Beaver County, located in Utah, is on the wish list of many people worldwide. Some have check-marked this box and narrated exciting tales about their visit. In comparison, others are still looking forward to being in this city and experiencing the richest of the cultures since it is one of the best places to travel. If you belong to the latter category, you are at the right place because this article is all about the best hotels in Beaver, Utah. You need to know beforehand where you should stay because a temporary home is something you want to feel safe, clean, and warm in.

Beaver Utah
Beaver Utah

Hotels in Beaver, Utah

Let us start with top hotels in Beaver, Utah, with Best Western Paradise Inn being the number one option.

1- Best Western Paradise Inn

Best Western Paradise Inn is one of the best hotels in Beaver, Utah. Staying at this hotel, you will feel the best version of yourself. The royal treatment, modern facilities, and glamorous interiors keep you warm, cozy, and special. You will love the luxurious recreational activities, let alone enjoying the basic needs. 

The Jacuzzi and indoor pool will serve your inner bath lover. You can undertake outdoor activities during your stay here, including fishing and hiking. The on-site spa will let you relax and enjoy several treatments, such as facials. 

Best Western Paradise Inn
Best Western Paradise Inn

2- Best Western Butch Cassidy Inn

Finding a home while being miles away from your home is something that you can only do with a great hotel like Best Western Butch Cassidy Inn. The warmth in the air inside the hotel has been possible because of so much thought put into the structure, design, and color palette of the hotel.

The concept behind the rooms’ design is American Traditional, so loving the vibes is irresistible in this hotel. The city attractions near this place include Bryce Canyon National Park, Cove Fort Museum, and a few others.

3- Country Inn

Country Inn is easily included in the best hotels in Beaver, Utah. Many reasons give this hotel enough potential to become your temporary home in a stranger city. The amenities here will make your stay super easy, comfortable, and entertaining. Such is the coverage of the services.

Country Inn
Country Inn

From your room’s furniture to the staff at the reception, you will praise every bit of your experience with Country Inn. You can stay digitally updated 24/7 using the hotel’s free Wi-Fi, watch your favorite show on TV, and hang out in recreational rooms.

4- DeLano Motel

DeLano Motel is one of such hotels in Beaver, Utah, where you will always be confused, but in a good way. Yes, the rates of this motel are pretty low compared to most other stay places in the city, but the standards of services are the highest. You will be unable to decide why this great place charges so little.

The mission of DeLano Motel is to go easy on travelers financially so they can manage a great trip without extending their budget. You will love everything about this place, from parking to your bedroom.

DeLano Motel
DeLano Motel

5- Paiute Trails Inn and Diner

Paiute Tails Inn and Diner have its name on the list of the best hotels in Beaver, Utah, because of its exceptional lodging and accommodation services. You can expect nothing but value and high standards from all of its services and facilities. The staff is friendly and courteous enough to go the extra mile in helping the guests.

The variety of the room types available in this hotel includes double queen rooms, one single king room, and one triple bed vacation suite. No matter what room you choose, your experience will be top-notch. When you are done resting, you can go on a fishing and hunting adventure near the property.

6- Travelodge by Wyndham

Travelodge by Wyndham is a chain hotel with a fan base. Yes, once you experience staying at this hotel in any city, you would always choose it blindly in every city with its presence. Such is the credibility and standards of this place. The cleanliness policy is strict enough to keep even a speck of germs away.


The rooms contain air conditioning, a TV, a working desk, a refrigerator, and a large window opening to pretty views that will instantly become your favorite. The breakfast every morning is complimentary, and so is the Wi-Fi and parking.

7- Butch Cassidy’s Hideout

Butch Cassidy’s Hideout is one of the most romantic hotels in Beaver, Utah. This hotel will be a complete package for a perfect weekend getaway with your friends or partner. The environment is comfortable and feels welcoming every second. The on-site restaurants serve delicious cuisines, so you do not have to compromise on your taste in a different city with a different culture.


Beaver County is situated in a broad valley next to the Tushar Mountains. Everything about this city is dreamy. Outdoor adventure lovers admire every inch of this town. From hiking to fishing and trekking, the number of things exceeds the vacation time in most cases.

Butch Cassidy
Butch Cassidy

The city’s beauty is one thing that makes it special, and the availability of the world’s best hotels in the city is another. As mentioned above, you can find hotels in variable price ranges, from luxurious to budget-friendly ones.

FAQs about Hotels in Beaver, Utah

What are the cheapest options in hotels in Beaver, Utah?

In Beaver, there is no shortage of cheap yet plentiful hotels. You can stay at Motel 6 and DeLano Motel for the most affordable possible charges yet the best services. These two places do not let a guest be troubled by any offered services and offer an excellent experience.

Where should I stay in Beaver, Utah?

You can stay at any of the best hotels in Beaver, Utah; however, the best ones include Best Western Paradise Inn, Country Inn, Paiute Tails Inn and Diner, and Butch Cassidy’s Hideout. All these places offer luxurious and good enough lodging and accommodation experience.

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