When selecting a cozy and unwavering place to stay with family while planning a relaxing and joyful vacation, then becoming selective can be a good option. But luckily, if you are planning your next tour there and want to gain some instructive knowledge about hotels in Clarksdale, MS, then absolutely you are at the right place.

Clarksdale, MS, is a city that is famous for Blues musicians, mainly Johnny Lee and Muddy water. Places like the Delta Blues Museum, Hopson plantation Commissary, the Cross Roads, New Roxy, and Muddy Water’s House are primary sort of attractions and more ironic. So you can have a great time and create many beautiful, comfortable, and luxurious memories.

Clarksdale MS
Clarksdale MS

Hotels in Clarksdale, MS

There are many good hotels in Clarksdale, MS, with some good attraction sites nearby. Let’s have a look to explore more about these hotels.

1- Hampton Inn Clarksdale

Hampton Inn hotel is constructed less than a mile from the Delta Blues Museum. The ambient is designed to remember crossroads, new Roxy, holy moly, etc. The hotel is a perfect reflection of Blue’s music history. Moreover, they offer many amenities, including connection rooms, complimentary hot breakfasts, free Wi-Fi, parking, business centers, fitness centers, etc.

Their front desk and service staff are very hospitable and welcoming. The living environment is cozy and perfect. As the building was in 2015, the building’s structure is new and eye catchy. The location is 15,000 new Africa road Clarksdale with an affordable daily price range.

Hampton Inn
Hampton Inn

2- Clark House Inn

Clark House Inn is registered on the national register of historic places because of its beautifully structured building in alliance with the historic touch. It is a top-rated hotel, and the price range is competitive and pocket friendly.

Eight elegant rooms include attached bathrooms, TVs, and Internet access: Stella, big daddy, desire, baby doll, crossroads, bottle tree, king cotton, and Magnolia. It was constructed in 1859 on a land of two acres which is just near the sunflower river. 

3- Travelers Hotel

The construction of this hotel was done in the early 1920s. It is about 0.4 miles away from our previous hotel, Clarks House Inn, and many other attractions nearby. A rating of 4.5 is given to it due to the Artistic vibe this mansion offers. In addition, the hotel comprises elegant bedrooms, helpful staff, ample parking, a peaceful lobby, conference areas for meetings and events, and a smell of southern hospitality.

Travelers Hotel
Travelers Hotel

If we talk about the internal environment, the guitars and instruments hang all over the walls. It offers the same amenities, free Wi-Fi, parking, spacious rooms, attached bathrooms, etc., with an affordable pricing range. Visiting this hotel can be fun, as you can feel the history of the city more closely and can enjoy every bit of it.

4- Lofts at the Five and Dime

This hotel provides an updated, comfortable and enjoyable environment. It is located in downtown Clarksdale. Five and dine 0.3 miles away from Ground Zero Blues club. Moreover, its starting year was 2010. Apartment-style hotels enlist five and dine. They offer modern amenities containing bicycle rental, clothes dryer, self-serve laundry, and flat TV screens.

Moreover, they have Urban contemporary settings that give a bright look. Price ranges are also pocket friendly. Mainly there are six lofts, each with a kitchen, spacious living rooms, bedrooms, lounges, and all the necessary accessories. It was the first historic tax credit project. Moreover, it is situated in one of the old wool worth buildings, the old Yazoo store.

Lofts at Five and Dime
Lofts at Five and Dime

5- Quality Inn

Cross Road and Hobson plantation Commissionary are 1.3 and 2.9 miles away from this hotel, along with other attractions. It is part of “Choice Hotels International,” founded in 1939, almost 83 years ago. Also, it has an affordable pricing range.

The traditional facilities are available in this hotel. It is a two-storey building with a health club, golf course, and outdoor pool. Guests can enjoy swimming and other gaming activities in this hotel.

6- Clarksdale White House 

A century-old White House located at 325 W 2nd St Clarksdale. It’s ambient, and the building structure is very traditional as it is too old, but it ultimately reflects the history of Clarksdale. It has many rooms with specific names. In addition, media sense is a unique private place and constitutes a bricked-wall building. It is situated away from other rooms in the backyard, providing a sense of peace and relaxation with all the essential facilities. 

Clarksdale White House
Clarksdale White House

7- Shack Up Inn

The unique B and B (bed and beer) setup is a reconstructed sharecropper’s cabin dedicated to Mississippi Delta Blues. So, my favorite thing about this hotel is that it was a sharecropper’s cabin. Its location is 1 Commissionary Cir Clarksdale. Visiting this hotel can be a fabulous adventure. It has rocking chairs on the front porch and some foggy mornings, the surrounding fields of cotton, and railroad tracks to visit in the evening.

Mainly authenticity is the primary concern of this hotel to be famous. This place contains the cabin of share Coopers, so people love visiting this place. The price range is suitable to pocket if you want to stay there. No matter how it looks at first glance, people love having this adventure.

Shack Up Inn
Shack Up Inn


There are many hotels in Clarksdale, MS, and each one offers something unique. Whether you’re looking for luxury accommodations or a more budget-friendly option, there can be a lot of hotels that are perfect for you. When you’re ready to book your stay, read the reviews and compare prices to find the best deal.

FAQs about Hotels in Clarksdale, MS

Are Clarksdale, MS, downtown hotels safe to visit? 

Clarksdale is a small town with a significantly less population. So, walking near our hotels is not that harmful. The crime rates there are lower. Hence, it is a safe place to visit for your vacations.

Which is the best hotel in Clarksdale? 

Many excellent and luxurious hotels are established in Clarksdale, But visitors rate Clark’s house Inn as the best hotel. Besides this, the hotel offers everything you want or need during your stay, and the staff is always friendly and helpful.

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