Listen, are there any quite problems Fact Traveling In Mexico while traveling in Mexico? in fact .

There are serious cartel issues in many parts of the country —

especially the Central Northern border, and therefore the states of Guerrero and Michoacan (i.e Mexican states) on the Pacific Coast .

But likelihood is that , you’re not getting to go there.

Even if you probably did , you’d probably be OK provided you didn’t drive alone down deserted roadways in the dark , or attempt to score some meth. and admittedly ,

it’s just good life advice to avoid those things anyway.

Let’s just begin swinging, shall we?

in fact this is often the amount one question on everyone’s mind, what with cartel violence, Zika, and hurricanes splashed everywhere the media.

So allow us to offer you a powerful answer: YES, Traveling in Mexico is safe.

What is the proper time to plan a visit to Mexico?

Fact Traveling In Mexico

Summer (June to October) is blustery season in Mexico, yet for the foremost part within the focus of the state .

you’ll anticipate that it should rain a day vigorously, however the storm is usually short.

It scarcely ever rains within the northern piece of the state ,

and stickiness is thick within the south and along the seaside territories.

Temperatures during this point are somewhere between 79-90°F (26-32°C).

September to the center of October is hurricane season and isn’t an honest time to go to .

December to the furthest limit of April (winter) is that the busiest visitor season as temperatures are hot,

however the beach front regions provides a lot of help to vacationers.

this is often the simplest a perfect opportunity to go to just in case

you’re hoping to take advantage of Mexico’s tropical condition.

 It’s the season , so you’ll experience little or no rain.

you’ll expect big crowds as people flock to the resort areas around Cancun

and Puerto Vallarta. the typical daily temperature during this point is 82°F (28°C). But if you’re within the mountains, pack many layers! It can get frigid, especially within the evenings.

Where to remain while traveling in Mexico?

Still need an area to remain on your trip? Here are a number of places to remain in Mexico that are reviews nearly as good by many nomads:

Top 5 Places you ought to Visit while traveling in Mexico:

Fact Traveling In Mexico

Mexico City

With 12 million inhabitants, Mexico City may be a little bit of a beast. you would possibly find it a touch overwhelming at first… but take a deep breath. this is often probably not an area you’ll want to rush or where you’ll want to ascertain only one area.

Mexico City is brimming with history, breathtaking architecture, incredible art and museums, limitless entertainment, and a few of the simplest street food which will ever hit your tastebuds.

Many people while traveling in Mexico find yourself staying within the central area around Zócalo main plaza, and this is often not a nasty place to be based. But there are countless other neighborhoods, each with something different to get . make certain to probe our in-depth Mexico City guide by our contributor who spent 6 months living within the Mexico City .

San Cristóbal de las Casas (Southern Mexico)

San Cristóbal de las Casas may be a charming mountain town with lovely churches, markets and squares. it’s also one among the most cost effective places I even have visited in Mexico, Fact Traveling In Mexico with hostel beds going for as little as $6 an evening , and basic rooms costing as little as $12 an evening .

The low prices in San Cristóbal are mainly thanks to Chiapas being among the poorest states. But it’s also incredibly pleasant, with a pedestrian-friendly old town and lots of churches with colorful bunting. Consider staying at Rossco Backpackers, where there’s a campfire nightly where you’ll warm up from the colder mountain air and trade stories with other travellers.

San Cristóbal makes for an excellent base from which you’ll visit many waterfalls within the mountains, or visit nearby Mayan villages and observe some traditional cultures.

For example,

attend the nearby indigenous village of San Juan Chamula. There you’ll find a church where Catholic and pagan rituals have mixed in unusual ways. While not for the squeamish, you’ll arrive to ascertain a live chicken getting ritually sacrificed at an altar. Remember to be respectful to the villagers and avoid intrusive photography.

Sumidero Canyon

Also in Chiapas State is that the Sumidero Canyon (or Cañón del Sumidero), an extended river canyon with steep sides up to 1km high. you’ll enjoy a ship tour along the river, which may be booked easily from San Cristóbal de las Casas, and costs just around $10 for the entire tour.

The valley and mountain ridges are crammed with lush tropical and rainforest vegetation and there are waterfalls coming down from the canyon ridges. There’s tons of wildlife as well; you’ll probably see kingfishers and other native birds and, if you’re lucky, some river crocodiles.

Don’t expect the river to be entirely pristine: there are issues with plastic trash, especially at a hydroelectric dam that also is the endpoint of the boat tours. But don’t let that put you off, because the burgeoning ecotourism during this area helps generate money for cleanup efforts and increased environmental protection. Sumidero Canyon is an epic place and well well worth the very low price of a tour.

Cenotes of the Yucatán

The Yucatan is home to incalculable underground sinkholes, caves a lot that stretch for innumerable of miles. Once considered highly sacred to the Maya as portals to the underworld, many of those so-called cenotes are made accessible for swimming or skin diving .

The Cenotes Cuzamá near Mérida are semi-open and excellent for a swim, as is that the Hacienda San Lorenzo Oxman near Valladolid — but there are dozens more everywhere the peninsula.

Scuba divers might want to require a glance at Dos Ojos near Tulum, which has caverns you’ll dive through even with a basic Open Water certification. you’ll see beautiful sunbeams crossing past stalagmites from openings within the cavern roof. Angelita is another stunning cenote: it’s a mystical layer of hydrogen sulfate that appears sort of a foggy cloud with various logs and branches Fact Traveling In Mexico passing through it—looking sort of a mysterious planet during a sci-fi movie.

The Pacific Coast

Mexico’s Pacific Coast isn’t always as immediately picturesque because the Caribbean, a minimum of if you’re trying to find that classic travel brochure look of white sand and palm trees. But there are plenty of nice bays and charming beach towns that are well worth a stop.

Some of the seaside destinations include:

Zihuatanejo is nearly never mentioned in Mexico travel guides but I liked my stay there while i used to be traveling in Mexico tons . But maybe that was partly thanks to a rather unique attraction. Looming over the bay on one among its hills is what seems like a gaudy replica of the Greek Parthenon. This now-abandoned Greco-Roman luxury villa once belonged to at least one of Mexico’s most notorious crooked cops, who made millions through extortion and kickbacks. you’ll snoop around this abandoned villa if you give the guards a couple of Fact Traveling In Mexico pesos.

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