. The restaurant is also famous for its quick service, and its overall rating is 4 out of 5. There is nothing fancy in the restaurant, but everything is on hand and cheap.

7- Cielito Lindo Restaurant Gilroy

If you want to try the best quality, fresh and super-hot food, you must visit Cielito Lindo Restaurant Gilroy. The restaurant is near the Morgan Hill stop present in Monterey Rd, Gilroy, Mexico. If you are visiting Mexico for the first time and don’t know what you will get? You can come to this restaurant blindly.

Cielito Lindo
Cielito Lindo

The restaurant can be considered above the taste at a low price for visitors and residents. They are still serving there for many years with the same savor and quality.

8- Tacos Ameca

Tacos Ameca is an open-air restaurant, counted for tacos and house-made tortillas and quesadillas. You can enjoy homemade dishes on the spot especially, tortillas and salsa bar. Chopped steaks with avocado and Cebolla y jalapeño azido are the best recipes you can try at this place. They are also perfect in grilled flavor meat.

It is an old restaurant and customarily designed to ease their customer. The inside sitting area is comparatively sizeable, and anyone can enjoy food with playback music. If you are going to try a burrito, you will get a large portion along with a slice of juicy meat.

Tacos Ameca
Tacos Ameca

9- Taqueria Y marisqueria rufles

It is a beautiful small Taqueria with small lingua, tacos, and chicken made with the best home material. Outside and inside seating are excellent. The staff is very responsible and, aimed to please their customers.

10- Carnitas Michoacán

It is always a multitude of places to visit. However, it is also fun to ask staff to wait at your table. The food quality is superb, but the indoor setting is insufficient to handle all its customers. The crowd also affects the staff service inside the restaurant. On the other hand, tacos, tortillas, and meat are tasty to try.


The best food is always a glory of a country. A quality taste makes every moment of life memorable. The food is also a great reason to visit Mexican restaurants in Gilroy, CA. Although the entire state is best known for its food, Mexican food in Gilroy is superior to all.

Mexican Restaurants in Gilroy, CA
Mexican Restaurants in Gilroy, CA


What are the best places to eat in Gilroy? 

There are so many great places to eat in Gilroy. Still, if you have to choose just a few, you must go with Los Gallos Taqueria for some of the best Mexican food around, The French Press for a delicious cup of coffee, and some mouth-watering pastries, and Big Mouth Pizza for a yummy slice of pizza. Of course, there are many other great places to check out, so be sure to explore all the different options!

What are the must-try dishes at these Gilroy restaurants? 

If you’re looking for a delicious and diverse dining experience, then you should check out the restaurants in Gilroy. Some must-try dishes include the garlic shrimp at Tony’s Place, the tri-tip at The Grill on Main, and the Thai green curry at Sawasdee Thai Cuisine. So why wait? Get out there and start sampling some of Gilroy’s best eats!

Are there any hidden gems in Gilroy that travelers should check out? 

There are a few hidden gems in Gilroy that travelers should check out. One is the community garden, which is a great place to relax and enjoy nature. Another is the farmers’ market, which has fresh produce and delicious food options. Finally, the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater is a must-see for music lovers!

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